Talking About Your Vacation Plans

It’s summer and that means… summer vacation! Even for hard-working Americans, the months of June, July, and possibly August mean it’s time for a break. Sure, Americans don’t get as much
vacation as the French, and it’s true that some Americans don’t take any vacation. Fortunately, you guys are smarter than we are when it comes to vacations. As summer approaches, vacation becomes a very common discussion topic. In today’s video, you’ll learn lots of vocabulary for talking about your summer vacation plans. Ya ready? Before we start, here’s a tip for learning vocabulary if you learn expressions, you’ll speak more spontaneously. You won’t have to look for your words so much. That’s why this video includes
expressions, not just individual words. are vocabulary Now let’s go! Before you go anywhere, you have to book your vacation! There are a few ways to do this. You can get a package deal, where everything is included. Club Med vacations are usually package deals. You can also book through a travel agent, like Thomas Cook or Nouvelles Frontières. Or, if you have lots of free time to compare prices on the internet, Your flight, your hotel, your visits. You can book everything separately online. Then, depending on how much you want to see, you can stay in one place, if you want an easy relaxing vacation You probably Just stay in one place. If you want to mainly stay in one place, but also see a few different sites, you can take a day trip. When we go home to visit my family in Mississippi, we always take a day trip to New Orleans. We leave in the morning and then we come back at night that same day. we take a day trip to New Orleans. If you want to see as much as possible, you can go around to different places. A lot of people like to go around to different places in the American West for
example. They visit the Grand Canyon, the national parks, Las Vegas, and maybe California. You can also say For example we’re going to go on a tour of the American west. Of course, there are lots of activities to do on your vacation. In English, we use the word “go” with
a lot of activities. Here are some common vacation activities. I’ll say the name of the activity. You try to identify it in the pictures. and then we’ll check. Here we go. go paragliding go hiking go swimming go horseback riding go camping at a campsite and go bike riding. I’ll repeat. go paragliding go hiking go swimming go horseback riding go camping at a campsite and go bike riding. now let’s check. go paragliding go hiking go horseback riding go camping at a campsite and go bike riding Notice you don’t say “a camping”. We never say i went to a camping. The place where you go camping is called a campsite. So you go camping at a campsite. or you just go to a campsite Now that you can talk about your vacation plans, be sure to tell your colleague “Have a good vacation!” before you leave. We don’t say just “good vacation” we say “Have a good vacation”! Do you want to learn more vocabulary, stop looking for your words, and speak more spontaneously? I know you do. Then you have to improve your English regularly. Go to and
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