Tasmania Road Trip : Airbnb Room Tour, Wineglass Bay, Seafood Platter | Kaya Vlogs

hi good morning I’m here at the manifold and we are going to have mania today I am here good we’re here to pick up rental car [Music] yeah sorry Larry oh so pretty [Music] I’m auntie [Music] my stuff [Music] long Blair beautiful my cleavage right Mikey spiky spiky bitch so beautiful no one here only us [Music] [Applause] [Music] there are some strange birds muscles [Music] [Music] [Music] hi Lola P oh so cute oh man no Komachi da da ba dee da ba da ba okay just like I don’t know which way I think we’re gonna go up there are so many cute Wallabies going gasp a wineglass bay look out [Music] now you’re going to wineglass bay look up I think it’s gonna take one hour to go and back trees trees [Applause] [Applause] but happy that’s the close way we are here at Costa Rica right it’s beautiful just halfway you need to go 20 minutes more from here finally we are here a wineglass Bay look up beautiful place that’s the rank of space antenna [Music] thank you [Music] [Music] good [Music] Bloody Mary always to shoot ROI that was lovely hey guys my freezing all right we just arrived at our Airbnb place oh my god still beautiful it’s so much better than we expected it’s amazing place I’ll show you guys around this is the main door we came here come this way and there are some we’re coming bowed and kings and Ames and some men here so we can paint something like yeah something like that yeah here Tasmania and our a picture from Tasmania probably and if you go here a nice dying there it is our living room look at this how cozy it is it’s pretty big some books here and wood fire here and there are really great view over there and it’s a haters big tables Oh looks like we even have a bar Connie here kebab you have a bike honey why do we have a huge bike on here I don’t know if you can see so many stars because these little mini stars there some radio something here cook folks I stand like really really wide by Connie here it’s all connected just so beautiful okay it’s just rock the door that’s the kitchen for everything here Ivan this you’re sure toasters and things and Fries here and that’s the bathroom Wow about even better meter here so clean we can put something on here so some other cool paintings I love it another painting and it’s one room with too bad two single bad with heater clothes like here I’ve another hitter here the paintings so cozy yeah we have another room here master bedroom I think it’s king-size but it’s really really used and have wardrobe here shoes have a hitter here it’s wrong in this bathroom here for this room and shower oh we’re so excited because this house isn’t even expensive it’s like 100 dollars per night it’s so cozy [Music] [Music]


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