TasteThis: Picnic with a View of Carneros at Viansa Sonoma Winery

Everywhere great wine is produced is unique and this wind and this view is what makes Carneros so special. Come on, let’s taste this! I’m wine expert Leslie Sbrocco. I eat and drink for a living and I’m exploring the Bay Area. So come on and taste this. Hi, Leslie! Hi Miguel! Here to try some wines from Viansa’s Sonoma? I’m here to drink. Ok I can do that for you. These are 2014 Sauvignon Blanc. And this is from Sonoma Valley? Yes. Sonoma Valley eight miles away. Nice grassy, citrusy grapefruit. It’s light, crisp. That’s a good picnic wine. Rosé 2014, Rosé. A little bit of Pinot Noir, Grenache, Italian varietal. Grenache! And then we have our signature series, Los Carneros Chardonnay 2013. That’s when the drought really started out here concentrating the flavors. Signature series is our highest end. All right, where am I at now? Our first red is a Barbera, so 2012 Barbera. A little more juicy and bright character. That would be a good picnic wine. That’s right up there, I’m deciding. Estate fruit Sangiovese. That is delicious. A Primitivo. Okay. Italian varietal. The same grape variety as Zinfandel. Spicy, refreshing just like you. Ha ha. So, for a picnic- take the Estate Chardonnay. One Heritage Blend. I’m going to take the Heritage Blend, Sangiovese blend. I need some food! Hey, Josh! How are you? I’m thinking – Salads? I’m thinking some sort of salad with the citrus honey vinaigrette. We got you a Caprese, and we also got a little Cubano. And a little charcuterie platter. (music) So you have how many acres of wetland here? Ninety-five acres. Ninety-five acres… it really is such a unique spot in the wine world. Beautiful and sunny and yet you get this breeze coming in, cooling everything down. The fog rolls in and it’s the perfect conditions for Chardonnay and Pinot. Carneros is so famous for Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. They’re both kind of fussy varietals. They need it just so, You know, everything does taste better I think when you’re in the place, It’s about the experience, It’s all about the experience. Yeah. And that’s why pairing food and wine is really about the experience. You know, we always say what grows together goes together, and if you think of the home of Chardonnay is Burgundy in France, and so what comes from the city of Dijon, is Dijon mustard. I think with Chardonnay it is an absolutely brilliant pairing. I don’t know that there’s any better way to spend an afternoon. The views, the vines, and the wines… The views, the vines, and the wines…. Well, normally I would say “cheers” and “taste this.” i’m going to say “cheers” and “taste this” but i’m also going to say, “see this.” I like to do a glass for every single wine, is that ok with you? That’s fine, I’ll just put them all together like that. You’re gonna hug that for me? Although I did not try the cookie. What? You didn’t try the cookie? You need to try to the cookie. Got it! Outta here! Taste This is brought to you by Sutter Health CPMC, investing in community care for more than a hundred and fifty years including two new smart hospitals. Your city, your hospital cpmc2020 dot org.

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