[Teaser 2] Tang Dynasty Tour – Time Travel Teaser 唐砖 – 穿越版预告 (Premieres 10-29-18)

Tang dynasty? Did I really time travel? The ancient people are too frightening! Wielding their swords even when there’s just a little disagreement! They would kill when they say they would! I want to go back. I want to go back! [ Wang Tianchen as Yun Ye ]
(formerly known as Yun Buqi) Wife. Who is your wife? It’s not easy to woo a wife from the ancient era. How dare you! Isn’t it just about romance? Does it have to come to this? I am a Great Tang princess. I have my responsibilities. Don’t tell me that in this world, it has to trade for peace with one lady’s happiness? Yours? In the future, if this lad would not be useful for The Great Tang,
he would definitely be a scourge. I am useful. I can teach all of you to play mahjong. [ Mahjong is a tile-based game that originated from China during the Qing dynasty,
and has become a popular game throughout the world in recent times. ] [ Tang Dynasty Tour ]


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