The Amazing Tour Is Not On Fire – Official Movie Trailer

♪♪[microwave door shuts][beeping]We wanted to do something
big and probably bigger
than there’s ever been
done before.
[cheering][fans screaming]We’ve never worked
so hard on something.
It was time to leave
the house
and try something new
on an actual stage.
– Hello, Internet.
– Hey, guys. ♪♪[fans screaming]So, we thought,
hey, let’s do a show.
ANNOUNCER:Three, two…[beeping] Hey, everybody! ANNOUNCER:Audience,
prepare yourselves
for the Amazing Phil.Really? Uncle Dan’s Phone
Support Hotline? This is a 7-second challenge! Phil, do an impression
of Dan– – Hi, my name is–
– What? No. ♪♪ Looks like we got
some more art now, guys. Let’s see what it is. Dan, no, you’re gonna
have a– Shall I give it
a kick? Whoa! [zapping, beeping] [powering down] Oh, no. ♪♪ [fans screaming] [music starting] ♪ Whenever I’m alone ♪ ♪♪ ♪♪


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