The BEST Travel Pillow (Cabeau Evolution s3)

hey there today I am reviewing the best
travel pillow that I have found about this Cabeau Evolution s3 neck pillow for
travel to Europe or Asia or a long-haul flight it is fantastic the velcro straps
on the back of this neck pillow hold your head up and back so that you can
sleep in a seated position a travel bag is included and you will roll your neck
pillow up and pack it in here and that way if you don’t want to add weight to
your suitcase what I would do is I would attach this hook to my belt loop or
something like that so it does not count as weight and I would probably pack my
neck pillows that way at the beginning of a trip by by the end of the trip I’m
just throwing everything in so I would just hook this together and then put
that around the luggage handles on my suitcase this clip keeps the neck pillow
closed and secure so that when you lean your head forward it’s not going to fall
out of there and it keeps it all around your neck and your jawline it’s almost
as if you’re wearing a neck brace and you can make it even more secure by
pulling the little thing to you it’ll make it a little more secure
none of this neck pillow has an odor to it and I so appreciate that one thing I
need to say about these straps is that these straps attached to the headrest in
most mainline airplanes the 50 seater airplanes do not have those kind of
headrest so if you’re flying around five hours the seat headrest has flaps that
are going to come forward a little bit and if you don’t use a neck pillow you
would lean your head against it and then it eventually is going to go back but
that will help hold your neck back so that your chin will stay up most of the
time and you can’t remove this outer layer with this little zipper right here
this neck pillow also comes with a little bitty pocket right here just in
case you need to put something secret in there I find that this added bulge right
here just helps bring the pillow up closer to you it gives you a little bit
of a block up to just make it so that when you lean your head over you’re not
leaning it obtusely abnormal from where you should
be leaning it you just have to barely lean your head over with such ease it’s
just such less stress I usually cannot sleep on airplanes because I can’t get
my neck comfortable any kind of a neck pillow that I’ve used before is doesn’t
come up high enough and it doesn’t it moves with me and I don’t need it to do
that I will say with this it is so bulky that I could use it like that I mean
it’s so such a firm thick foam that I think you could do that with – like I
said this evolution s3 and neck pillow is phenomenal and keeping your head up
and your neck back so that you can sleep in a seated position with ease it is
very expensive but I can tell you as an avid traveler it is worth every penny be
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