Hey guys! Jo here. I’m going to give you
a special summer treat right now. I’m on my way to the Calaguas Islands of Camarines Norte. So stay turned. Watch my video and let’s have some fun right now. Calaguas is a remote island located in
Camarines Norte. 10 – 12 hours away from Manila There is no mobile signal in the island so if you want to detach yourself from
the stressful life in the city this is the place to go. There are limited
accommodations in the island but if you’re in budget. Just go camping. white sandy beaches, turquoise water, this place is already paradise for me. other activities which you can experience are hiking and island hopping. The hiking activity
will only take you 30 minutes to reach at the peak of the area Once you are at the top of the area. You are rewarded by an awesome view. If you’re not into the DIY traveling I
would recommend you contact Travel Gear Philippines For your travel needs. They offer a lot
of travel packages at a very affordable rate. That’s it guys for this video! If you
guys would like to know more about my travel vlogs don’t forget to follow my
social media accounts such as YouTube Facebook and Instagram this is Jo Serrano
signing off thanks for watching


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