The Big Nano Lie – Talking Tom and Friends | Season 3 Episode 18

Hm. Huh. -It’s finished.
-Oh, yeah? -Whoa! What is that?
-The Nano-Laser! A laser so nano you can write your name
on the side of an atom! Sounds like another neat invention
from good old Tinkerin’ Ben! Ow! This is much more than
just another invention, my friend. It’s been a personal dream of mine
to make this for years. Now, I’m going to show you
and our viewers– Uh-uh. No, no, no. You’ve been working hard all week.
We’re taking you to the carnival. [hoot] Ah. No. The nano-laser is its own reward. -Agh! What are you doing?
-We’re leaving whether you like it or not. But, I could, hypothetically,
run more tests! Please! Ben? Oh, fine! I’ve earned this!
To the carnival, then! -Yeah! Woo-hoo!
-Carnival! Carnival! Hey, no one’s here. Didn’t they know we were going to do
a surprise pick-up soccer game today? Maybe we can have a two-person
surprise pick-up soccer game. With you? I bet you can’t even do
a dizzy spin kick. Oh, really? Whoa! Yeah! Yeah! In your face! That was awesome! Noooo! Oh, yeah! I caught it!
I’m the best! [fizzing] -Huh?
-Uh oh. ♪ Wa-oah ♪ [Angela] This is really bad! Maybe this piece goes here? [gasp] We’re just making it worse. Okay. We have to call Ben
and tell him what we did. -No, we can’t!
-Ben worked really hard on this. Please! I broke one of Ben’s
inventions just last week. He said if I break anything else,
he’ll never let me back in the garage! -I can’t be never-let-in!
-[Ben] Hello, hello? Angela? Hello! -Okay, fine.
-Do you hear, Angela? -We won’t tell Ben.
-Yes! [laughs] I think I’ve had a science breakthrough
of my own. Fries taste better
when you’ve had too many of them. Well, that’s not science,
but I’m not complaining today. Life is just more delicious
when you’ve finished a nano-laser. -[man] Did somebody say nano-laser?
-[Hank] Uh-oh, Ben. It’s your science rivals, Mel and Flo! What do you want, Mel and Flo? Just to know if what Ben claims
to have made is true. We’ve mastered the macro-laser. We’ve mastered the micro-laser. But the nano-laser? That’s confounded us for years. Well, don’t feel too bad. I’m sure lots of scientists
wouldn’t be able to figure it out. But I did! I carved the likeness
of a genius onto the side of an atom! Oh. Ahh. Oh, fabulous! We owe you a congratulations,
fellow scientist! Ooh. You’ve never called me
“fellow scientist” before! Why don’t you come with us
to the photo booth? We must commemorate your achievement! Go have fun,
you crazy science-loving weirdos. That looks okay. I really appreciate you doing this for me. -Well, this won’t fool Ben for long.
-What? He’ll know something is up when he tries
to use it and gets glue on his hands. Hm! We’ll cover up our crime! We have to make it look like
someone else destroyed it. -What?
-Take that! [door opens] [Tom] Hey, guys!
You should have been here earlier. You could have gone
to the carnival with us. Heh, yeah. Imagine if we had been
here earlier. But we weren’t. -Hey, Ben! You look happy.
-I’m having a perfect day! All because of the biggest
little breakthrough in laser tech yet… the nano-laser. Oh, did you want to go that way?
If you want to, you have the right of way. -I can just move that way–
-You two sure are clumsy. It’s almost like you’re trying
to bump into Ben, but that’s crazy. [sighs] Okay, listen, there’s something
important we have to tell you– And it’s just that I have to interview
the most inspiring adult in my life. You! Really? I don’t even know what to say. Let’s go to my house,
where my school supplies are. -Also because it’s not here.
-Hang on. I need to do one thing. No, Ben! You– Huh? There! Now I’m ready! -[hums happily]
-Let’s get out of here. -Finish the job!
-Aw. [Angela] It’s good that
we’re not telling Ben the truth. -[thunderclap]
-If we did, he’d get mad. And what friend would want to make
another friend mad? A bad friend and I am not a bad friend. -Yes, you are, Angela!
-Agh! Not telling me the truth makes you a liar.
And liars are bad friends! -[thunderclap]
-[screams] Bad friend! Bad friend! Bad friend! I had really good reasons! I swear! Bad friend! Bad friend! -You killed me, Angela. Why?
-Aagh! Bad friend! Bad friend! Bad friend! Bad friend! Bad friend! Bad friend!
Bad friend! Bad friend! Bad friend. Noooo! Ben, I have something to tell you. Not now.
My nano-laser has been destroyed. I am so sorry, we were just– How dare someone do this? -Wait–
-If they just broke it and fessed up, that would be one thing, but to do
a terrible job trying to fix it? Did they think I wouldn’t notice? Did they think I was an idiot? Maybe they were afraid you’d be mad? Don’t defend them! Nano, you will be avenged! No. Wait, Ben! I was going to say– -[door slams]
-I’m so sorry. -Angela, are you okay?
-I’m the most not-okay ever! I broke Ben’s laser! I smashed it when
I was doing soccer spin kicks with Ginger. Hey, don’t drag me into this. [sobbing] I’m the worst friend ever! You broke the laser? That can’t be,
because I broke the laser. [calypso playing] I accidentally snapped off a piece
when I was practicing my limbo moves. Yeah! Woo! -[fizzing]
-Uh-oh. So I had to glue it back on. -That’s why I took Ben to the carnival.
-Hang on. I thought it was me who broke it! I used it as an onion ring holder
and accidentally melted part of it. I tried to fix it with chocolate. That made it smell better,
but didn’t solve the problem. That’s why I was so happy
to go to the carnival with you. And also because hey, it’s the carnival. So, we all thought that… Yeah! We’re all guilty! Right! But, who does Ben think did this? Hm… Oh, no. This is not good. Hm! “We owe you a congratulations,
fellow scientist.” I’ll give them something to congratulate. [crash, bang] [evil laugh] -Come on! Run faster!
-[distant siren wails] Hello, macro-laser. It’s time to invoke
Isaac Newton’s bonus law. “For every act of science sabotage,
there is an act of science revenge!” [evil laugh] Ha-ha-ha-ha! Ben, stop! No, Tom! Revenge stops for no one! Move! It wasn’t Mel and Flo who broke
your nano-laser, Ben. It was us! It was you? Yeah. I limboed it
and a piece snapped off. I used it as an onion ring holder,
and a piece melted. And I did a soccer spin kick
and all the pieces shattered. I did nothing! I assumed it was sabotage,
but it was just clumsiness! -[alarm blares]
-Uh-oh. The alarm! Someone tripped the alarm!
Ben, is that you? Agh! I can– I can– No, no, no! Stop that! What the devil? Our inventions! Our research! You are going to regret– [gasps] [crack] Uh-oh. Looks like our dishonesty
has consequences, after all. -Grrrr!
-Everybody, run!


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