The Good Place Season 4 Air Date, Episodes And More Final Season Info

With the fourth and final season of The Good
Place fast approaching, fans are excited to see what happens to Jason, Tahani, Chidi,
and Eleanor as they attempt to get into the real Good Place. Well, here’s what we know about the upcoming
season so far. Spoilers ahead! The Good Place might seem like a typical network
comedy, but it shirks convention in several important ways. For one thing, all of its main characters
are dead. Except for a brief time when they weren’t. Forgive us for stating the obvious. “Ya basic!” Thanks to its penchant for philosophy, complex
plot points, and strong performances, the series also brings a distinct sense of “prestige
TV” to a network comedy. Well, maybe not all the time. “This place truly is paradise.” Also, a typical season of The Good Place runs
much shorter than your average TV show. There are fewer than 15 episodes per season,
whereas most sitcoms feature 22 to 24 episodes per season. Here’s some good news for you: The final season
of The Good Place will reportedly consist of fourteen episodes, making it the longest
season in the show’s history. What’s more, series creator Mike Schur has
announced that the finale will run for a full hour. As great as that is, it still signals the
end of a beloved show. “Really sucks.” In June 2019, Schur took to Twitter to announce
the show was ending, writing: “At times over the past few years we’ve been
tempted to go beyond four seasons, but mostly because making this show is a rare, creatively
fulfilling joy.” That’s right: The decision to end the show
came from the creative team rather than NBC brass. As Schur tweeted, “Given the ideas we wanted to explore, and
the pace at which we wanted to present those ideas, I began to feel like four seasons – just
over 50 episodes – was the right lifespan.” “I’m not mad. I’m just disappointed.” On the upside, at least the talented folks
behind The Good Place get to end the show on their own terms. If you need a quick brushup seasons past,
you’ve come to the right place. The Good Place covers a lot of ground from
episode so episode, and it’s a truly unpredictable show. If you don’t believe us, just look at all
these magical shrimp from the first episode. The show gets off to a running start by introducing
us to Eleanor Shellstrop, portrayed by Kristen Bell. And what a way to do it. Shortly after she meets Michael – played by
Ted Danson – she’s informed that she’s full-on dead and has been granted a spot in the “Good
Place” instead of the “Bad Place.” “Cool. Cool. I have some questions.” “I thought you might.” Here’s another twist – the first of many. Eleanor was a total dirtbag during her time
on Earth, and she doesn’t actually belong in the Good Place. If you haven’t seen the show, run away right
now – because, spoiler alert: Eleanor isn’t even in the Good Place. “Oh, man!” It’s true. At the end of the first season, Eleanor and
her cohorts find out they’re actually in a “Bad Place” that was specifically designed
to torture them. Eventually, the humans team up with Michael
to work against the many demons of the “Bad Place.” Upon discovering that nobody has actually
been admitted to the “Good Place” in recent memory, the gang decides to reboot their memories
with Michael’s help. That way, they can work on improving themselves
in the afterlife. It’s a last ditch attempt to earn spots in
the real “Good Place.”‘ Confused? Get used to it. “Ya know what, Michael? Ya ba…” Eleanor starts to suspect she’s been put in
The Good Place by mistake, and subsequently embarks on a mission to become a better person. And she’s in luck, because one of her companions
is Chidi, a professor of ethics and moral philosophy. Once she explains her dilemma, he reluctantly
agrees to teach her how to become a better person. “I’m getting a stomach ache. I’m in a perfect utopia and, yeah, I have
a stomachache.” There’s a whole lot of philosophy in The Good
Place, a show that references everyone from Kant to Kierkegaard… yet it somehow remains
utterly hilarious while doing so. As The New York Times notes: “The most refreshing thing about The Good
Place, in an era of artistic bleakness, is its optimism about human nature. It’s made humane and sidesplittingly entertaining
television out of the notion that people – and even the occasional immortal demon – are redeemable.” Thanks to its endlessly inventive and hilarious
premise, The Good Place earned excellent reviews right out of the gate. And that sinister-yet-silly twist at the end
of the first season really made people pay attention. Pulitzer Prize winning critic Emily Nussbaum
wrote: “What we got was the rare season finale that
could legitimately be described as a game-changer, vaulting the show from a daffy screwball comedy
to something darker, much stranger, and uncomfortably appropriate for our apocalyptic era.” Speaking of high praise: In 2019, Kristen
Bell was nominated for a Golden Globe for “Best Performance by an Actress in a Television
Series: Musical or Comedy.” But alas, she ultimately lost to Rachel Brosnahan,
the star of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. “Oh, you gotta be forkin’ kidding me.” Nevertheless, The Good Place won a prestigious
Peabody Award in April 2019, and it secured its first-ever nomination for “Outstanding
Comedy Series” at the 2019 Emmys. On the whole, that’s none too shabby. After Mike Schur’s success with The Office
and Parks and Recreation, it’s not surprising that NBC wanted to work with him again. When he pitched the show that eventually became
The Good Place, the network was instantly sold on the idea. In fact, NBC execs committed to a 13-episode
season before a single episode had been produced. Prior to its premiere in 2016, the show was
shrouded in secrecy – but Schur did make it known that he loosely modeled the show on
ABC’s massive hit Lost. In fact, Damon Lindelof – the executive producer
of Lost and The Leftovers – worked with Schur to come up with The Good Place’s central concept. Schur’s wanted to create a show that tied
together philosophy, religion, comedy, and the afterlife. It’s a lot to wrap one’s head around, isn’t
it? “I’m sorry – I’m trying to process a tremendous
amount of insane information.” Nevertheless, Schur succeeded in creating
one of the most unique shows to ever air on network TV. So: at the end of season one, we learn that
the “Good Place” is an experiment created by Michael to torment the poor souls who wound
up there. “You thought we would torture each other…
and we did, for a little. But we also took care of each other.” It sounds like the final season will continue
to explore this conceit, with some fresh faces thrown into the mix. Mike Schur told The Hollywood Reporter: “They’re going to repeat this grand experiment
[…] and see what happens when it’s new people. Their wager is that any group of people, if
given a certain amount of love, support, empathy and help, can become better. That essentially no one is beyond rehabilitation.” Meanwhile, William Jackson Harper – the actor
who plays Chidi – told TV Insider: “We’re starting in a very different place
where the six of us are not all on the same page at all […] So, it leads to some really
interesting dynamics. And I think it’ll be a really interesting
watch. But that’s about all I can say.” The Good Place doesn’t have a huge cast, but
two notable names have been attached to the show from the beginning: Kristen Bell and
Ted Danson. Danson of course, is a comedy legend, best
known for his work as Sam Malone on Cheers. Since his sitcom heyday, he’s appeared in
shows like Bored to Death, CSI, and Curb Your Enthusiasm. As for Bell, she played the titular teenage
detective on Veronica Mars and then went on to appear in films including Forgetting Sarah
Marshall, The Boss, and Couples Retreat, to name just a few. Of course, Bell has since reprised her role
as Veronica Mars in both a feature film and a Hulu revival of the series. It’s not a stretch to say that The Good Place
boasts one of the most talented casts on network television – and several of them were relatively
unknowns when the series began. William Jackson Harper was cast early on,
followed by British television presenter Jameela Jamil in her first acting role. Then there’s Manny Jacinto, another newcomer. The final piece of the puzzle is D’Arcy Carden,
the brilliant comedic actress who plays the role of Janet. She’s sort of like the afterlife’s answer
to Siri. “I mean, it does matter if I know things because
I’m an informational delivery system… and I don’t have a heart, but thanks!” Over the course of three seasons, The Good
Place has continued to expand its supporting cast. Notable additions include Marc Evan Jackson,
who plays a Bad Place bureaucrat named Shawn. Then there’s Saturday Night Live standout
Maya Rudolph, who plays an all-powerful and exceptionally batty judge. That’s to say nothing of Kirby Howell-Baptiste,
the British actress who plays Simone. She’s a neuroscientist who strikes up a relationship
with Chidi when the group finds themselves back on Earth. “What we do is, we make a lengthy incision
from your eyebrow to the nape of your neck, and we peel your face back, all right? And slice your skull open…” According to Schur, there will be some exciting
new additions to the cast in season four. In an interview with TVLine, he said that
the final season will focus on a full reboot of the main gang’s memories in the afterlife. Each of them will be confronted by someone
who was specifically engineered to torture them. Tahani and Chidi’s torturers were revealed
in the third season, but Eleanor and Jason’s worst nightmares are still unknown to us – and
them. As Schur puts it, “The idea was that the Bad Place chose the
people they chose to specifically kind of smart-bomb our original crew. […] They’re just people whose personalities
[…] are specifically designed to ruin the lives of one individual […]. So we really
spent a lot of time trying to figure out what that would mean for the final two residents.” Schur didn’t reveal any specifics beyond that,
but bringing these tormentors to life will almost certainly add some memorable players
to an already excellent cast. Clearly The Good Place has made a name for
itself as one of the most life-affirming shows on television – no small feat for a show about
a bunch of dead people. Well, it sounds like the final season is going
to pack an emotional punch. The creative team is keeping major plot details
under wraps, but actor Manny Jacinto did hint at a touching final season, telling E! Online: “I think It’ll really hit the heartstrings. I mean last season’s finale was definitely
kind of hitting people in the feels, but I think this season, we’ve kind of headed in
that kind of sort of direction.” Meanwhile, Mike Schur has promised not to
end the final season on a cliffhanger. We bet that he’s cooked up a solid and satisfying
ending to this unusually complex show. Ah, the mystery of Michael. The character is played to perfection by Ted
Danson, who manages to always be incredibly charming and charismatic – even when he’s
indulging his most diabolical impulses. “Okay, they’re at each other’s throats already… This should put them over the top. Ed, you play Bart, a former private eye.” Even though Michael is a demon with access
to all the knowledge in the universe, audiences still don’t know a whole lot about him. He’s made several references to his advanced
age and the fact that he’s merely inhabiting a human body… but how does that work, exactly? Mike Schur has all but confirmed that audiences
will soon find out, telling Rolling Stone: “You will learn a lot more about Michael’s
corporeal form in the fourth episode of this season.” And that’s not the only revelation they have
in store for us. As you’ve no doubt noticed, the concept of
“soulmates” runs through the entire show. “You’ll all so beautiful tonight with your
regular-sized pockets and regular-sized soulmates.” Well, you can reportedly expect the idea of
“soulmates” to be further explored and developed in the final season. In season two, fans only saw brief flashes
of the reboots Michael orchestrated in order to trick Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani, and Jason. According to Mike Schur, some of these reboots
will be explored further in the final season. Speaking to Vanity Fair, he said, “There’s a lot of stuff that happens this
year where we sort of revisit the different versions of Michael that have existed over
the time of the show, starting with the demon version and going through the middle versions,
and going through the end versions.” And that brings us to the biggest question:
How will The Good Place ultimately conclude? Kristen Bell seems to know something, but
she’s keeping her cards close to her chest. Conan O’Brien asked whether she knows how
the show ends, and she responded: “I forgot. I legit forgot.” “Did you really?” “Yeah.” “So he told you where it’s going and you forgot.” “Correct.” Well, we’ll be getting some answers soon enough. Season four of The Good Place premieres on
Thursday, September 26th at 9 p.m. Eastern time. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Looper videos about your favorite
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