The Grand Tour: Battleships

Hammond: But then the game started to turn as James had a run of three straight misses. May: Fire! Hammond: hahaha. It was a miss. aha! May: Thank you. I’m closing down my options. Hammond: You could close your options down further still if you were to hit rather than miss. Which was exactly what I was now doing B3 please. A3 Please. Yeeesss!!! May: You’ve sunk my battleship. Hammond: I am raining down destruction on your on your dwindling fleet of doom ships you loser. HAHA. May: no I’m not losing we’re neck-and-neck. annoyingly James was right Hammond: Annoyingly James was right. I still had my battleship Winnebago and he still had his stretched aircraft carrier. Both of which needed two hits to destroy. It was May’s turn to play. B2… critical stage in the game.


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