The Grand Tour Presents: Seamen – Exclusive First Look

Richard: Erm, I don’t know
how to park a boat I’m not going to lie (CRASH) (CRASHES AGAIN) I think that went well It’s pointy which means it’s a fast boat Oh, I’ve got my leg caught At this point Jeremy emerged
from the gloom (MORE CRASHES)
Oh, brilliant (THUNDER) Erm…
Jeremy: What? Isn’t that like the boat out
of Apocalypse Now? Exactly what it is PBR, Patrol Boat River Mark II Is that a Scarab? Richard: Yeah Jeremy: Hammond, you have
accidentaly chosen quite a good boat Have I? If you were on the
Intracoastal Waterway in Miami Ah see, that’s cool I’ve got two V8s in there I’ve got two V8s in there How many horsepower? 850 in total 425 per engine It’s too much What have you got? 350 a side I’ve got 700 in total 850 Yeah, but that’s better It’s not What do you think May will have? Sunk Probably, bit of luck Soon, his late arrival was explained He’d come from the 18th century Look at that! How old is that thing? James? About 60 (THUNDER) Jeremy: James…
James: Yes? Jeremy: That’s the most inappropriate
thing I’ve ever seen What do you mean? Well it’s entirely not designed
for where we are It’s a riverboat Jeremy: We’re on a lake.
James: It’s a pleasure craft Yeah, but we’re going to be on rivers and it’s only a gentle lake It’s not stormy or anything Really?

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