The Holiday | Official Trailer | Priyank, Adah, Aashim, Veer | Episodes Out Now

Today is the beginning of a new story
of Siddharth and this lovely girl, Mehak Cheers! Hey Mehak! Your bachelorette? I don’t even have any like close female
friends. You have the boy gang… We could be your bride squad! That’s my friend Kabir That’s my adorable friend, Patrick And I’m Armaan You flew kites as a kid And now you fly planes This bachelorette is going to be epic! The bride’s leaving her father’s house
Leaving life as she knew it Only to spend her last few days with her friends. To drink, celebrate and make merry… And throws up on her friends! He’s in a relationship and we’re single We’re starting this with a bang, right? What about some dares?! He had such high hopes! You’re here with someone special? He has 22 fathers, 44 mothers and 10,000 camels I’ll find you guys a cheaper hotel No! Mama! Oh my God! Mummy! Run! This is supposed to be my bachelorette. No one cares about what I want to. You guys are just fighting and doing your
own thing! It was your idea to come to Mauritius, right? Live with this guilt trip!


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