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We never had any screening process
to select friends in our childhood. Whoever’s mom made the tastiest food, became our best friends. But as we grow we
understand our best friends inside out. And then reality strikes you… Damn! I’m stuck with
these people for life. And then one day, all your pent up
frustration will burst out. And you’ll have a massive fight that that
can only happen between best friends. Patrick, are you going
to record everything? You are so going to
make this a reality show. Hell yeah! Married people should
know two more morons are joining the club. Shut up. Listen I’ll call
you Pratik on camera, alright! Trust me.
You will watch this video some day, and send me those
boring emojis to thank me, like our parents do. Oh God! I’m regretting this already.
Kabir say something to him. Not me man. God, I need to pee. Come on. Say something,
we are making memories. Memories. Okay, ahh… I’m Mehak Singh,
soon to be Mehak Singh Mathur. And all 4 of us are going
to Mauritius for my bachelorette. I don’t know what else to say. Say anything. It’s not a viva exam.
There are no marks for this. Come on! Okay, I’m a make up
artist and hair blogger… I love fried potatoes. I hate caramal popcorn.
I’m very excited to get married to Sid, and if anyone watches this video
about what went down on my bachelorette, I’m saying sorry already. Wicked. I like it. I like it. Hold hold hold hold, we can’t forget, that the bride has to get super drunk
on her bachelorette. It’s mandatory. Have you gone mad? I’ve seen a lot of bachelorette
movies and it never ends well. Mehak, you need to listen to this. -Okay.
-Alright. The bride leaves her father’s house… Leaves life as she knew it… And spends her last few moments
of freedom with her best friends… She drinks,
she laughs, she sings and makes merry… And then she pukes on her friends too! Not on the best man. You are not the best man. Yeah I’m the best man. No you are not. Okay Kabir then.
Introduce yourself to the best man. Pass. -I also did this, dude!
-Come on, it’s for Mehak. What nonsense? Okay fine. Hi, I’m Kabir Chaudhary. I’m Mehak’s oldest friend and I’m also an analyst at JWD that makes me the wisest in the group. You are not the wisest,
you are the oldest. Ooh snap! Fine. Come on, say something. Why don’t you say something.
Come on, please. Oh wait. Oh you asked the wrong person. -Why would you do that?
-I insist Guys, I’m Patrick and I
know Mehak since we were little Unfortunately,
she is getting married at just 27. Who gets married at such a young age? Wait. Mehak gets married. Okay, what age should people
get married at, according to you? Never! No one is going to marry you, anyway. Listen I’m saying this on camera,
record this. Document this. No strippers. Okay Patrick? No. But strippers are
specified in the rule book. Not at all! I promised Siddharth I won’t get strippers and
he also said he won’t do it. Strippers. Is he mad or what? We need to have a better
plan than Siddharth. No, this is not a competition! Mehak. Patrick. Dear. Yes Patrick. Forgetting the first
time we made this plan? Patrick dear remind me. Ladies and gentlemen can
I have your attention please. Oh no not him. I want to raise a toast. So, today is the new beginning of a story of my extremely annoying
little brother Siddharth and this lovely girl called Mehak. Lovely girl. So, as you all know that Siddharth was
so irritating as a kid that we were sure he would
become a lawyer when he grows up. But Mehak, thank you.
Thank you for coming in. Thank you for being part of
the family and cheers to you guys. I wish you a great life. Cheers! Cheers! Cheers! Saurabh I’m going to kill you for this. Yeah yeah I know. Hey Sid, what about the bachelors? I don’t know. These guys are planning
something but haven’t clued me in. Oh you know I’m, I’m really excited.
It’s going to be so much fun. Yeah about that… Actually we decided it’s just
going be to us close friends. So… So? So Patrick, you are not invited. Oh. Yeah Hey Mehak?
Yeah. What about your bachelorette? -Bachelorette?
-Yeah. Really, no bro.
I’m fine. I don’t want a bachelorette. Oh! Dude? She said the F word. Listen, whenever you say you’re fine,
you are actually not. That means you are not fine. -Actually she is furious then.
-Correct. Don’t psychoanalyse me you pyschos. Go bring me a beer. Don’t change the topic. Tell her. Don’t change the topic. -Yeah.
-Yeah. A bachelorette and all… I mean… Just because Sid is having one
doesn’t mean I need to! And I don’t even have any close
female friends. Who will I go with? But you have the boy gang! Yeah you have Patrick,
you have me, you have Armaan! We can’t be your bridesmaids
but we can be your squad. Ohh! We can be your bride squad! Really? Yes, why not. No man! Come on! You know Sid is going to have a ball! That’s true. And I know you’re also thinking about it. I’m not even thinking about it! Mehak… Now that you are talking about it then… Exactly! Yeah… -It’s going to be like school.
-Yeah. All four of us. You think Armaan will also come? Yeah, he will come. Of course! Yeah yeah! Hey Captain! Armaan you are here! How are you bro? Of course I’m here Mehak.
Wouldn’t miss your first bachelorette. First! Captain. Kaby. Good to see you man. Good to see you. -Looking nice.
-Thanks Matching matching… Oh I like. So Captain Armaan Sabharwal, The kid who used to fly
kites now flies airplanes. Did you sit and come in an
airplane or were you flying it? -Never know man.
-Shut up, man! So captain, where were you lost
since the last 5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 months? Bathroom. I really need to pee.
Kabir are you coming? How do you always know? You are not going with them?
You don’t want peeing videos? And he’s gone again. I really like this T-shirt man. SQUAD. Yeah, it’s fun. -Damn cool.
-Like it. How’re you? I’m good. -Yeah?
-Yes And… How’s Zoya? She is good. Good. I’m really happy you could make it man. I was hoping you’d come. Then I thought you’re a busy man! You would probably be busy
and won’t be able to make it. But it’s really, really nice to see you. I’m really glad we could make this work. It’s been really long Kabir. Yaa, I mean… Damn! -So, how are you?
-I’m good. And how’s work? Did you get that promotion
you were eyeing? I will give you three guesses okay? Cricket, T-20, cheerleaders… -IPL?
-Yes… What?! He’s got the IPL account. Ohh! that’s great news man.
Congratulations! Awesome, right? Wow! -I got bigger news, for you.
-Ohh ohh, I think I know that. I told you he’s a drama queen.
Absolute drama queen. Okay go ahead… No no, this is not drama.
This is very important. I just… I’m very grateful. And thank you very much. I assure you that I’m going to work very hard.
I promise. I told you he’s very dedicated.
Very good kid. So, pack your bags, get rid of this lease… You are going to Pune dude! We are opening a new office in Pune. He is heading the department. He is going to be VP and you
are going to be reporting to him. Be happy dude. What are you doing? I thought I’m going
to become the vice president. No, I told you we’re
getting a new vice president. I didn’t say YOU vice president, I said NEW vice president
and he is the new vice president. How could you think you are the… Kabir, Nishant sir told me you that
are the best employee of this company. Dude we are going to
make the best team at Pune. You know what Nikhil?
I am the best employee of this company. And can I have a word
with my boss right now? Yeah sure. Nikhil I’ll call you. If you want you can head,
we’ll be a while. Take care. Bye. Is this the way you talk to your seniors? What the hell? Who’s he? How come he is the new VP?
I was supposed to be the new VP. How could you think that? Because you were grooming me for it? Grooming you?
You are not a dog that I would groom you. You… You promised me boss. I’ve never promised anything to my wife.
Why would I make any promises to you? Everybody in the office knows
I’m going to be the vice president. This is so embarrassing. Who knows? What are you talking about boss? How many times have you gotten drunk and told me that I’m
going to be the new VP? You groomed me… When did I tell you
that you are the new VP? Hey… This is what I… Wow, I almost fell for it. You know, you are getting so good at it. It’s pretty cool,
I like that. It’s really nice. I almost… Got it! I thought you were serious. I’m serious. What part of me is not serious? I’m as serious as cancer dude.
I’m serious. He is vice president and you
are going to be working with him. How much more serious could I get? I’m not working with anyone. I have worked under you… And you have trained
me to be the vice president. And I’m not working for anyone else. I’m only working for you. Okay let me cut you right there. Whether you accept it or not, this is the reality of the situation. Don’t mess with my brains. You have to go to Pune and work
with Nikhil, if you want to work on IPL. Is that very clear? You get this? You know what boss? Screw you then. Oh really? Yeah screw you. Get the hell out of here. Get the hell out of here. I’ll go, alright? I’ll go! Just give me my 5 years back.
Give me my youth back! Fine, figure it out.
Stop messing with my head! Kabir? -Kabir?
-Yeah… Did you get that promotion or not? Of course I got the promotion.
Why wouldn’t I get it? It’s just… I had…
I have different plans. So… You know,
nothing is permanent, right? -That’s good.
-Yeah! So, Patrick, how are the parents? Same old. They want me to get serious in life. I told them clearly.
I’ll get serious when I turn 25. Till then, let me enjoy my life. That’s all. You are 27. Pratik, where are you going? I’m going to a party. Are you ever going to do any work? Are you going to join your
father’s business and help him? Or are you only going to party? Chill mom, why are you so stressed? If you don’t want to
work then at least get married. Mom, if I get married,
who will take care of all the other girls? At least think about your future! Mom, that’s an astrologer’s job. And anyway, my future is bright. I don’t think so. Why mom? What happened to dad?
Is he fine? What happened to him? He’d perfectly healthy! Oh thank God. Look mom, you just look after dad. I’m still young, but dad is getting old, right? Obviously, he has worked
so hard and earned so much money… Now if he stays healthy, stays fit, only then can
I enjoy the money he has earned. Right, mom?
Do me a favour… Tell dad to stay away from sweets. Tell him to go for a walk everyday. In fact, I will sign him up
for a yoga class today itself. Okay? Son, I see a very dark future for you. Dark future… Hey, where did you get lost? Come on let’s go! It must be time, huh? -Prats, I was thinking…
-Yes Why Mauritius? What’s so special about this place? Exactly. I was thinking
about the same thing. I mean why did you pick Mauritius
over every other cool place? Right! Yeah, it’s not like this is the
perfect destination for a bachelorette. I was doing an online search and checking
So it’s… Exactly, because people usually
come here for their honeymoon. Yeah! Yes… I just love Mauriti.. What are you doing? What are you doing? Guys, nothing…
You know… I love the vibe over here.
You know… Look at the nature
and the temples over here. Temples? Traitor! Have you ever visited a temple in India? Temple! This guy is always on his phone man! Who are you talking to? No… It’s nothing. It’s just the local banks. Trying to sell me credit cards…
Banks and all that… Of course, that makes sense, right Kabir? Banks sell credit cards
to foreigners over here? Totally, you know. Of course. That makes sense. What’s happening? Guys, you know what?
There is a very interesting place here… Black Sand Beaches According to the plan,
we should definitely go there. No no no no no.
Let’s go to the hotel first/ Let’s check-in. I’m tired man. Yeah we should keep our bags and all. -In the Suite?
-Suite? Dude who’s going to pay for the suite? -Yeah!
-Patrick’s suite guys. Anything for Mehak! Aww!!! Dear! We can also have that
privately catered dinner… And then… So that we can go to the… Yeah because he is paying! Yeah I don’t mind. And then, pool in the morning! -Yeah
-This is going to be epic. What about our tradition guys? No man! You promised no strippers! Yes strippers! No, I promised Sid. He will kill me. Patrick. It’s her bachelorette. -Yeah it’s my bachelorette.
-Not yours. And you promised. No, he promised… I crossed my fingers guys! Where’s the bus? -Yeah, where’s the bus?
-Where is it? Where’s the damn bus? Welcome to… -Patrick’s bus
-What? Shotgun. Shotgun! My bachelorette. Me me me me! Yes me! Patrick, do you really want to drive? I’m driving! Hi Hi Mr. Pratik Gupta? Ah! Pratik Gupta… Welcome Mr. Pratik Gupta… I’m Nashrat.
Here to take care of your needs. Well, I have a lot of needs… So let’s take care of them… So, I understand you’ve
booked the presidential suite, for your friend’s bachelor party… And you’re looking at the best man. No, you are not. He is just jealous… Just saying… So… Well, your room is almost ready… And let me tell you… It’s the most elegant
suite we have here. Does it have a private jacuzzi? Of course we have. And your valet is going
to take care of your other needs. But for now, sign the incidentals. Well, I know the drill… I keep doing this all the time, you know. -Thank you
-Thank you. Enjoy your stay. Man this is so nice! Patrick, where do you
find such beautiful places? It’s so good! I swear man! So nice! Boys! Here we go! Hey! That’s my boy! You guys realise, this is probably the first time in a long time that we are actually
having a drink together? -It’s not a plan anymore.
-Yeah man! Yeah it’s almost been a year… Well, that’s why we need
to make the most of this. So cheers! Aye captain. Here we go! Shots guys! Wait. Shoot.
Guys, I have to take this. Sorry. And that’s how we make the most of it. By taking work calls. Damn! Damn! Hello, yeah boss? What presentation? What? Who? Hello… Good… Good morning Mr. Mehta… Ofcourse How are you sir?
Yes… No, actually I’m not in Mumbai right now. I’m in Mauritius. No… No sir, I won’t be
able to do the catalogue in 7 days. That’s not possible for me. But. I… I… boss you know… Hello? Hello? Damn! I need a drink. Sorry about that… -You’re back?
-Yeah… -Are you okay?
-Yeah yeah… What’s the plan? Okay… So the plan is… We all get one day each… Whatever that person wants
to do on that day, then can. Wherever you want to go,
chill, whatever you want to eat… Whatever you want to do. And the
others have to listen to that one person. -Sure
-Okay So this way, we won’t have any fights. So we’ll do this in
alphabetical order, okay? We will start with ‘A’ Armaan… And then we will go to everybody else. -Okay
-No guys. -We are starting this with Patrick’s day.
-Why? -We are starting this with a bang!
-Yeah! Hey, I want to go see
the light show tomorrow. What light show?
There’s no light show happening. -Why?
-We are in Mauritius bro! We are here for some epic fun! I agree, Kabir. I think we need to make some bad decisions and regret them later. Yeah. Yeah, story of your life Armaan. I didn’t see that coming Kabir. And you are just a…horrible person Anyways, let’s just vote. -I think that will be better
-No one’s voting. No voting. There won’t be any confusion
if go alphabetically. I mean… Let’s do this guys! -Start with A then K then M then P
-Okay fine. Guys, then I will be the last one. That’s the point Patrick. I’ll give you 500 bucks to switch. -2000
-1000 -2000
-1500 -2500
-2000 -Deal
-Deal! Yeah! Patrick always wins! We are doing this s*** guys! Boom boom boom! Let’s do this. -No chance
-What? Why? Come on man, it’s her bachelorette! Yeah! If it’s her bachelorette,
where are the girls? We are the girls! I mean, Mehak doesn’t have
any girlfriends you know? So… Thanks Patrick for making me feel special. -You’re welcome
-Come on man. Please, please… Look. I’m no fool… I have done this for years 3 guys and a girls aren’t
getting in this club tonight No chance. Not stags.
Go on, please leave the line. But? Please leave the line. Come on, man! Let us in!


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