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Hello. I’m pregnant with your child. Very funny. I miss you too, babe. How’s your trip going? Ah, remember we had a deal.
I can’t tell you. Yeah, right. By the way, mom called. And I told her I have
five meetings back-to-back, so she shouldn’t disturb me. You lying sinner! So should I tell her the truth? That Mehak has not gone on a pilgrimage,
but on her bachelorette. Hey, no, no, no.
You remember last time’s fiasco? Listen, it’s a miracle they didn’t sack me and get
you someone from I don’t know why I get
so nervous meeting your parents. Relax, Mehak.
We’re going to get married soon and they’re gonna be
your family as well. Yeah, but when I get nervous
then I say dumb stuff. Like… You’re like a father to me, old man. Yeah, I told you. -Dad…
-Hi, old man. I mean, hi, Dad. Why don’t you understand? I need those files today. Look at these.
Horrible card designs! All of them are bad! I didn’t like even a single one.
Look at this white one. Don’t worry, aunty,
The rescue team is here! I’ve been talking to those
stupid company people since morning. There’s a spelling mistake in this too.
Look at this. Whenever I call, they just put me back on hold. I will take care of it.
Don’t stress out. Johny! I got for you vegan dog biscuits.
You are going to love these. -Here…
-Mehak, Mehak. Don’t give him biscuits
He doesn’t like them. Please. Okay. I’ll make preparations for lunch. Yeah, I’ll come help you. How’s my favourite father-in-law? -Hi, Mehak.
-How’s work? You know, a lot of paper work. -Did you send anyone to jail today?
-No. You were feeling lenient today? No, I didn’t go to court today. You know, I would make an amazing judge. Silence! Silence in the court. I object! I sentence you to
lifetime imprisonment. I sentence you also to imprisonment. Silence! Can I have my pen back? Yeah… Thanks. I think I’ll go in… I think they need me. Please have some chicken. Mehak, how’s the chicken? Very nice.
Yummy, Aunty. I like a woman who likes her food. Hey, I forgot to tell you. Varun has suddenly become a vegetarian. -What are you saying?
-Yes. Don’t you think a lot of our
relatives are turning vegetarians? I think, we have to take special
care of all the vegetarian guests who will be attending your wedding. Mom, can you stop talking about
the wedding for five minutes, please? Please, my lord? Sorry! So, Mehak, how is your
makeup business doing? It’s going great,
thank you for asking. My last video became very popular. That’s great.
I’m sure it’s gonna be a massive hit. Yeah and I’m hoping
to get sponsored also soon. So, I’ll soon start getting
paid for my videos. So you don’t get paid now? Who gave him the chicken? Johnny? I don’t think your mother
has accepted me till today. It’s not like that, Mehak. You know they love you. And that was earlier…
They didn’t know you were a vegetarian. Now they’ve gotten used to you. I guess… Hope for the best. -I mean for the next time I meet her…
-Hey, Mehak. I’ll call you back. Bye. Yes? Say Patrick is the best. Patrick’s the best. -You know why?
-Why? Because Patrick can get us in from behind. You can get us in from behind? Okay then get us in from behind. Follow Patrick. Sorry! Look at Kabir. He’s getting in the groove. I think people change
when they go abroad. By the way… I saw what you saw. -Nice.
-What’s nice? I can see what you saw. I didn’t see anything,
I was just… you know… Stop it! Even Armaan saw what you saw. -I did.
-I didn’t see anything. I was just looking around, man…
It was my zero look. Will you both stop this see-saw? Can we stop like doing this,
and check other women? Not other women. We’ll check out all the guys. As per tradition
we’ll only check out guys. And you know I’m a traditional girl. -What?
-Very. How do you make your own rules? My bachelorette, my rules. Ignore her. Guys, let’s do some dares! Yeah! Pratik Gupta,
we are not in school anymore. I can’t just… Are you really going to play
truth and dare sitting at the bar? -My friend has become old.
-Shut up! Have you ever played truth and dare? No. -Guys…
-Neither have I. Guys! Guys, come on, guys! Be a man! Mixing it, mixing it. Mixing… Mehak, go. What is it? Oh, guys! All right, all right. Okay. Okay. Wait. That chair… Whoever comes and sits in that chair, Mehak has to go and kiss that person. On the cheeks, right? I mean, it depends on who the guy is. Whoa! That’s like my girl. Actually, that’s like my man. Alright, come on, do it. -Whoa!
-Yeah! Now, Mehak has to go and kiss that girl. -Come on, Mehak!
-You still have to do it. Go for it! -Let’s do this!
-Come on! I will go and get the kiss. Smooches are waiting for you. Ohhhhh! That’s good.
That was very good. Okay okay, let’s play.
Who is next? Armaan, your turn.
Go for it. Let’s see. Drink half a bottle of vodka! -That’s a lot guys.
-Go for it, man. You don’t have to fly a plane after this. Yeah. Be a man and drink. Excuse me,
can I have a bottle of vodka, please? Yeah. -Guys, I’m going for it.
-Yes. Oh okay! -Don’t stop.
-He’s actually going to finish it. -He is really doing it.
-Okay. You don’t have to do this, Armaan.
It’s okay. Chill! -Don’t stop. Don’t stop.
-Go, Armaan, go! Don’t stop. Don’t stop. Don’t stop. That’s what I am talking about,
you know. -Captain!
-Oh freak, oh freak! -Are you okay?
-Oh freak, I… Screw you, guys! Eat someone else’s food. Guys, I keep doing all this, you know. -Hey, grandpa?
-Hi. Can I take a bite of this? -No.
-Thanks. F*** no! No, I’m not doing that. Drop your pants in front of a girl and ask for her number. -No. No.
-Come on, Kabir, you have to do this. No. No. I’m not doing this. No. You wanted a subtle dare, right?
Subtle. -It’s a freaking club, dude.
-Kabir, kill it. -Do it
-Go for it. What do you think, guys? My lion will surely get her number. If he doesn’t get the girl’s number
this time around, his pole may just fall off. Hi. Hi. -So…
-I have a boyfriend. That’s a coincidence,
I have a boyfriend too. Listen, I’m not trying to hit on you. Although you are very pretty. But do you see my friends? One girl and two boys… By the bar? So… They have given me a dare that I have to do in front of you,
right now. You see he is going to make
a PPT there as well. I’m telling you. So go for it. Okay. Kabir’s talking incessantly. Here we go. I’m going to do it. I’m really sorry about this but… Can I have your number now? No girl ever gives her
number in just four minutes. I’m talking from experience. No girl will ever give you her number, even if you try for four months. And if she gives her number,
she won’t pick up your call. She hates me, man. -The show is over.
-It’s fine, man! Kabir, it happens. There’s nothing to worry in all this. Don’t bother about this. This happens. What is this? -He did it?
-What? How? -How?
-This is epic. Oh yeah, the number.
Can I keep it? This is special, Armaan.
You won’t understand. Exactly. Thank you. -Let’s go on the dance floor.
-Armaan, stop it! Guys! Please! What is happening here? I was just trying to see
if you have changed in any way or not. And I think you’ve become even more beautiful Mehak. So, Mehak Singh, going to be Chhabra. You know it’s Mathur. Stop it. I’m sorry. Mathur. How is it going? How are you doing? Trying to become a
traditional daughter-in-law. Please stop talking like that. It’s so weird coming from you. I don’t believe this. Aren’t you scared? Aren’t you scared of getting married? Why should I be scared? I don’t know. Maybe because you are one step closer to getting a divorce.
I don’t know. You’re such a pessimist! So mean! Actually… I’m a little bit scared. That’s what I thought. You know,
I wanted a small, sweet wedding. Just close friends and family and… Everyday it’s just
getting bigger and bigger. How? Siddharth’s family is like that…
they like this whole… You know. I know what you mean. It’s a… You know, it’s never about
two people getting married. I feel, families get married. -You know?
-Yeah. -You are right.
-Thought so. You know but the best thing is that Siddharth has no
problems with any of you. Like, imagine someone’s
fiance being okay with Patrick? How cool is he?
I mean Sid is too cool. So does he…
Does he know about us? Us as in like you and me? What? Seriously? You seriously don’t
remember our prom’s fiasco? Fiasco? Many still think to this day
that we were a couple. “Take your hand and come with me
cos you look so fine” “and I really wanna make you mine.” You naughty boy. Ayesha, hmm! You know… Ever since the poor girl’s break up… Poor girl? She’s gone mad. Keeps eying me. She is cute. I would eye her back. Just the back? I would eye the whole thing. Horrible, dude! Okay forget all that.
Guess who asked me to the dance? -Who?
-Rishabh. What? Everyone knows
he is the hottest guy. Yuck! I’m going to puke out my sandwich. Shut up! Then, what did you say? No, I’m going with you. So I was like, no. What? What is it? Nothing. You are hiding something. What is it? She asked me to the dance. What? -Yeah.
-Really? Yeah. Take her. If I take her, who will you go with?
I can’t take her. I’m fine. Rishabh, the college captain
has asked me out. So, I think I’ll be fine. I mean if you really want
to go then you should take her. That’s fine. Really so, this works for us? Obviously, dude! Alright. Mehak? Where are you lost? I get it! You’re also wasted! No. Fritters and green chutney. You know the last time
I had it was with you. I haven’t had it in so long, dude. You have changed. Please, I haven’t changed.
You have changed. How? You went away from us.
Flew away from us. Of course not. I have not changed. Situations have changed. And I think after this, more things will change. Don’t you think so? Patrick’s mom. Hello. Hi aunty, how are you? Yes.
Is everything okay? So, I’m Patrick. -What’s your name?
-Divya. Divya. Ohh I like the name. I have a more expensive phone than this. It’s your mother’s call, bro. Hi, Mom. What? 100,000? Mom, it’s 10,000. But how can they block the card? The credit limit is 300,000, right? Mom? Mom… Mom… Mom! What happened? He thought that the suite
was for 10,000 rupees, but it was actually for a 100,000. -What?
-Ohh damn! Guys, guys, guys.
There’s nothing like this. -His mom has blocked his credit card.
-What? Guys, it’s nothing like that. I’m damn sure it’s for 10,000. Dude, that receptionist told you to
read the terms and conditions carefully. Guys, guys, Guys, relax. Patrick has done this his entire life. Yeah, he has done this his entire life. What are you saying? I’m thousand percent sure
it’s for ten thousand. Get it?
Patrick’s never wrong. Okay, so 10,000 rupees
was the discount amount… And my room costs 100,000 rupees. Sorry, Sir…
But you have to checkout tomorrow. Thank you. How do you manage such stupidity? Don’t worry, guys. I’ll find you guys a cheaper hotel. No! We have five hours before we checkout. Let me find something. No, Kabir. Tomorrow is my day, -I’ll find something.
-Yes. Aye aye, captain. Come on. Let’s go. Drama queen. It’s time for my day. Let’s do this. Wowww! Armaan, after exploring all of Mauritius, this is the only place you could find? I think it’s nice. It’s very nice. Guys, have you heard about that story, where four friends go to a hotel
and it’s haunted? There’s no such story, Kabir.


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