The Holiday | Original Series | Episode 3 | Ghast From The Past | The Zoom Studios

But what happened? He thought that the suite
was for 10,000 rupees, but it was actually for a 100,000. -What?
-Oh, damn! Guys, guys, guys.
There’s nothing like this. -His mom has blocked his credit card.
-What? Sorry, sir,
but you have to checkout tomorrow. Guys, have you heard about that story, where four friends go to a hotel
and it’s haunted? So many clocks. There’s no one here? Hello? Hello? Even a hospital’s reception has
someone 24 hours. This is a hotel. There’s no one here. Dude, this hotel has 3.5 rating
on Holiday Advisor. Anyway, I don’t stay in
hotels below 3 stars you know. Patrick, it’s… Shut up. What is wrong with her? Ah… Hello? There’s really no one here. There’s someone here. Painter’s Death. The name of the painting
is Painter’s Death. Why is called that? She died before she finished. What? -She died…
-Shut up! She died. She… She died in this hotel? Amazing work of art. That’s why it is magical. How may I help you? We… We need two rooms. One for the boys and one for the girl. What? No. I’m not sharing the room with you. You fart so much in your sleep. -What?
-Sorry. No more than two people
to one room. Please. Yeah, it’s okay. It’s great actually. So, give us three rooms. Yes, sir. Hemraj! Three rooms. Here you go. Follow me. -Follow me?
-Good evening! Follow Patrick. Follow Patrick. Wow! Hey nice room, man. -Really?
-No, it’s nice bro. It’s very nice. Why does it have 2 TVs? Guys, see what I found? TV is not working. Hey, this is that game to
call ghosts, right? What? No. -Really?
-Yeah. You are not thinking
about playing this game, right? I think it’s a very
good idea to play this game. But you are, extremely scared. -Have you gone mad?
-Coward. I’m not scared alright.
I don’t mind playing this game. Then what are we waiting for? But wait. How do you play this? So to call the holy spirit, we have to do a prayer first. Okay. -Have a seat.
-Sit. Okay. Let’s start. We have to hold hands like this. I don’t understand
why we’re doing this… Okay.
In the name of the lord. In the name of the lord. Please protect us. Please protect us. From the forces of evil. From the forces of evil. During the session. During the session. Okay. Now I need a coin. We need to ask a question, after keeping our finger on the coin. and if it moves,
there is spirit here. Okay? -What coin?
-I need a… Any coin. Give me a coin. -I have a coin.
-I don’t have a coin. Hey but, do Mauritian
ghosts accept Indian currency? Come on, man. Here. Okay. Keep your fingers on it. Coward. Holy spirit. Are you here with us? Who’s moving it? Who’s doing it? -Oh, my God, it’s going to…
-Shut up. Someone’s moving it. Patrick, I know you so damn well. I know it’s you. Yeah, it’s like…
Yeah, yeah, I know. Guys… Guys, it’s not me.
I’m not doing this. It’s a good joke but
this is not funny. -Really, guys, it’s not me.
-It’s has to be you. If he is saying he is
not doing it then he is not. We’ll ask another question, okay? Okay, for the next question
we’ll ask something else. -Wait, let me ask. Let me ask.
-Okay, you ask. Mauritian ghost… Ah… Who won the cricket world cup 2019? This is not Google buddy. What is that? Google… Yeah this is not Google. Yes this is not Google. What are you asking? Rubbish. Let me ask something. Are you a ghost or a spirit? Oh… it’s going there! G H. H… Okay… H. Oh, my God!
Oh, my God! A A? S S T -Ghast?
-Ghast? What is Ghast? -Ghast?
-Ghast? What does that mean? Guys, I think it’s… -Ghost.
-Ghost? Patrick, I know it’s you. -Yes.
-Guys, it’s not me. Only you will spell Ghost as Ghast. Guys, look, I swear on God. Look even my fingers are not crossed.
It’s not me. Trust me. It’s not me. So then there’s a ghost who cannot spell. Bro, if there is a ghost, then he can hear you laugh. Right? Damn. I’m very sleepy.
I don’t want to play this game. -This is very stupid.
-Yeah, it is stupid. Guys, you’re leaving? Why? We just started playing. What’s wrong with you? No, no, it’s okay.
Where are you going? -I’m going to my room.
-I’ll come with you. -Okay, come.
-Yes, let’s go. -Guys, I’m also coming.
-Okay, let’s go. Good night. Bye. Sorry, bro. There’s been a problem with the booking. I didn’t pay for this hotel. It’s damn scary. Yeah dude. I just want to get some sleep. -It’s…
-I know. I know. Me too. I’m so scared right now. Come in. Oh, damn! Towel sir. Good night sir. What? Good night, sir. Oh… -Armaan.
-Hmm. Tip… Give him a tip. Drink coconut water in the morning. -Hey. Give him a tip.
-It’s good for health. Oh… -Where are you from?
-Hyderabad. -Okay.
-Yes. Here you go. Thank you. Sir, you must have given tips to many, let me give you one tip now. Whatever you do in this hotel, don’t go towards the out house. -Why?
-Why? Just listen to what I’m saying. Don’t ask so many questions. If you want to go there,
then it’s at your own risk. You decide what you want to do. -No, no.
-All that is fine but… Hold on. Why are you telling us this? Look brother, Let me tell you a story. But first, you have to promise me that
whatever I say, you won’t go and tell my manager. He is a nut job you see. -Why would we say anything to him?
-Don’t worry. That’s what I thought. Have you heard the
story of the Maker Lady? Yeah, your manager was talking about the Maker Lady, right? She died in this hotel. Yes. Your boss told us. But how did she die? Her life was going great. But her fiancé was crazy. He would drink every day. One day, the lady had had enough.
She lost her mind. She got up in the middle of the night, opened her suitcase, removed her sari, tied it to the ceiling fan, and hung herself to death. And since then, her ghost haunts this hotel. And from that day, anyone who comes here on holidays,
bachelor parties and honeymoons… are haunted by her. And even by mistake if she crosses you, she won’t let you go alive. You understand? She is dangerous. You are joking… You joke like this with every body? This is not a joke. Razak thought
it was a joke. Died yesterday. Who is Razaak? Do you really want to know? Take it easy guys. This is a 70 year old story. And anyway, you guys don’t look like cowards. Hey… What fear? We don’t get scared. Great. Now. It’s getting very late. Why don’t you guys go to sleep? I’m also very sleepy. Okay. You got 10 bucks more? -Huh?
-Tip. -Are you also giving?
-No… I… Good night. Who screams like this? Hey if someone sneaked up
to you like this, -you would scream as well.
-Please. Mad or what? Why are you screaming? We are very scared.
Can we sleep in your room? Yes, please. Yeah, come. -Kabir.
-Yes? I’m not feeling well,
I can’t sleep… And… Calm down, bro. I’m feeling very scared. I can’t help it. Guys, just get up. Get some sleep. You’ll be fine. Patrick. Patrick, get up. Why are you scared like a little girl? -Go to sleep.
-Guys, please get up! I’m not feeling well. -Get up, guys.
-Screw you dude! -I’m so sorry.
-What do you want? What is it? I’m not feeling sleepy. This place…
This place is just weird. There is something negative.
I’m not feeling right about this. It’s okay, just try and sleep bro. You want us to sing a lullaby or what? You remember in school
that song he loved? The one he was scared of… “Darling!” Don’t do this, guys.
This is not funny. “Look into my eyes!” -“Don’t stop me!”
-This is not funny guys. This is not funny. -What is wrong with you, guys?
-“Darling!” -Don’t do it, I’m not feeling well.
-“Look into my eyes!” -“Don’t stop me!”
-Shut up, guys! -“Let me love you!”
-Please, just shut up! -It’s not funny! I’m not feeling nice.
-Sorry. Sorry.“Darling!”What was that? Let’s get out of here! -Let’s get out of here!
-Come on! Our Indian songs are so
famous in foreign countries also. All right, now sleep. What the hell was that? A Ghost. Who hasn’t found peace yet. Imagine, if someone
wanted to become a singer but couldn’t become one… And she died. Now her ghost is singing the song. Kabir, shut up dude. Please.
You… Where do you get all
these ridiculous stories? Setu. Setu? Yes. You… You guys remember that, -section B boy?
-Yeah. That creepy guy
looking London talking Tokyo. Yeah. Yeah, so what… What about him? He used to say to all these things. I never believed him
but I think he was right. Damn! -Now what?
-Now, we can… All that’s fine,
but where do we go now? I don’t understand. Wait. This is the most long-winded way
of getting into a girl’s house. Oh, my God! Armaan is so funny. Do you have any other idea? You clearly made it great first impression… Guys, you really want to
go back to that haunted hotel -or sleep on the streets?
-No. -No.
-Then just behave yourself. I just asked her and
she said we could come over. So, let’s figure out. What? Has that ghost followed us here also? That ghost is going to be
your sister-in-law. Hi, guys! -Hi.
-Hi. Why are you standing so far? It’s a long story. Okay, I have time. -Please come inside.
-Okay. Behave, you guys. -So, what was I–
-Sorry. No, it’s okay. Come. Come. And he’s like, “Guys, I can see them…” I can’t believe you
guys believe in ghosts? No we don’t believe in ghosts.
We believe in Ghasts. Code word. Okay, guys, I’m very sleepy. I’m going to sleep. Yeah, yeah, man. -Patrick, let’s go.
-I am off as well. -Kabir.
-Yes. -Come, I’ll show you the room.
-Good night. -Good night.
-Good night. -Good night.
-Good night. -Good night, Kabir.
-Bye, Kabir. -Good night.
-Good night. Sit down. What? What now? What happened at the club that night? Lighter? Ah, I don’t have a lighter. Sorry. Oh, I’m sorry.
Did I break your concentration? Wait a minute… Did you just quote Pulp Fiction to me? I didn’t mean to do that, please, continue. What’s so funny? You don’t remember my name, do you? Ahem… Of course I do. -Yeah, it’s okay.
-I mean… I do. It’s Ka… -Okay, what is it?
-Ka… Something with K. -No?
-Yup. It’s Kabir. Oh, I’ll never forget it now. -Are you sure?
-Sure. Nice. So, how long have you been
friends with these guys? Since my childhood. Actually, even before that. I mean… There’s actually a funny story. You know when I was 15-16, I asked Patrick I was like, can I drive your father’s car? And his father had this… I just banged the car at
the first red light. He just came out and he started beating me left,
right and centre. He just took his phone out. And he had that communicator. You know…
Just take the phone. I’ll pay you back. But, don’t touch him. This is the first time I messed up, and I realised, I don’t need
my parents, you know? I have an awesome friend! Oh, is that your friend? Boyfriend. Oh… I’m kidding. Oh my god! Look at you. What? Nothing… What? You totally had that look. Yeah, I mean… You know… when you are hitting it off
with someone, then you just hear this word BOYFRIEND, it’s just, you know. Wait, Are we hitting it off? Yeah… but that doesn’t mean we are flirting. Okay… -Yeah… because…
-Good …if I was flirting,
I’d be more charming. Totally. -Yeah…
-I agree. Yeah… And, there would be more eye contact. And, we have not done any of that. Yup. So we are good. We are good. So yeah… That’s pretty much it. What? Jealous? Yes. Love it. Love it. I will remember this for sure. -Yeah.
-For my life. -Thank you so much.
-You’re most welcome. Thank you so much. Hope to see you soon. Without Kabir though. Okay… Thank you for letting us stay here. Most welcome. You have to visit soon. See you, guys. See you, guys. -Bye.
-Bye. Control yourself, Romeo. He just can’t stop blushing. Just shut up, dude! Okay where are we going? I have booked a hotel. Fortunately, there are no ghosts there.
I’ve called and checked. I think you have the ghost of love
following you, my friend! -Do you want to get smacked?
-Sorry. He’s fallen in love. Sara’s love. Fallen in Sara’s love. -Patrick?
-Hmm? What’s the plan bro? Guys it’s Pat’s day. So whatever I say today, happens. What’s going to happen? Yoga? Yes. What?


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