The Holiday | Original Series | Episode 4 | Beach, Please | The Zoom Studios

Breathe out. Come to this position. What is this? -Why is this?
-Why are we here? Let’s go. One second. Are you not well? Who comes for yoga on bachelorette? You know we have never
ever done yoga before. What is all this Patrick? Come on guys.
What’s wrong with you? What do you think? That I never do any work? That I don’t have any goals in my life? That I’m just wasting my time? -Yeah.
-Yes. -It’s true.
-Yeah. -Yeah.
-That’s right. So that’s exactly what I’m talking about. That’s why I have brought
you guys over here. You know, there’s
so much stress in your lives. Look at me guys… You need to change now. Follow Patrick. It’s that time of the
month for him or what. No no. I think that ghost has
possessed him. Something is terribly wrong. We have to find out. -Armaan.
-On it Sir. Let’s get out of here. I don’t want to do this. -Let’s go there.
-Yeah let’s go. I can’t believe we’ve
come here for yoga. Chill guys.
It’s a free session. Let’s absorb the vibes. -Kabir?
-Hmm? Where did you get these shorts from? Oh these are my Tom Ford’s… -Damn nice.
-Nice dude. Your legs are looking damn toned. -Thanks man.
-Wow! Turn. Nice. Fucking bastard. Greetings! Thank you for coming. Just follow me. We start with this movement. Stretch. Breathe in. Perfect. And breathe out. Stay focus. Then come to this position. Put your left foot at the back… and stretch. Perfect. And breathe out. Your right foot at the back. You are doing it wrong. -Me?
-Yes. -Sorry.
-Wait . I’m going to show you. Okay! I’m screwed. Who gets cleansed in a single day? How much did you drink last night? Put your hand in front. -Like this.
-Yaa. Go down. Like this. Yeah. -Okay!
-Stay focused. Screw you Patrick! Like this. Here here here here. -Uh what?
-Yes yes, Stay focused. Everyone focus. -And
-Oh! Excuse me. Can you… wait. -Just…
-Stay focused. Stay focused.
Stay focused. -Okay.
-Like this. Like this. From this position,
you lay down on your back. That was not so bad. That was great. But you know, this instructor… He was kind of running his hands through… You say anything Kabir.
He was just trying to correct your form. You…
One track mind. You are hanging out
too much with Patrick. From this position,
you lay down on your back. Lift your hips. -Hips?
-Yes! -Like this?
-Like this. Okay everyone. -No, you are doing it wrong.
-Why? Again you are doing it wrong. -No, I think it’s right…
-Wait wait, I want to show you. Wait. What? Wait. What? Can you… Go like this… You… Concentrate. Concentrate. Like this. Hey what are you doing? Hey!!! I don’t touch you like that. You don’t touch me like that. -I don’t want to do all this!
-What happened? This guy screwed my back, man. Ohh he wanted to screw a lot more brah. Just shut up! Just shut up! -Where is Patrick?
-I don’t know. Even Patrick doesn’t know where he is. Patrick? What happened? -What happened?
-What happened? I made a fool out of myself. How? What happened? Excuse me. Have you seen this girl? Her name is Tatiana. You are like the 5th or 6th person
that’s coming here asking about her. Why? Is she that famous? No, she is not. Like, no one knows who she is.
No one has ever seen her. -What?
-And to be very honest. I think it’s a fake account. Cheating people out of their money. And just because of her, I forced you guys to come to Mauritius. You were chatting with her
at the airport, right? What’s the name of the girl? Tatiana. Tatiana… Okay don’t. -Sorry.
-Sorry. Are you a fool or what?
Who gives so much money to someone you don’t even know. It’s fine.
There’s no point in getting sad now. He is Dil Chahta Hai’s
Saif Ali Khan bro. You are a funny guy. -Be in character.
-Hello. This is Veere Di Wedding and I’m Kareena Kapoor. So, what does that make me? Sonam Kapoor.
You are the best man. That makes me Sonam Kapoor. Yaah. Sonam Kapoor. That means I’m the best man right? Yaah. Yes you are the best man. Say that again. I’m the best man right. You are the best man Patrick. -Yeah.
-I’m the best man. I’m the Sonam Kapoor you know. -You are the Sonam Kapoor.
-I’m the Sonam Kapoor. -Yes.
-Nature Park. I’m back. Patrick’s back. Sonam is back. -Go for it.
-Follow me guys. Stop! This is so much fun Patrick. Actually Patrick, I’m surprised…
more than surprised, I’m shocked. Thanks man. -Ohh.
-Ohh yeah. See my boys. Hey Mehak,
can you keep this in your bag, please? -Yes, take mine as well.
-I don’t want to lose it. Am I your servant? Yes. -Yes.
-Next time get your own purses please. -Yaa.
-Okay I’m very hungry. I want to get something to eat.
You want anything or what? -Get me some chicks.
-I’m vegetarian. Guys, what time is it? It’s actually… It’s Patrick’s time bitches. Follow Patrick. Oh My God! I’m really sorry. It’s okay. Well, if someone did that to me, I would really lose my shit. I mean I’m also a little pissed. I’ve been standing in
this line for really long. And then…just… Let me get one for you. -Please.
-No no let it be. It’s okay. Please, I insist. Let me get one for you. Okay. Hey. Are you girls getting a drink? No, we just like being in line. Mind if I join you. Pat. What is he saying? Oh he is just saying you are cute. -Nice.
-That’s my friend Kabir. Hi. That’s my adorable friend Patrick. And I’m Armaan. I’m Sharon and she is Divya. Hi. Bye the way, he is in a relationship. We are single. Ohh what a lucky girl. But she is not here. Well I was in a relationship,
but I’m not anymore so… How you doing Divya? No. What no? Just a straight NO. We are lesbians. Ohh. It’s fine with me. Ahh excuse me. Are you both really lesbians? No. But keep this up and we will be. I apologise for my friends. -I’m sure you are on your way now.
-Yeah. Shots please. Told you this is not going to work man. Patrick, you didn’t get her number dude. Cheers! Cheers! Just get her number. Go for it. -I’ll be back guys.
-Yaa. By the way, what time is it? Pat’s time. Dude. Were you serious about Zoya? Yaa. What happened? I hate you. Zoya I never wanted you to stay at home. You wanted to become a musician, I supported you 100%. It didn’t work out. And I hate to say this, but it’s not like you trying baby. Well, forgive me for not wanting
stay in shitty job like yours. I mean, I can’t be
mediocre like you Armaan. You don’t even know
what you want from life. So what? It just means that we are done? We’ve been done for a very long time. You are just realising it now. I have to go. Zoya.
Zoya listen to me. Just… please look around. Look… look at this house. Every single frame,
everything we have done together. You and me. We’ve done this. And we… we had good times. So what happened if we had a little fight? It…it happens. -Armaan.
-Baby please. -Don’t go please.
-Armaan. Please. When somebody sees you, When somebody really sees you, It’s special. And I hope you find that girl baby. It’s just not me. Sorry I have to go. Zoya. After spending so much time in that house, I just realised that I didn’t have
a lot of things in there. Or may be I’m man of few needs. I don’t know. You know Kabir. I have a lease of 6 more
months left on that house. And there’s not one night
that I can spend in that room. Why? Armaan I know you since 4th standard. You like this. You like running away from things. You get thrill from such things. And that’s okay to some extent. But you can’t do this all your life. You know. You have to… I don’t know settle down or just have
that sense of belonging. Otherwise you will just
roaming around aimlessly. You will go mad. And what….. what are you looking for? Yes? What time is it? Ahh. I have something for you. Seriously? With all my heart. No I mean seriously you don’t know the difference between your and you are? It’s just the rough draft. So are you. So you want to mess with Patrick. Ohhhh. Girls I have something to say. Hey, one second. Thank you. You are mine and I’m yours. Girls what time is it? It’s Patrick’s time. You fucking bitch. Ohhhh. Losers. Losers. Losers. Why don’t you just disappear from my life? Guys, isn’t this like
the sickest party ever? -Oh ho ho ho
-I’m having so much fun. -Loving it!
-No. Where is Mehak? Mehak. There she is. Who is she with? Hey that’s the stripper. I have only sent him. You know, let her loosen up a bit bro. Patrick she said it clearly.
No strippers dude. She said no for the bachelorette as well. And here we are guys. -Nice.
-Yeah. Just chill man.
Let her enjoy. Come, I’ll get you some chicks. Follow Patrick. Let’s go. Ahh lava glitter, and then I put concealers. So it stays really well on skin. Have you ever tried the very light lotion? -Really?
-I actually don’t really have… I’m actually wearing it.
Do you want me to show you? What’s going on? Okay. Alright. Patrick. What happened? Wo wo wo Wo wo easy easy
What happened? What was…what was that? -What was that?
-What was that? Tell me how was that? You could have sent
atleast a good stripper. You have to see what this guy got me. 70% off. Were you expecting Channing Tatum? I don’t mind. Okay. Okay give me my phone for a minute. Yaa mine too. Where’s your bag? Ah ah. What? Give me my phone. -What?
-What happened to her? Say it. Say it. She forgot it.
I’m sure she forgot it. Mehak. It’s not here. I kept it right here. Are you sure if it’s this one? The guys was stuck over here
and it was laying here. Do you think he took it? Screw you dude. He took everything. Credit card,
debit card, IDs, cash, everything man. Kabir. Relax, it’s fine. We cannot do anything now.
We’ll have to think of a way. Hey what did that
yoga instructor tell you? -Breathe in and breathe out.
-Dude really? Wrong timing. What happened at the hotel? I went to the hotel. They are saying that
it’s not their responsibility. Guys I’m really sorry. I screwed up very badly this time. It’s not your fault Mehak.
It’s okay. Everything is his fault? What did I do? Who brought the stripper? But… it’s her bachelorette guys and it’s a tradition. Yaa, getting robbed
by a stripper is tradition. Well I don’t know that
I have to check the rulebook. Stop it guys. Don’t fight amongst yourselves. Okay, we’ll figure out something. We go to the cops? Police won’t be able to help us. We lost the bag.
What will we tell them. We lost our bag. Please find it. It’s not going to happen. I know but we don’t even have any money. Ahh I have some. I have some money stashed
away just for these kind of mess ups. -So…
-What? It’s not much but I got 200 dollars. -It’s too less bro.
-.l;But atleast we have something. What will we cover in 200 dollars? There’s your hotel’s expense, your food expense, his stripper’s expense. How will we manage? So, does this mean our holiday is over. Guys no no no. We are not abandoning
our holiday in my presence. And nor are we going back with sad faces. Yaa. Patrick. I really love you but you
need to stop bullshitting now. This time you also can’t help. So just… You know, guys I have a great idea. Say. There’s one person amongst us who can help us out
of this messy situation. Who? There are casinos in Mauritius Sir. Just shut up! -Ohhh ho.
-That’s not going to happen. No way. No. I’m completely against it. Kabir, that’s not happening. -Thank you.
-Yaar. Hey but I’m not asking you to go all in. Right? First of all. Guys, do we have any other option? Do we? Do we? Do we? No right. It’s just for one day guys. Guys, it will be fine if we do it now or this holiday is going to be over.


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