The Holiday | Original Series | Episode 7 | Love Stuck | The Zoom Studios

Dude by the way,
we are being damn adventurous huh sitting right at the edge. We are adventurous. Huh? Imagine if we had been
to the flying school together. Then everyday would be like this right. Ohh fuck. Yaa. I know right. -This is so nice.
-I’m sorry I ditched you. That’s okay. It’s water under the bridge. In this case, water under the board. -My posh British accent.
-Yaa that’s actually true. You are laughing now. But you were really mad then. But I’m sorry yaar I couldn’t
have left mom and dad alone that time. Hey, come on. It’s fine. Don’t apologise. And you know Mehek. You are one of the
nicest human beings I know. Humans? I’m hearing that after a long time. But it’s true. You are my most favourite human. I know. Is this a good spot? Yaa. Fine with me. So you ready to tell me? Tell you what? What happened? What happened? Ohh… Actually I fell of my horse. I was riding a horse so… Ohh like Christopher Reeves. Superman. That’s what you are talking about. I can be your Superman. I can be your Superman. But he was like paralysed the whole way. Ohh but… my horse was not as big as his. It’s good that you can joke about this. Tell me more about yourself. What do you want to know? Like… do you have any boyfriend? Ahh no. I did. Then? He cheated on me. I thought I’ll go surprise
him at his place but instead he surprised me. I’m so sorry for this. It’s okay. Then I broke up with him. He wrote me a lot of letters but I said no. But you could have forgiven him. A liar like him. No. Good girl. Can I ask you something? No. Heyy… Ask me. These guys told me Zoya and you broke up. Yaa we did. What happened? A lot happened. Just so much. I mean if you don’t want
to tell me you don’t have to. But I thought you guys
were like really strong. Yaa you are right.
We were strong. Infact every morning
we went to the gym together, did Calisthenics, did crossfit together. We were quiet…
We were quiet strong. Both of you were bodybuilders. Her muscles became bigger
than yours so you left her. That’s exactly what happened. No, we were strong. We were quiet strong. Then? Nothing. We started fighting. We started quarelling with each other. Fights were foreplay until… they weren’t. Huhhh it’s funny. But, I guess all couples fight right. Yaa they do. But we just started thinking differently. We started arguing a lot. After a point, we started hating the things we liked about each other. That difference of opinion
was not endearing anymore. You know what I mean. You know I’m always here. Whenever you want to
talk to anyone about anything. I know. Infact, right after my break up I called you. Aey Armaan. Mehek. I got news. So do I.
That’s why I called you. But you never pick up your call only. Okay. You go first. No, you say. Nothing buddy. I just miss you. Awww I miss you too. Why don’t you come back. It’s been so long, isn’t it? Infact I was also thinking. Why don’t you come over? We’ll hang also and
you will have a holiday too. Actually that’s not such a bad idea. May be I will come there on my honeymoon. -What?
-Siddharth proposed. That’s great news Mehek So, you know that you only have to come here. Yes. Don’t just say yes. You have to come. Ofcourse, I will be there. Okay. Okay I will hang up, I just woke up. -I want coffee now.
-Yaa. I will talk to you later.
Bye. Shit why didn’t you tell me? Why didn’t you tell me? Coz when I called you, you were so happy Mehek that I didn’t have the heart to tell you. And plus I didn’t want
to bring bad news to the mix. You are mad. But you know what. I have now understood that the best kind of relationships are with your closest friends. -Isn’t it?
-Yes dude. We can say anything to our friends like without thinking anything. If it’s cool then it’s cool. If it’s uncool then even better. Mehek I think that friends who get into a relationship. it’s so special. They share such a special bond and they… I think they can share the test of time. They share that comfort level. When they can…
even if they get married. You know. They… they still have that… We… you know…
we still have that level of comfort. And it’s…
it’s just such a beautiful connect. I don’t think there’s
any other relationship more beautiful than
just being friends you know. And then you can take it forward. You can move it one step up and… You are so right. -You are so right.
-Isn’t it? -You are so right.
-I also feel the same way. And then there’s Kabir and Sara. There’s instant… But there’s no… It’s not just interaction
between them if you notice. It’s not just chemistry. It’s like a freaking nuclear fission dude. Those two… I swear to god I’m not joking. Kabir never woke up at 6 am for anybody. It’s… it’s nuts. Listen,
today was really fun. Thank you. Seriously Kabir. Most of the time,
you shut your eyes on the zipline. Yaa but… only for the first time.
That’s okay. Yaa. I mean I was also
scared for the first time when I did like… shut my eyes. Ohh I’m I’m…
I’m sorry. -Listen, I… I didn’t mean…
-It’s okay. -No no. I didn’t mean to.
-It’s okay. I mean I meant to…
but then I… -It’s fine. Kabir relax.
-I’m sorry. -Are you sure?
-It’s okay. Yaa. I don’t want you to feel bad but I need you to understand that I’ve been into all of this. And I don’t want to be
into any casual relationship. Sara this won’t be casual for me either. Really? With me here and you in India? Yaa. That’s there. You are a very… Ahhh… don’t say that please. nice guy. Yaa. Well… I sense a but on the horizon. But you are leaving soon. And I don’t know how
this could work you know. Listen, I understand
where you are coming from. I respect that and it’s completely fine. Don’t worry about it. Trust me. There are few things as fetching as a bruised ego on a beautiful angel. Ahhh… Tarantino daddy. Here you go. And that’s the guy you
gonna be playing (against) Playing what? Tennis. You are a professional remember. Ohh yeah. I’m a professional. I’m a player. You saw that. Shit! Shit! What are you doing? What are you doing? Yeahh… Yeah did it. Patrick did it. Patrick always wins. Loser. Loser. You are a loser. Patrick wins. You want to mess with me. He wants to mes… Miracle! Miracle! I can walk. I can walk.
It’s a miracle right. Miracles happen. Miracle! It’s a miracle.
I can walk. It’s a miracle. Miracle! You remember how we became friends? Ofcourse. What a beautiful story,
it’s quiet touching actually. What shitty person you are you don’t remember anything? I… I do remember. What are you saying?
Have you gone mad. So how did we become friends? You… You are… It’s not that I don’t remember. -It’s just…
-Then? Whenever I meet you, I see you, I feel that we have, we have known each other
since the beginning of time. Nice. How can you not remember
we were in 3rd standard. And I was the fat new girl, and no one used to talk to me only. And only you spoke to me. -I was scared of you.
-Why? That if you sit on me
then what would happen to me. And even today I’m scared. Please…
No don’t don’t don’t… I don’t want to… You are really… You are scared. You are scared. Ohh yea the boat is here. Ohh freak. Alright. -Patrick?
-Hi. Ahhh… you are sitting on a wheelchair. Bro this is the best shit ever. What? This is the best way to pick up chicks and get some free stuff. People feel really bad when they see me on this wheelchair. They just give me so much love. You have no idea. Sara Sara touch me touch me touch me. Be good. Be good. Sara Sara kiss me kiss me kiss me. Be good. Wait. what? Nothing. You eat. You look very happy. Were you with Sara all day? Tell me my friend
where were you the entire day? -Sara?
-I was with Sara. Yaa. It was nice. It was fun. I missed it. You did. But good.
It worked for me. Ohh I like. Alright you have your food. Quiet a lot. -Yaa.
-I will go and sleep. Thank you very much Mr. Kabir Chaudhary. There. It’s mine. This is mine. It’s your… it’s… You remember what happened in 2007? I don’t even want to talk about it. No I don’t want to talk about it. Okay. -Good night.
-Good night.


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