The Holiday | Original Series | Episode 9 | The Aftermath | The Zoom Studios

It’s a rat race, bro! I have to work like a rat
to freaking get my bread that you took away from me, man! But you got promoted, right? I didn’t get the promotion. Listen to me, Mehak. I didn’t kiss you.
We kissed. It takes the two of us. This is not college
and I am not that girl anymore. -I love you.
-But I don’t love you. I’m done! It was your idea to come to Mauritius,
right? You did this to me.
Enjoy this Mauritius. Shambhu, Madan. Where are you? -Mehak.
-Hi, Aunty. -How are you?
-I’m good. How are you? Did you enjoy your pilgrimage? You look really tan. -Did you have to wait in long queues?
-No. Siddharth is in his room.
I will send tea for you. -Aunty, actually…
-Tell me. I didn’t go for a pilgrimage. I went for my bachelorette party
with my friends. You are not angry? Dear, I went for a pilgrimage
before my marriage as well. It’s okay. Go. I will send tea for you. Mehak! Hey, beautiful.
How are you doing? Listen, I have to tell you something. But, Siddharth,
I have to tell you something. But me first. Wait. Mehak, look, I know we promised
each other, no strippers. But my friends, you know, sometimes
they are stupid and they brought a stripper to the room. But I can promise you
nothing happened. I’m really sorry but…
Nothing happened, all right? No touching, no ass, no lap dance,
none of all that stuff. Alright? So don’t be mad, please.
Don’t be mad. Are you mad? You are mad, right? When did his highness came home? At least let him get his rest. He reached home at 4 am. I don’t know what to call him.
An owl or a bat?! His flight landed so late. That can’t be his mistake, right? You are too much. He always has some excuse or the other. Someone is moving to London
for good… Or someone is returning from Moscow
for good. Basically, all he wants to do is party. He doesn’t want to study, or get married
or do any work. I inherited low blood pressure
from my father and my blood pressure is shooting up
because of him. He’s just balancing it out for you. So, Nikhil,
I saw the excel sheet you sent. We will have to negotiate these
premier league rates. -They are ridiculous.
-I agree. Definitely we have to cut them down. They were pretty crazy last year too,
but this year… Oh, oh, oh! Look who decided
to grace us with his presence. Kabir, say hi to Nikhil.
Nikhil, say hi to Kabir. You remember Nikhil, right? -Hey, Kabir, how are you? Long time.
-I need to… I need to talk to you. Please go on. Yeah, I am fine. Go on. Nikhil? Nikhil is
the part of core team, dude. He is okay. Okay. I believed in you,
I trusted you. I gave you five years of my life.
And you… You used me, led me on, and left me over some corporate slave. -And I am talking about you, Nikhil.
-Nikhil, I will just call you back. -I’m sorry.
-Freaking idiot! -Have you gone mad?
-What? You know what
he’s gonna think about us right now? I don’t care. Do you really think
I care about that guy? Sit down. Just sit down. Sit, man. Sit down. What is your problem? Have you been smoking up? Tell me. I’m gonna be very honest with you.
Right? You know Armaan?
My friend, Armaan. -Yeah, the pilot, right? Yeah.
-Yeah, yeah. So… He also came with us
on this trip. -He came along with us.
-Is he okay? Yeah, he’s fine. We… We just got drunk and… We sort of… kissed. It didn’t mean anything. I mean we got drunk
and we started… Like old times. It’s just a really stupid thing
that just happened. And I… Oh, God! Please don’t think I wanted to
or I tried to… -Or I did something…
-Did he force himself on you? No, he’s not like that. No. -And I just…
-Did anything else happened? Mehak… I can’t believe you kissed someone else. Tell me something… Is this going to take a while? Okay, fine. Go on, go on. I’m listening. Go on, go on.
Just tell me when you are done. I had decided
I won’t come back here again. You know, screw this job, screw this office, screw you. But then I was, like, why? Why should I leave? Everything is perfect about my job. Everything! There’s only one thing
that is not perfect. And that is your faith in me. -Okay.
-That’s the truth. You know it. It’s messed up. Go on. And there’s another truth, that everything that I know about finance,
everything that I know about numbers, you have taught me. We used to sit right here
after college and drink beers. We used to smoke. You used to preach
and I always listened to you. I did that for five years, boss. I’m talking about five years
of my life. And I’m not talking about 9 to 5.
I’m talking about 12-hour days. I’m talking about weekends.
I’m talking about holidays. Every day. You called me and I was there. Are you done? Anything else? Now if this sleepyhead wakes up before 2 PM
then I will change my name. -Good morning.
-Good morning. What’s this? Where is my son? Who is he? Yes, Mom. I am going for a job interview. You don’t need to do a job. Dad, you want me to work or not? I mean we have our own business.
You can take over once… Dad, you sound like an insurance company
to me right now. Dad, don’t worry. You are not dying anytime soon. Mom, I hope you’ve enrolled him
for yoga classes. You are not having too much sugar, right? I don’t understand. We have our own car dealership. We have seven factories. At the end, you have to manage them. In the name of the Kamleshbhai of the House of Gupta
to his first name, rightful king of the Andals
and the First Men. Lord of the seven factories and the protector of the realm. I, Patrick… Sorry. Dad, I love you. But I can’t work with you. You are too disciplined. And I am too laid back. We end up having massive fights. And sometimes, I think
that’s why I didn’t have a career so far. I was always in this dilemma
that I have a rocking business. Patrick has a rocking life. Patrick never works for anyone. Why would Patrick work for anyone? But… Sorry, Dad. I can’t work for you. Oh… Patrick is getting late. I must head to work. See you, guys. So… Should I keep your name Jennifer? Mom, can you lend me 200 bucks? I need it for fuel. -Thanks, Mom.
-Wear a belt. Thanks, Mom. Bye, Dad. See you, guys. You know I am a divorce lawyer. I have seen these affairs all the time
and… every time I give the same advise… That you can’t lose the love of your life
just because she kissed someone else. Think long term and not short term. And… And it’s so easy to judge. And I feel like shit right now. Like… I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean for this to happen.
I don’t know how it happened. I’m such a shit person. And you are such a nice guy. I’m really, really sorry. I didn’t mean… I mean we trusted each other
on our bachelors, right? It was supposed to be fun. Look where this has ended up. It was a mistake. I want my job back. I want to be the vice president. I have slogged my ass in this office. For so long… And when you work so hard then you just tell yourself
that, you know you deserve it, man. And I feel bad. You know, when you think that
you deserve something and the person that you look up to
doesn’t feel the same way. You feel bad, right? But if you don’t believe in me,
that doesn’t mean… That this is not my calling
and I have to find my calling. I have to find my passion.
I have to, like, go on a trek or a yoga retreat. just to find myself.
I’m not that kind of person, right? I’m boring, I’m practical
but I am like this. This is me. Right? I don’t know why they say
that we shouldn’t work for anyone. Because you know,
if you want to make your empire, you should not work for someone.
But I don’t know how that works. Because if nobody works for nobody
then how’s everything going to work? I don’t know. Find yourself?
Where the hell should I find myself? Damn! That’s it. -Are you quite done?
-Yeah. Are you sure? Mehak, we need to treat this
like adults. Let’s be mature. Let’s just take a moment
and think back about this. And you know, I don’t want to judge you
because I wasn’t there. And whatever happened… I do know that I don’t want to lose you. So… Let’s just put it behind us. Alright? I don’t know what else to do right now. But… I want us to still be together. You are such an amazing fiancé. Instead of screaming
and shouting at me and… calling me a cheating woman,
which I am… You are taking the high road. You are the nicest,
sweetest guy ever. I thought I will come here and… I will tell you everything
and then I will feel better. But I feel like
a bigger piece of shit now. And… You are not judging me… But… Siddharth, I am judging myself. This shouldn’t have happened.
I shouldn’t have done this. And the fact that I have… I can’t get it out of my head.
I keep thinking about it. I can’t move on. I kissed another guy! Yeah, but… You are not going to do it again, right? I don’t know. I did it once. I could do it again with someone else. -Maybe. I don’t know.
-Do you want to do it again? -God, no, I really don’t…
-Listen. -I don’t want to do that. I would…
-Look. I’m trying really hard for this
to work right now. I’m trying to put this behind us
because it’s you and me, you know. And… I love you. And that’s all that matters right now. -So… Let’s forget about it.
-And I love you. But… This happened. And… I didn’t think it would.
but it did. And… I can’t trust myself. I need to think about us.
I need to think about all this. I… I don’t know. I don’t know. -I’m sorry. I can’t… I can’t do this.
-Mehak… Mehak… Damn! So, Kabir, if I didn’t have faith in you… you wouldn’t be here…
in my office… yelling your guts out at me, I would have had you thrown out. Kabir, you are one of my best boys. I hate you but
that I freaking love you. You will be vice president one day. Maybe not today,
maybe not this month, maybe not this year…
But someday you will be vice president. I can assure you that. But for now,
take that job in Pune. Buy yourself a shitty, ugly SUV. Do not be in a hurry. This is not a rat race. You are too good for that. Give yourself time. Give yourself space. Believe in yourself, because I do. I will give you a big, fat raise. Medical benefits
to get you psychologically checked. Get yourself an apartment in Hinjewadi,
Balewadi, whichever freaking place. Slow down, have fun, enjoy your life. The job is yours. Leave me alone.
I have a lot of work to do. Call me in the morning. We will have a couple of drinks,
smoke a little. But, right now, just go. I also wanted to apologise for that day. I know I shouldn’t have spoken to you
like that. But… I know I was spewing nonsense but… But I was just… I am sorry. This is pleasant.
My day just got brighter. -Yeah.
-But right now, like I said again. I have a wife and daughter waiting
at home. I have a lot of work to do. Call me tomorrow in the morning
and come to meet me. We will process your paperwork
for your new job. And your increment and whatever
else you want to discuss, you can… I can put you up with that hot chick
from finance. But for now…
what will it take for you to leave? I just want a hug. Can I get it? You promise to leave
if I give you that hug? Are you going to get up? No, you get your ass here.
I’m still your boss. Okay. Thanks. Okay? Thanks for making me… Just… Me. Hi. Hi. It’s really nice here, right?
It’s really quiet. Yeah. Armaan, I am so stupid. I didn’t think anything through and I was so
rude to you. I’m sorry, I’m really sorry. Old habits die hard, Mehak. We can’t get away with it so easily. Sorry, man, but… -I mean… Whatever happened…
-What happened? Nothing happened. Whatever didn’t happen… But… It’s equally my fault. And you are too much of a gentleman
to say anything… And in front of everyone, like, I shouldn’t have blamed you.
I’m really sorry. You know what it was? It was my pink bathrobe. What now? I don’t know. -My wedding is called off.
-Oh! Um… I’m really sorry.


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