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I do know that
I don’t want to lose you. So I want to still be together. You’re such an amazing fiancé. -Mehak, please.
-I’m sorry, I can’t do this. Hey, where is my son? Who is he? Mom, I’m going
for a job interview. You don’t need a job. I want my job back. I want to be
the vice president. This is not a rat race. You’re too good for that. -And now?
-The wedding is called off. Oh! Armaan, please don’t, dude.
I know what you’re going to say. I know what you’re gonna say.
Don’t… Just… You are my friend.
I know you. You and me… We’ve always been like this. ‘Are they? Are they not?’
kind of scene. We know each other for years, so naturally
we have feelings for each other. We think that these feelings are love
and not friendship. It might be…
But I don’t know. -We might not know…
-Listen, listen. I do, I do know. -I know, how I feel and I…
-Thanks, Armaan. Five seconds before I’m going to get
married, you tell me this. Such superb timing you have, really. Don’t take it out on me. Let me get it out of my system.
You broke my chain of thought. -I’m sorry.
-You broke my chain of thought. Now I’ve forgotten what I wanted to say. I don’t know what I was saying. Continue, I am sorry. It just seems like, I’m your
backup plan and that’s not cool. What? You are not my backup plan. Why would you say that? Because you didn’t call or text me
all these years. No emails or even a good morning
text message. And then suddenly,
you’ve broken up with Zoya, -and then we’re kissing in Mauritius…
-Listen, Mehak. You’re saying the same things again. -You’re blaming me for everything, again.
-Listen. The point is
that whatever happened -between us…
-Or didn’t happen… Or didn’t happen, it’s… I don’t know, I mean… -I’m discussing relationship dynamics
with you… I don’t know what’s going on. Hey, Mehak, listen… Listen, this might help. Close your eyes for five seconds. Who ever you see with your eyes closed That’s the person for you… That’s your answer. When did you meet Priety Zinta? Where did she come from? Priety Zinta tells Aamir Khan
in Dil Chahata Hai, -She’s like, close your eyes then you…
-I haven’t seen that film. I haven’t,
just, please do it, please. Oh God… Close my eyes? Okay, fine. Damn! Really messed up, Armaan. Messed up really bad. He’s such a great guy and… I don’t know what to do. I don’t know
if I should call him and… I really need to go, Armaan. Mehak, listen. I don’t know what to say. -I’ll just leave now.
-Let’s grab a drink. We’ll have rum,
like old times’ sake. What say? -Please. Please don’t say no.
-What? Look, you’re messed up,
I’m messed up. You’ve been through a lot,
I’ve been through a lot. We’ve been through a lot together. I just feel that we deserve a drink. Or two, or three or 27 or 29… Or 35, I don’t know. Please? Let’s just forget this and… Yeah? -Come.
-Well… We’ll drink and… Come here. You won’t take advantage of me
when you’re drunk, all right? I’ll slap you. Too early to talk about it,
it’s fine, I get it. I’m now only going to kiss girls. -Hey, please don’t do that…
-No I mean, seriously. What? She called off her wedding
with Siddharth. Who? Tara! Mehak, who else? Look, I know you are angry but put that on hold for now…
We have to handle this crisis. Mehak isn’t answering her calls,
and she isn’t at home. -Where are you?
-I am at home. How do you know she isn’t at home? Remember she asked me to
keep an eye on Hitler? -She gave me her house keys.
-So? So I installed
security cameras in her house. Since then I can see
everything on my phone. I can watch everything on the app. Does Mehak know about this? No, she asked me
to keep an eye on Hitler. She didn’t tell me how. What if she is having
an intimate moment, dude? If she is naked or taking a shower… Are you crazy? Kabir, don’t tell Mehak,
I put cameras in her home. Please, please. Patrick, you sleazy little b*!&$*d. Stop showing off your English
and let’s figure out what we should do. -What’s the time now?
-11:30. I think I know where she is. Why don’t you tell me? Sorry. Why don’t you tell me, please?
Come on. Hang up now. Mrs Nicholas, Lucinda…
Lucinda… Yeah… Listen… If you still love your husband, give him one more chance, you know? It takes a lifetime to build
a relationship, and just one moment to break it. Trust your love, Mrs Nicholas. -You know…
-Siddharth… It takes a lifetime to build a
relationship and a moment to break it. Please trust your love. Please. I’m sorry, Mrs Nicholas… You’ll have to give me…
-Lucinda… -Yeah… Lucinda… You’ll have to give
me five minutes, please. Okay. Look, I’m really sorry. You must be Armaan. -You’re the one who…
-Hey, what the… -You kissed Mehek…
-How dare you touch Mehak! -But I didn’t…
-You… Not my foot, man! -Leave my tie, leave me tie!
-Okay, okay, I am sorry. -How the hell did you…
-Damn! I am sorry. Woah! Yo, bro! We need a timeout. Okay?
One second, timeout, listen. -Mehak… You kissed her!
-One second, I’ll tell you. You kissed her. I’m going to kill you, come here! Stop hiding! Come out
if you’re a real man. Man?! What kind of man leaves
his fiancée like this? And you’re questioning my masculinity?
You idiot. -What?
-Stop yapping. You idiot!
Dude, nothing happened. You should’ve
trusted her a little bit. Nothing happened that night. We just kissed. Honestly, it wasn’t even a kiss. It was just a ‘K’. Idiot, trust your freaking love. I told you then also. -But I…
-Stop bleating like a lamb, bro. I would’ve run away with her
ages ago if I could. Unfortunately,
it’s not me, it’s you. She loves you
and when she told me that, ‘Listen, Armaan, I love Siddharth’. For a second, I blanked out
and I am like, ‘Bro,’ ‘you’re out of the picture.’ Honestly,
I was never in the picture, Siddharth. I just thought I was in the game,
like an idiot. And look at you…
You left your game partner. -I didn’t quit the game. She did.
-You’re an ass, bro. -Just shut up, man!
-You are not listening to me… She dumped me. What? Yes! She called it off. -What?
-Yes. You just assumed, I did it. After she told me what happened,
I didn’t want to lose her at all. You know, I was ready to forgive her. But you should be convincing her, not me. I am sorry, man. Damn! You look like
a typical vacuum cleaner salesman. ‘A typical vacuum cleaner salesman.’ Who told you Mehak would be here? if you were her true friend,
you would’ve known that. Whenever Mehak is upset, she comes here to watch DDLJ. Wow, ‘Mr Good Friend’! If you were really were
such good friends Why didn’t she tell you
what happened with Armaan? Patrick, stop yapping.
My head is spinning. So, we’ll fix it in the right place. -You called him?
-You can book these on your phone. What are you doing? Hey, over there. -That’s Mehak.
-She is sitting there. Come here. She looks fine by her body language. Are you crazy? Sorry. I said too much in anger.
I shouldn’t have. Sorry. I know it was not your fault. It was actually no one’s fault. Just a stupid thing that happened. That’s right, Mehak. -Don’t let it get to you…
-Watch it. We didn’t mean it. It’s become very messy. I don’t understand.
You made a big hot mess. -Big hot mess?
-What the heck is that? She called off her marriage. -It’s just… A hot mess.
-So? -You can’t just make up phrases.
-You guys are still fighting? My God! Actually, this is
a new fight, not the old one. The old one is on hold. He is crazy! What’s in this? Rum, your best friend
through all the pain. -It’s very nice.
-I know. Now listen to me. What I’m trying to say is, you’re the most sensible among
all of us. But you take impulsive decisions, and make split second choices and
regret them later… You need to stop doing that. Okay, guys, listen. I got up in the… Do you remember, there was a girl in third grade
in her class… -It wasn’t a girl…
-Falguni! -Do you remember? Oh God!
-Oh my God! So she didn’t attend
your birthday party and you didn’t talk to her
for two months. Since there was no social media then,
so you completely lost touch. Did you why she didn’t come? Because she knew what she wanted
as a birthday gift. And she couldn’t afford it. -That’s why she didn’t come.
-Yeah. That’s exactly how it happened. This…
Wait. Do you remember that guy?
That guy from our first year… -What was his name? Really bad man.
-Subo… Something like that -I hate that name…
-But forget about that. Listen. -I really want to…
-No, no, do you remember? She copied his test paper and she ended up with better grades.
And she felt guilty and confessed to the teacher. That she cheated. The teacher took a re-test. And she anyway
got better grades than him. His vacation was cancelled and she got better grades. I know the worst one. -No… Not that one…
-What is all this? -What is it?
-In the seventh grade, when the school was staging Harry Potter and
the Chamber of Secrets? He back with his nonsense. She auditioned for the part
and didn’t get it. You know what? -She got selected.
-Exactly. But then she was too upset
and then she refused. And I still think, honestly,
had you auditioned for Hermione,
you would’ve bagged it. -Listen…
-It’s… It’s Harry Potter, I will be Harry, no?
Hermione, I am not… You are Sonam Kapoor, no?
So I wanna be Harry. -Yes, I am the Sonam Kapoor.
-You’re ‘the’ Sonam Kapoor. -Okay, guys, guys, relax. Focus, guys.
-Hermione… I… Mehak, I think you should stop
trying to perfect every little thing. And mostly yourself. Imperfections are okay. -Look at him.
-Look at me. -Perfect.
-And most of the timed imperfections… They are beautiful. You have to break this pattern, bro. If you don’t do this,
life is going to keep giving you the same situations and
then you’re going to keep doing the same thing
again and again and again. Don’t throw away your life
over things that you are not sure of. Just… it was so silly,
it was such a stupid thing and… Will you guys shut up? I’m the heroine
and you’re saying all the dialogues. -Listen to me.
-Tell me. When I got up this morning
and I thought about it, and I realised
I made an impulsive decision. And those special drinks
really helped Armaan, so thanks. Told you. Siddharth and I are dealing with
a serious issue. And I think I might’ve made
a wrong decision. Anyway, we are meeting
in the evening. And we’re going to, you know… You’re going to? Already? -We are going to talk.
-Yes! -Good, good, good.
-You’re mad or what? -Yeah.
-You’ve become quite mature. You’ve also become quite mature. -Whose clothes are you wearing?
-He rented them. Rented, right? Long story. If you’re done with your
sob stories, Can I please watch this movie? Hey! They show it every day,
you can see it later. -Sister.
-Sister! -Thank you.
-You are welcome. Hey guys! -Rhea?
-Armaan? -Freaking hell!
-No way! -Is that you? Oh my God,
I can’t believe this! – Are you serious? Oh my God, what a surprise! I am so sorry about that. That’s… That’s not okay. -Oh my God!
-That’s… Those are my friends. -Hi, guys.
-Hi! I’ll see you later? -Let’s go.
-Good to see you too. Loo. Idiot! -You idiot!
-You idiot… Vacuum cleaner salesman. Should I wear shorts
and to work? -At work?
-Yes, at work. I’ve got a job
and I’ll pay you back immidiately. Just let me get my first salary,
and wait and watch. I’ll return it With interest, of course. I don’t have time or I would’ve told you about the repayment
break up plan. -So you got a job?
-That’s right. Talk to me when you have to start
licking your boss’ boots. Why don’t you give me some tips,
you’ve been doing this for years, -Let’s meet in the evening… At our usual place…
-I can’t. -Why?
-I’m moving to Pune this evening. I’ve been transferred. I’ll be managing IPL. That’s a big deal. Pune? This evening? You don’t understand Hindi? I can say that in
three more languages. Should I? It’s Pune, not Portugal. Just two hours’ away,
and Pune chicks… I got to make you meet
some of them. Give me a heads up,
I won’t be free. I’m not free either. And I’ll pay you back. -Just leave.
-Get lost. Patrick! Patrick, enough, man! You… -What’s going on?
-What’s happening? Patrick. He is moving to Pune this evening. -Huh?
-To Pune? I’ve been transferred, and I accepted it. -Suddenly?
-Yeah, I mean… -Okay, it’s fine.
-Bro. It’s okay. Chill, relax. It’s okay… It’s just Pune, man.
Not Portugal, right? Just a few hours’ drive away.
Right? I know, man… I’ll miss you. Of course, I’m going to miss you,
guys, too. It’s just… He is taking it so lightly…
You’re going to Pune. I mean… Patrick, I’m not dying. I’m going to Pune, okay? I have to get going.
I have packing to do, seriously. I’ll make a move, okay? But I’ll call you before I leave,
all right? Go on Simran… Life your life. I needed that, thank you. I’ll also make a move. See you, guys. -Let’s go?
-Yeah? -I…
-Bye. -Bye.
-See you. Hey! I couldn’t wait till evening. Like you said, just coffee. No pressure. Come, hop into my ride? Childhood friends… Why can’t they just
mind their own business? If you’re self-destructive,
they want to rescue you. Even if there are other
fish in the sea, with them is where you want to be. No matter how mature
or sensible you become, for them, you are always an idiot. And no matter how far you go away,
they don’t let go of you. It’s so annoying. -Hi.
-Hello? -Is this Kabir?
-Yeah, who is this? D.S.A.R.A and the D silent. Sorry? Hello? Because you can’t choose your
childhood friends. You’re stuck with them for life.


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