The Key to Growing Your Travel Agency Franchise

You know, the Expedia CruiseShipCenters franchise model is really a scalable
business model built on really what your vision is and your vision could
be a team of independent contractors 25, 35, 55 or more they’re all independent
contractors paid on commission so the larger your team the more well-trained
your team is the more business there is for the franchise so when you want
to bring your business to the next level you build a bigger team So think about it a commission based sales team there’s no salaries to pay there’s no limit to where you want to bring the size of your team this is a low risk business model for
your team are only paid commission for what they sell and they only receive
commission once you receive the commission so the larger your team the
more well-trained they are the more they sell the more money there is in the
franchise business Traditionally our stores are about a thousand square feet The independent contractors sign up for desk
space so many of them work from home from the office or both and so they
simply sign up for desk space for when they want to be there remembering these
are all independent contractors some of them want to work four hours every two
weeks some of them want to work three days a
week it’s gonna be all over the place So you can actually handle a team of
25 35 45 or more in one location without running out of desk space You know, it is important for the franchise
partner to know how to sell travel they will be recruiting training and coaching
a team of independent travel consultants although travel themselves selling
travel themselves won’t be the most important thing to them it’s building
that team that team when we talked about of 25 35 45 or more can sell quite a bit more
travel than you possibly could so the larger your team the more business there
is in general so our franchise partners are great leaders again they recruit train
mentor and motivate a commission based sales force Support is key support is
everything from How to Train Your team to a sales methodology how to talk to
the clients to be able to build your team larger and larger so you have a
full system behind you both in how to work with the clients how to work with
the consultants know how to work with the clients so there’s never a
limit on where you can take this business to your vision is it 25 35 45
we have a whole sales methodology built to work with you on how to get you to
your goals Scalability is key if you could imagine
that if you opened up a business and there was a limit to the amount of Business
you could do well there would only be so much value in that business to be able
to give you a business with an unlimited scalability to be able to take you to
whatever your vision is in fact I can give you an example we got franchise
partners that have been in the system for over 20 years and can still grow at
thirty percent per year There is absolutely no limit to where you could take this
business which what it gives you in the end is a larger asset and larger income today as well

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