The Most Effective Travel Agency Marketing Strategy

Are you wondering what the most
effective travel agency marketing strategy is in today’s market? As we all
know a lot of things have changed in the travel industry and what you need to do
now to market your travel services is very different than what it was in years
past. In this video, I’m going to share with you the most effective travel
agency marketing strategy. Number one travel agency marketing strategy is to
give your ideal prospective clients call to action. CTA’s for short a call to
action is exactly what it sounds like. You’re calling in inviting your ideal
prospective clients to take the next step towards working with you. The two
primary CTA s that you need to have throughout all of your marketing are
number one invite your prospects to join your e-newsletter list by offering them
an irresistible freebie. Offer them some type of a free PDF download or free
video with tips in exchange for them giving you their email address to join
your e-newsletter list. Number two, invite your prospects to a complimentary over
the phone consultation with you during the consultation you can determine if
they are a good fit for your services and if they are sign them up to be a
client. Your travel agency marketing strategy also needs to include a sales
and marketing funnel which is simply a pathway that you lead your prospective
clients down this graphic illustrates a high-level overview of what your
marketing funnel needs to look like in order for you to be consistently landing
new ideal clients. The way that you lead your prospective clients through your
sales and marketing funnel is by giving them clear and compelling called action
throughout all of your marketing. I invite you to download the travel agency
marketing plan template below this video. This will give you a vision of what your
travel agency marketing plan needs to look like. Now I’d love to hear from you.
What is the irresistible freebie that you offer your prospective clients or
that you’re gonna start offering? Please share in the comments
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