The Most Expensive Bike In The Tour de France? | GCN Tech Show Ep. 81

– Welcome to the GCN Tech Show. This week we’ve got the truth about how that Team Ineos
bike snapped in half, Team Deceuninck Quickstep
have been spotted riding e-bikes at the Tour de France. – Naughty. – Your upgrades, the Bike Vault, plus our main talking points. – How expensive are Tour de France bikes? – And John’s lost his voice ’cause he was at the
Cricket World Cup Final, and he was screaming a lot. – True story. (electronic music) – Last week, we talked about tech trends at this year’s Tour de France. And this got us thinking how much does a tour bike cost these days? And which team has the
most expensive bikes. – Yeah, now cycling, it has to be said, is taking more and more developments from the world of Motorsports
and Formula One races, and while, from that
industry it’s always the most souped-up car, or the best engine always seems to win, doesn’t it? – Yeah, and well the tech in sailing, sailing is all about having
the best boat as well. But, in cycling, you have
to say it’s not so simple, because essentially the rider,
the athlete, is the engine. – Yeah, I remember my dad
saying to me that in 1987, Steven Roche, he could’ve won
the Triple Crown in cycling. So that’s Giro d’Italia,
the Tour de France, and the World Championships, which he did, on board a butcher’s bike. I don’t think he could
actually have done that, but there is a certain sentiment around that saying, isn’t there? – Yeah, well, I guess he’s
right, ’cause you could have the most aerodynamic bike in the world, one that performs amazing
in wind tunnel conditions, and labs and stuff, but if
you gave that bike to me then I probably still wouldn’t, well I wouldn’t win the Tour de France. You can’t turn a donkey
into a race horse, John. – Or, a toilet into a castle as I believe they say in Denmark. – (laughs) Do they? – Yeah. – Top of the range bikes
can cost a lot of money, but there is large development
costs that go into that. So, for a top of the range bike that would be ridden by the
top Tour de France riders. You’ve got the initial
CAD, computer-aided design, engineer development costs, where they draw it up on the computer. Then they run CFD, computational
fluid dynamic simulations to test how aero it is. Then they’ll build a prototype of that, take it into the tunnel to see if it actually is aerodynamic in real life as well as on a computer. – Additive manufacturing use that– – Yeah.
– Don’t they really? That takes a long time as well. When I worked in the helmet industry, to 3D print a bike helmet can take days. – Yeah, but then also they
also look at the lay-up, and they often do computer simulations, or engineering software to see where the best orientation of
fibers will be for the carbon, and what types of carbon. And then again, they build prototypes to check that in real life. Then they build the final product. The good thing is although this can cost hundreds of thousands of
Dollars and Pounds to develop that then is something that is
not just ridden by the pros, it’s something that we can buy as well. So, that manufacturing cost
is, well development cost is shared with the consumers as well. But also, tech trickles down, so although it may only
initially be available on the top end super expensive stuff, give it a few years,
and it’s on the more– – Affordable, really.
– Yeah. – That’s the easy way of saying it. – We see that with everything. – Yeah, trickle down tech is, 10 years the Dura Ace is like today’s 105. In fact, no, 105 now is
better than 10 years ago. – Yeah.
– Yeah, definitely. – Yeah.
– Thanks, yeah. – More gears.
– Yeah. (laughs) What’s not to like? Right, okay, so we have
totted up the retail cost, haven’t we, for various
pro team’s bikes out there. We’ve added on their wheels,
power meters where we can, and well, the results. We’ve done the prices in Pounds, we’re going to run through that. But on the screen there will also be the prices in Dollars and Euros I’d say. – Yeah. – Yeah, we haven’t had Brexit just yet, we are going to include the Euros. – What about Zimbabwean Dollars, John? – No the screen’s not big
enough for all the digits. (laughs) It’s a big, old thing, that. – Sorry Zimbabwe. – Right, okay, go on, start us off then. – Right, so looking at
Trek-Segafredo’s bikes, the Trek Madone SLR 9 is more expensive than the Emonda, I believe. – Only just slightly though.
– Yeah. But with eTap, if you were to get that in a race limited bike, then you’re looking at about £11,000, well £11,050 for one of those. But if you look at like Bauke
Mollema, and Richie Porte they’ve got custom painted ones. Now the custom painting is
hard to get an exact price for because it varies on the paint job you get from Project One from Trek, but you’re going to
envisage, there’s probably a fair amount of money put on that– – Yeah, a little premium I imagine. – Yeah maybe as much as £1,500 we could possibly say as a conservative– – Yeah, I think so – This is a pricey paint job. – By which case you then
start to get towards £12,500 roughly roughly. – All right moving on then. Specialized S-Works
Venge Sagan Collection. So we going to go BORA-hansgrohe, I don’t think he actually
rides a bike from his own collection. I think it’s an extra bit
of money, but well he does normally have a fancy paint
job, so we can factor that in. That comes in a £10,250 so again– – Yeah, that’s quite an
easy one to price up, again with the Trek because
they use all their own parts. So they got the Bontrager wheels– – Literally they don’t change anything. – It’s what you buy is what the pros ride. – Yeah, they use the same
saddles, the same wheels, the same tires, everything. – Yeah, but then if we move on to BMC, BMC premium brand, pricey
bikes at Dimension Data. Looking at £3,700 for the
Time Machine frame set which is what Cavendish– – Yeah. – Then £3,654 for Dura Ace DI2. Although there are slight
changes there in terms of, they use a rotor twin power– – That’s true yeah, a KMC chain. But these are all approximate,
you know, ball park figures. – Bear with us, yeah. Wheels these Enve, which
are fancy pants wheels, you’re looking at about £3,300
a set, retail price of those. So you basically getting to
approximately again £11,000 of bike there. – Its quite a lot isn’t it? You know people often ask
me, don’t know about you, they go, “How much are those bikes?”, and you don’t really know do you. You just like, “Well, yeah five…”, you know I normally say it’s
about £5,000 what they ride. But then lets move on then to the– – If it’s like the dodgy
man by the bus shelter, in Doncaster Town Center,
“Oh, 100 quid, Halfords.” You know you don’t want to say– (laughing) Anyway. Big dogs know, right? – Yeah, right okay. Pinarello F12 X-Light, so
this is the top of the pops bike from Pinarello, brand new isn’t it? You got to look at one. – Yeah. – X-Light, little bit
lighter, different lay-up in carbon and everything,
frame alone £6,200, group-set, again £3,654, wheels, remember
they using those light weight Meilenstein– – Obermeyers. – I don’t think they’re
the Obermeyers so I didn’t factor that in when I did
this because, well we don’t want to go too overboard. – Anyway total price ’cause
also you got to put in there integrated handle bar and
stem on there, tires, saddle all those sorts of things. You looking about £14,600
for Team Sky’s bikes. They are the team of marginal
gains though aren’t they? – Nearly 15 grand. – Yeah. – Wow! That’s a lot. Is your voice all right mate? – Yeah. It was like this at the start. – You’ve got a career in
premium rate chat I think. – Let’s move on from that. (laughter) Let’s move on. – Anyway, well another
team that’s right up there is Sunweb with their
Cervelo S5’s as ridden by Michael Matthews whose
doing quite well in the points competition in the Tour de France. Now the S5 Disc, frame set £4299 for that. You’ve then got the Shimano
wheels on there, you know the C60’s the aero wheel, very
nice , very pricey wheels. £1,290 for the rear wheel
retail, £1,149 for the front. So that brings it up to
about £10,700, roughly. – “How’s it got up there?”, you may ask. (mumbling) Anyone that’s doing the maths
in their head is thinking– – “That’s not right!” – We add on the group-set,
again Shimano Dura Ace DI2, they’re sponsored by Shimano, 3600 quid . And then, well… If we add on the four grand paint job– that we spoke about– – That adds about 20, 20 grams in weight, that’s Formula One paint
that we spoke about in last weeks’ show, yeah that
ramps it up pretty quick. – Yeah. – Yeah. – So, yeah then it goes
up to £14,400 roughly. – Yeah so, they pretty
much the most expensive with that paint job. – Let’s take it back down
to a more reasonable level. – Yeah. – So, Wanty-Gobert, a team who
are always in the break away at the Tour de France, I
absolutely love watching them race. They don’t hide anything do they? They just go all out. Any way, so they’re Cube
Lightening, they use various different bikes you know for
the mains and all the flats. Lightening, that’s
their aero bike, £7,500. Yeah, half the price. – Yeah, half the price. But also, Canyon Ultimate CF SLX, right. – I mean that’s been a
World Champions bike– – Two teams are riding it aren’t they? So you’ve got Katusha
Alpecin and also Movistar, both ride Canyon. Including World Champion,
Valverde, got a pro bike video on that. Roughly £6,500, will
get you a bike that is pro bike standard, a Tour
de France bike standard. (scoffs) – It’s incredible actually isn’t it? So I’m pretty close– – The disparity there between you know, the top 15 sort of grand
and then there is massive. – I Guess though what
we got to think about as well with this, is that those bikes, the most expensive ones, have only just been released haven’t they? – Yeah. – Yeah, so there’s
something in that as well. – But there’s two we think
that are lower than that still. – Yeah, so I reckon that the
squad of AG2R La Mondiale, their Eddy Merckx 525 bikes,
they’re actually racing with a Shimano Ultegra DI2 group set. Now remember at the start of
the year they started racing on Campignolo Super Record EPS and suddenly they just changed. I don’t know what happened there? They using Mavic wheels,
tires and stuff like that. I reckon their bikes are
about £5,000, so I mean the price is, I’m pretty close
now when someone says how much does a Tour de France bike. So yeah it’s, there we are. But there is one out there which could be even less couldn’t it. Possibly! – We’re not entirely sure,
but someone commented when we did a video talking about
the new Canondale Super Six EVO that Canondale doesn’t appear
to be making the rim brake version of the new bike in a high mod. They only have the disc
brake version in high mod. But several of the pros,
including Rigoberto Uran and Mike Woods. At EF Education First, are
riding the rim brake bike. Which suggest that unless
there’s something we don’t know, they’re riding the regular
Super Six, not the high mod, souped up mega lay-up premium– – Low weight bike. – Yeah, so they’re riding the
regular Super SiX EVO frame in the new Super Six EVO, which
you can get with Ultegra on, for £2,499. So, you know add– – Dura Ace DI2’s– – Add a bit a bit of Dura Ace
on, so we don’t know exactly what it could be. – But it could be around
about the £5,000 mark. – Yeah, or I reckon you could
get one, you could build it for under five grand. Which is pretty impressive. – So we’re looking at about
£15,000 for the most expensive out there, the top of the
pops, all singing, all dancing brand new just released
bikes, and then down to £5000. – So a big, big range. In percentage terms yeah, massive. – I’ve got to say the prices
of bikes, they did actually tumble in around mid 90’s, the late 90’s, particularly around the aluminum frames, because we started to import
them from the far east. Prior to that it was
something of a luxury to have a bike made out of that material. But these days though
teams are searching for, I’m going to say it, wait for it, brace yourselves, “Marginal gains.” And they are seeking the ultimate in performance aren’t they? – Yeah, you know if you look
for example at Team Ineos riding the F12, it’s a bike
that as we’ve mentioned previously, it’s had a huge
amount of development cost go into it and so, some of
the expense can be attributed to that. But what can’t be argued
is the success that the F10 prior to the F12 had. I mean if you look at when
we did our video of the most successful bikes to
peloton, that has consistently been the most successful
bike in terms of the number of them that are
being raced, relative to the number of wins it scores. And there’s something in that. I mean, you’d imagine that
considering that partnership has gone on for so long, that
Team Ineos, formerly Sky, would say that its
sponsorship, budget well spent I guess in terms of the
relationship that’s there. But even though 15 grand
is a huge amount of money to spend on a bike, I think
it’s really interesting that the pros in the Tour
de France, the best riders in the world are not
riding the most expensive road bikes available to humanity. Because, well when we did
our previous tech show, about building that hypothetical
most expensive bike– – That was fun! – Yeah, we showed it
could be about 30 grand or more for a bike. We should re-do it, I think we
could make it more expensive. – Yeah, we could. – But yeah, you know 30 grand
or more and the difference with F1 is that those
guys are driving the most expensive cars available
because, they have to include all the development
cost of that car, and they’re not sold to the public, we can’t buy F1 cars. – Those costs are not being shared. – No the development cost
is shared with the public because we can buy the same
bike that a Tour de France rider is on. And in that sense, I
guess it’s a bit more like Touring Cars. – I do like a Touring Car. – Like production cars
that are kind of souped up. – Yeah, that’s exactly what it is. But you know what? All these bikes, I reckon
there are bikes that have been used in the Tour de
France that are definitely more expensive than these. First up, Pinarello
Sword, Miguel Indurain, back in the early to mid 90’s, that thing! There was only two or three of them made. That thing must’ve been,
that must have cost a fortune to make back then. Lotus 110 Super Bike, that’s going to cost a fortune as well. There was I think 260 of
those made, but then I bet you that Boardman and his pals
had some special ones. And then what about, okay
this one, it wasn’t worth it in my opinion. (laughs) But is sold for a
ridiculous amount of money. That Trek Madone that Armstrong used– – Was it Damien Hirst?– – Yeah, after one of
his Tour de France wins. It had butterfly wings
under the lacquer didn’t it? Because they once used
genuine butterfly wings so the sun would shimmer
off them beautifully. Not sure I think about that
really, because I’ve got a lot of butterfly’s in my– – It’s a piece of art John. – That one went for
half a million Dollars, but was probably worth about
$5,000 Dollars wasn’t it? – We want to know what you
think about the cost of pro bikes in the Tour de France. Do you think that there
should be a sort of the sky’s the limit. You can have like a 30 grand
mega bike at the Tour de France or, do you think we should go
down a limit of five grand. You’ve got five grand
to spend on your bike. Would you put in the wheels? Would you put in in the frame? And the pros are only allowed five grand. – What we’ve got to hope for I think, in terms of the professionals
is that no one from the UCI is watching
this right now and they think, “That’s a really good idea!” (laughter) “Let’s implement that from
next year because we will suddenly be hated.” – We should do a show on
it, it would be funny. What would we build for five grand? – But please do get
involved in the comments. I absolutely love reading
them and yeah, don’t give me too much abuse about my voice this week. (laughter) – Time now for more tech. And the Deceuninck Quick
Step team were spotted riding e-bikes at the Tour de France. – Naughty! – No don’t worry John, it was
on the rest day and it was some new e-bikes that have
been launched by Specialized That’s why they were doing it. So, they’ve got three new e-bike models. The… Creo SW, the Creo SL Expert, and the Creo SL Expert Pro EVO. – Or something like that. Either way they all come with
Specialized’s Future Shock system, so it’s going to
smooth out the ride at the front end member, Sagan,
he used that didn’t he to win Paris-Roubaix? – He did. – Yeah, was a good little
bit of kit on that. And if you want a little bit
more comfort on there too, the Expert EVO even comes
with a dropper seat post and 38 millimeter tires, so
essentially its a gravelly bike. – Yeah. What’s cool is– – Gravel e-bike, not gravelly bike. (laughter) – So we’ve got a Dura
Ace DI2 and Ultegra DI2 fitted on there. But interestingly they’ve
been paired up with Shimano’s XTR mountain
bike components, like one by drive trains as well on there which is pretty interesting. – Its quite a strange move to make– – Yeah no front mechs– – Like 1142 and stuff like that. But yeah, maybe on bike’s
the future, who knows. I’d have got disc brakes by the way. So you rim brake lovers
out there, you won’t be able to get hold of one. Battery, 320 Watt Hours
on it, so enough to keep you smashing up those climbs Ollie. And if you run out of juice,
not to worry because you can even get a battery
extender which fits into your bottle cage, its not the
most discreet thing I guess so you can’t go fooling any of your mates I don’t reckon. But that simply has a
little wire, then plugs into the down tube where the battery
is and bob’s your uncle. You can get another 160
Watt Hours out of it. – Nice! Now another big story from
the Tour de France last week was the sight of the Team
Ineos bike of Gianni Moscon in two pieces. – Yeah. – And a lot of chat about
this on social media and the perception was that
it had snapped in half when Geraint Thomas had landed on it. However– – One of the lightest, he’s not a heavy rider is he, Geraint– – No, however Cosmo Catalano
from, “How the race was won.”, fame has pieced together the
evidence and actually come up with what appears to
have actually happened. So, there’s footage of one
of the commissaire’s cars approaching the bike
as it’s on the ground. You can see the bike in
one piece and this is after Geraint Thomas has landed on it. At which point you hear a
crunch as the car travels past which suggests that the car drove over… Which makes a lot more
sense than skinny little Geraint Thomas landing on it. And there are pictures
of Geraint Thomas landing on it as well where it doesn’t appear to be snapping under G’s weight. – However if you do want
a bike which doesn’t get broken under the weight of a car. The Kirk Precision magnesium
road bike, which has been featured on this show a few times. Actually I got to check one out. When I checked out that
Lotus bike there was one just around the corner and it was on Blue Peter once, which is
a children’s television program in Great Britain,
and a lorry drove over it and it didn’t break it in half. But it was extremely heavy
and they broke in other areas. Right all of that aside,
we got some more news in the tech world haven’t we . Because Mavic has been sold. – Yes, that’s right. Mavic has been sold by its parent company Amer Sports to a private
equity firm, Regent LP. In a statement released by
Amer Sports they had to say, “As part of our strategy we
continue to focus of the group portfolio and capabilities
towards areas of faster growth, better profitability, and scalability. Over the past cycle we’ve
concluded that we are not the best owner for Mavic, which only
represented approximately 3% of our sales which has
distinct business drivers and little synergies versus the broader group. We believe that the iconic
Mavic brand has strong potential which would be better
realized as part of Regent. Amer Sports continues to
capitalize on its strategic priorities, especially Softgoods,
Direct to Consumer, China and the States.” And that came from Amer Sports President
and CEO Heikki Takala. – They haven’t sold Enve though have they? – No they haven’t, but it
looks like they’re probably going to, I would say
based on that statement, but we’ll see, as yes they also own Enve. – Spanish bike brand BH
have shown a new bike ahead of the 2020 official launch I guess. And while it’s already
been used at this years Tour de France by friend of the channel, Andre Greipel with Arkea-Samsic. – Yeah, it looks cool doesn’t it. So, its the G8 disc, its replacing the G7, it’s said to be about 20
grams lighter than the G7. And it also has this really
interesting head tube that’s kind of shaped like an egg timer. – It’s nice isn’t it? – Yeah it’s a cool design. – It’s fully integrated
with the cables and hoses as you’d expect and I’ve
already said 20 grams lighter so, its an aero bike so
we don’t need to worry too much about weight there. But integration is obviously still key for every brand out there. They look pair anyway, don’t they? – And finally this week. The Italian shoe brand Fizik
has released a new special version of its Tempo R5 shoe. Its called the Tempo R5 Paris 1969 and its a really cool
blend of modern and retro. So you’ve got modern
tech touches in there, built into like a retro styled package. – It’s something that loads
of people out there desire, don’t they? Because some cycling shoes can
be a bit too bling, really. If someone wants a really
understated shoe, but still have great performance gains,
you know that sort of thing. Anyway these shoes, it’s got
trickle down tech essentially. Its got a composite sole, so
instead of a full on carbon fiber bit of kit, you’ve
also got a Boa dial on there so no laces to worry
about like the originals were back in 1969. Its got some 70’s inspired
zigzag pattern, black and gold, always think that looks good. Reminds me of the Lotus
JPS Formula One car. – Yeah. – But more Formula One technology. (laughter) – I do like the styling
cues on there, it’s cool. – Yeah. Wouldn’t mind a pair of
those size 44 please. (electric drill runs) It’s time now for, “Screw
Riding Upgrades, Buy Upgrades.”, where you submit evidence
of the upgrades that you’ve made to your bikes or
equipment, for a bid to win the ultimate prize, the GCN
Camelbak Eddy water bottle. – Oh yes! – I don’t know where its gone. Someone’s stolen it because
it’s such a hot prize. – Exactly! – Anyway– – Someone is getting well
and truly hydrated because it is boiling right now in Great Britain. Anyway, last week we had
a hotly contested contest. It was between Jack and Francisco. Now you remember Jack’s
bike, it was a vintage old Raleigh build and it was
probably built in somewhere you used to live, because
you used to live in the factory or some weird story about you squatting or something. – We’ll save that for another time. – Exactly, just like Chris
De Burgh performing in an ASDA car park, we’ve
still not heard that story. (laughter) We will I’m sure. Anyway, up against Francisco
who had a very messy bedroom, stroke, workshop. – He did, yeah. – Anyway, winning with a whopping
74% of the votes was Jack. So, if there’s anything
we can take from this, make your bed and tidy your bedroom. – Yeah, yeah. That is the lesson, that’s
the moral of the story. (laughter) – Jack, get in contact with
us on Facebook to arrange delivery of that water bottle. Anyway this week, the
first contender is Eric. So Eric traded the box
of beer for this old Peugeot frame. – Good trade. – The paint job was pretty
bad, so he decided to shriv it it right back and make it clean. He first removed all the
paint work and then sprayed some clear coat layers on,
added a few parts from his garage that he had laying
around, and the few bits he didn’t have, he bought. Last of all Eric added a
front rack that he welded onto the forks. – Skills! – And this is the end product. – That’s what it was. – That old Peugeot, look at it now! – And he’s welded that. – Tell you what, that’s
a flashy pair of wheels. – Wow! – That’s nice isn’t it? Do you reckon Eric carries
his beer on that front– – Well no, he traded it. – Yeah but do you reckon he
would go and buy his beer. – Look at that little rainbow thing he’s– that’s quite nice. – Do you reckon that’s
home made out of some insulation tape or not? – Do you know what? He’s got a bell on there as well. I think that is great! I’d love to ride around town on that. – I’d love to see you ride
up the (mumbles) in Italy, like we made you do before. – That would be easier
on that, than the bike that you gave me. – I don’t know about that! Right, who’s Eric up
against this week then. – Well, Eric is up against
the not very French sounding Barney, who is from– – Barney Rubble, sorry
Barney, only joking! – He’s from Chamonix en France
and this is his Motobecane. – Oh nice! – So Barney bought his
Motobecane off a friend as a town commuter. And there were parts on it that were starting to break and fail, so Barney decided to upgrade the bike. He decided that the
cheapest option to upgrade the bike was to turn it into a fixie. – And the simplest as well. – Classic but, living
in Chamonix I mean… Maybe not a very sensible idea
unless you’re super strong. – You’re not going to be traveling outside of Chamonix, that’s for sure. (laughter) If anyone’s unaware,
Chamonix is a ski resort. – I mean skiing down from,
cycling down from Chamonix on a fixie. Well you’re a braver man than me Barney! Here you go, that’s
what it started out as. That’s a nice bike! – I would’ve left it at that. – That’s a nice bike as it is. But then, here we go, I mean I preferred the older wheels and tires. – I’m really sorry– (laughter) – Now I see where we went. Right yeah, that is very tidy. I like the Brooks saddle,
classic, classic design. – Bars aren’t to my taste. – But I like how he’s
matched the bar tape. – Yeah, bar tape and saddle– – Barney’s bar tape. – Yeah, white bar tape on a saddle. – So, who’s it going to be? When we saw that second picture, we were both absolutely gutted. (laughter) – Am I allowed to say that
I liked it how it started? (laughter) – Actually, the end result
is just as nice isn’t it? – Yeah, it is John. Yeah really good. Right, you decide! – Top right hand corner. – Up here! (laughing) – Time now for my
favorite part of the show, “The Bike Vault”. – Why do you always do
it with a funny accent? – I don’t know! You submit pictures of
your bikes and then me and John, judge them as to
be either super nice or nice. If they’re super nice we ring the bell. – I don’t mind ringing it
this week because I’ve got a bit of a sore throat. Do you know what? Last week in the comments
everyone was like, “There’s no consistency
in the Bike Vault.”, they were giving is so
much grief it’s brilliant! I just said, “Sorry, the rules
are, we write the rules and we change the rules.” – We make the rules! – We make the rules, up! (laughter) – Right okay, first submission
this week is Kai Ling from Teluk Bahang Dam
in Penang in Malaysia, I’ve got all of that
wrong, apologies Kai– – It’s nice though isn’t it! – It’s a (mumble) in Columbus
XTR tube, which is a steel bike, that’s nice isn’t it! – That is a nice bike– – Small little bike isn’t it? – It is, but I, I mean I
love that he’s got Campag. You don’t see many Campag,
but he’s got the Bora wheels on there as well matching
the Campag group set, nice Fizik saddle. – Color of the bike looks
good as well doesn’t it? – Yeah, he’s taken his
bottle cages out, he’s lined up his wheels, got the
crankset perfectly orientated. – Not in the Biggie Smalls– – Biggie Smalls has been
brought back into the Bike Vault this week. – I think we can let Biggie Smalls– – We can let Biggie Smalls slide? – Yeah. Yeah, on this occasion. Because I think everything
else is ticking the boxes. – Yeah. – For me that’s a super nice! – Yeah, I think for me too. It looks like a beautiful area as well. So Kai, invite us out to Malaysia mate. (bell rings) – Right then, who have we got next Ollie? – Next we’ve got Stewart,
who’s from Warwick in the UK. And this is his S-Works Tarmac Disc SL6. What do you make of that? – That’s nice isn’t it? We got SRAM ready eTAP. – Yes. – Crank position could’ve been better. – Could’ve been better – (mumbles) position too,
could’ve been better. – Yeah, I like his (mumbles)
cages, his little leap cages – Looks like he’s got some– – Very smart with the wheels– – Reckon he got the Blip
shifters underneath the bar tape. Looks like it doesn’t it. – It does look like it in
a sort of trigger position. – Yeah, he’s taken some
inspiration from Mark Cavendish, that’s where he has his little DI2 – Biggie Smalls, we’ve got Biggie Smalls. – Biggie Smalls is in the house. – I think that’s pretty good. Again, not, not perfect. – How’s he propped… Oh, I see why– – His crank position– – Yeah, because he’s
leaning up with his pedal. – Yes. – Yeah, against the grass verge there. – I think that’s a super nice– – Yeah his is super nice too, yeah. (bell rings) – Great looking bike that, Stu. Right then. The next one is Tim, at the
top of the Monte Zoncolan, with a Trek Domane Disc. That bike looks familiar,
I’ve seen that around, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen
that around Bath actually. – Where have you– – I don’t know. – I think that’s a super nice. That is definitely a super nice.- Let’s pick it apart as we do sometimes. Do you know what, GCN bottles– – Good isn’t it, GCN bottles. Come on super– – Got a bit of steer out
there, pointing up stem, saddle bag on there. I would’ve taken that off really. It is in the Biggie Smalls,
as you like to call it. Crank position poor,
valve caps are on, again. Do you know what I think,
that’s your landlord’s bike. That is isn’t it? – My landlord Tim? – Yeah. – That is super nice though
isn’t it, that is, if ever I’ve that is the most super nice
bike I think I’ve ever seen. – Is your tenancy coming up
for renewal or something? (bell ringing) – It’s super nice Tim, yeah kick him out. – And the final entry this
week, comes from Chris, in Arcadia, Wisconsin, US of A. And well he’s got a picture of his M48 Patton Main Battle Tank,
which was designed and built in the USA. Saw service from 1953 right
through to the 1990’s with the US Army, of course named
after General George S Patton. And it’s still in service
with armed forces today through out the world. Speeds of up to 30 miles an hour, from that legendary air
cooled V12 engine, 29 liter petrol engine 810 brake horse
power and 1950 Newton Meters of torque. – Those ones were originally petrol, then they were converted to
diesel around 1968, 1969. – Correct! Also main armament there
is a 90 millimeter cannon with a muzzle velocity of
3800 meters per second. – Pokey! – Also secondary armament,
50 caliber machine gun mounted on the turret,
and within the turret as well there’s also a 7.62 millimeter M67 machine gun as well. – Just staying with that turret Ollie, if I’m not mistaken, I think
there was a one million candle power searchlight
xenon on top of that. – Indeed, indeed there
was and still in service with the Turkish Army. – Well for me Ollie, that
has to be super nice. I mean the turret, we could
have had more of that in shot. – Brilliant! Yeah, super nice! (bell rings) – More Bike Vault next week. – Right. End of the show time, we
hope you’ve enjoyed it. I hope you get better for next week, with your premium chat voice. And if you’d like to support the channel, then please subscribe to GCN
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Ollie and my voice box.


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