The Most Important Part of the Process Is Your Intent

– The quicker you go for the sale, the less leverage you have. The more you try to disguise your sale, the more full of shit you are. (logo popping) The main reason that people struggle with social media content
being successful for them is because when they post, they’re selfish, not selfless. The number one reason, if you’ve been trying
to grow your audience on these platforms and
it is not successful, normally 90% of the time, it’s because when you post, you’re posting for yourself,
not for your audience. You want it for you, not for them, period. And for me, that has been
the foundational reason where a lot of my stuff has worked, and so for me, my number
one challenge, Malaysia, is can you go two months
with putting out content that only brings people value and creates nothing for you in return. You have to understand
that intent, intent, is the most important part of the process. If you’re putting out a piece of content just so it goes into your funnel so that you can make money on
that person, you’re fucked. (audience laughing) Let me say it one more time
for the kids in the back. (audience laughing) If the second you post
a video or a picture or written words, in your heart, the reason you’re writing it, the reason you’re recording it, the reason you’re
posting it is to get them into you so you can sell
them, you’re in trouble because you may be good
enough in the short-term to get some money up front, but you will never build something
long-term and meaningful, and until you understand that, you will continue to look for shortcuts, quick fixes, systems, and
all sorts of other horseshit to let you make some
money in the short-term, and that is the macro
vulnerability, the end. Actually, I can leave now. (audience laughing) No!
– I’ll stay. (audience laughing) ’cause I think I’m
contractually obligated, but the reality is is that I
genuinely feel that to be true. So look, here’s what’s happening. We’ve never lived in a
time where the attention of our consumer is easier to get to. The cost to do content
on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, these platforms is super low. It’s super low. It’s hard, it takes time. You need to make a lot of
it, but the cost is low. The ads are low, and
even more importantly, the organic reach on some of
these platforms is very high. I’ll give you one very tactical thing. If you are not producing
content on LinkedIn every day, you’re making a huge mistake. Let me explain why. LinkedIn today, and
remember, it’s not up here, but my last book “Crushing
It,” I see it right? I didn’t even write about
LinkedIn in that book. I wrote that 18 months ago, and LinkedIn is not even in that book. It was that not-important. I put every other platform, but 18 months ago, if I was here, I wouldn’t even said the word LinkedIn. Today, today, it is easily in my opinion one of the most ridiculous
places for you to put content to drive your business
because the organic reach. You could have no followers on LinkedIn. You could sign up for a
LinkedIn account today, write an article or make a video about whatever the hell
you do for a living, post it, and get more people to see it than if you have 5,000
followers on Instagram because the organic reach
is reaching new people. The problem is, back to
the first point I made on the other side of the stage, if what you’re saying or writing isn’t bringing value to the audience, it’s selfish for you to get their money. You’re gonna lose. Whoever holds their
breath the longest wins. Whoever holds their
breath the longest wins. The quicker you go for the sale,
the less leverage you have. The more you try to disguise your sale, the more full of shit you are. This is the foundation and the framework that has forever worked for me.


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