The REAL “Unromanticised” Pakistan | Pakistan Travel Vlog | Episode 6

Pakistan Zindabad Ok Pakistan Zindabad 3, 2, 1 Pakistan Zindabad! Ok, we’re saying goodbye to the beautiful Fairy Meadows And we are starting our hike down We’ve got our lovely porters, we’ve got Zubi, he’s pulled the Ronin out. So, expect some epic footage in 3, 2, 1 So first thing we’re noticing is that it’s a lot easier going down than up. Isn’t that right? Yeah, I’m so happy right now. Yeah, so we’re all a little bit relieved So should be a lot more chill and pleasant This will probably be the last shot you see Brooke before she Runs Absolutely beasts the rest of the hike Is it ok if I go ahead? Yeah, yeah, yeah Bye Brooke! Bye team! Alright we’ve fallen a bit behind now But worth it for the shots So now we’re just gonna speed things up and try and catch up with the group. Let’s go! Ok we’ve just caught sign of our group again. Which means we’ve caught up [MUSIC] Got a bit of a traffic jam here Zee man! How’s it going? I’ve walked the whole way man Have you? I could not do the horse on the way back Love this Thanks Siya! This is magic mate Yeah, that’s the boss-ist walking stick I’ve ever seen bro… [AUDIBLE SIGH] I’m gonna, I might… Give me about 4 or 5 days my back’s gonna be gone I’m done. I’m done Really? Yeah man Lower back, legs, all tight Even if you rest? Yeah man. This is what happened to me last time man. It was a hike as well last time Yeah So far we got about 15 minutes left. We’re at the end Umm, but I’m broken. Legs, all tight. Lower back, tight And I think I’m gonna get my injury back again I think the sciatica is gonna come back. But, right now we’re solidering on! [LAUGHS] Brooke, I’m surprised to see you here Ohh just you know keeping the comradery Yeah? Sticking with the group [LAUGHS] Siya’s tanking the way down No issues for him Yeah, it’s been good. The way up, very difficult. I had to take a horse But, the way down is easier on your body and your lungs [MUSIC] Yeah We were coming up right? On the way down when we’re When you can just see everything there


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