This Is Why We Travel PHILIPPINES – Cost For Foreigners ??

seven days in the most beautiful island
of the Philippines here el nido and Coron was like a blast
we will admit that not only the fact that is so beautiful here but the price
of everything from accommodation to food was definitely attractive for us as
budget travelers you know I’m from Thailand. Philippines is still really
Cheap for me this cost of traveling video with breakdown spans of seven days
seven nights in Palawan specifically in El Nido and Coron including both fixed
and variable cost for you. let’s see, we will tell you everything on how much we
spend here in Philippines Wow I can’t believe there’s nobody here my last call
come on we have made it also we’re actually at shebang hostel and
it’s here in Puerto Princesa and its 350 pesos a night per person it’s not
bad they got really really clean bunks and beautiful area out here to hang out
it you can see the open court room the bar they have a restaurant and then they
have free Wi-Fi showers and everything like that so we’re gonna grab something
to eat here to go right from here to el nido for 450
so they tell you you only have 30 minutes to eat sit down eat your food so
just arriving here and we didn’t really have anything planned it’s like a nice development never gonna
the problem is we stay right there they have this section and that section
oh it’s okay like this after a long search we have found the den Dell Bay
View Resort and bar so it’s right on not Pond Beach it’s a gorgeous gorgeous view
from the beach and the beach is actually very secluded there’s like nobody here I
don’t know if you can see this it’s just absolutely gorgeous they have boat tours from here and they
do the combination a tour and sea tour so you can do it for 1,700 pesos but
with 1,700 pesos you get only 10 people on each boat instead of 20 people on
each boat and we asked them if we could leave early so that we’re not like you
know in the crowd of people and we can beat the crowd so we’re actually gonna
leave early and leave around 7 o’clock so we can get there before all the
crowds hey bana certain occasions on buddy
hey Zeke what a beautiful country I recommend it to anyone this lunch is just incredible
they go above and beyond for this application so surprised quality of the
food that they give you included and that’s boat tour I’m starving let’s go get some local
food 250 pesos which is super expensive but it’s just it’s crazy that it’s so
expensive compared to the recipe so delicious and so like budget-friendly you’ll be ok all right grab here how’s
incredible it’s beautiful up top but I do not suggest doing that without a
guide due to fun and cause like starting price like 30
people that seems to be a big thing to do here shopping shopping is he that’s
real good we got the accommodation fine coffee no
this is common rule we’re in the motorbike and how much is
that but so the motorbike for eight hours is four hundred paces which is
really good Thank You bad cold 30 cup noodle 30
mineral water tough a some chips right now say welcome welcome to Quran I feel
like I’m a local and I welcome them right now welcome to Quran you did it 8:8 seem to be the cheapest place
I receive for a little bit she stated that El Nino
Nino itself is probably hot she said like the second most expensive place in
Philippines let’s do as you can see here you don’t have to be rich to travel here
at all you could definitely spend less than what we did but it wouldn’t be hard
to spend more either as Philippines has a lot more to offer for everyone thank
you so much for watching guys if you keen to see more about the Philippines
check out in our description box below and if you haven’t yet make sure you
subscribe to follow along our journey as you will see both American and Thai
perspectives here why we travel together as full-time traveling couple of course
we plan to travel back to the paradise like Philippines again but for this
coming series you will see more of Mexico City and South Asia and plenty
plenty more coming see you in the next film and don’t forget that you don’t
have to be rich to travel well


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