Thumbs-Up for Dartmouth’s First-Year Trips

[ Silence ] [ Background Sounds ]>>Our bus pulled around the green, and they
were dressed up in all their [inaudible], and they were basically running and screaming
and saying, like, welcome home [inaudible], which is cool that they called this home
for us already when we just got here.>>I was, like, wow, these people are so
friendly and crazy, and they’re, [inaudible]. It’s just, like, they’re
all saying welcome home. It felt like they all, like, really were
glad that we were here, [inaudible].>>We just got off the bus. We [inaudible], there were all these signs. Like, they were wrote on the
sidewalk like welcome home 17. It felt so good. They were very [inaudible]. [Inaudible] like, the seniors and
crew were all dressed in, like, crazy, crazy outfits [inaudible]. It was just hilarious. There was music blasting. It was such a great atmosphere. So fun.>>My heart was, like, I
was beating really fast. I was checking with one of my friends
who’s coming up here right now, and we were both just really excited to be here. I’ve heard they’re fun. I heard you meet a lot of your
closest friends during this time, and hopefully that happens to me. I’m just excited for the new four years. [ Background Discussion ]>>My trip was wonderful. I really bonded with the people in my group, and
I was also physically and mentally challenged by doing a lot of hiking,
almost six or seven miles a day. It was a lot of elevation. So it was really fun.>>I’m looking forward to going
out in the woods a little bit. I really like to hike. It’s something that you don’t
get an opportunity to do so much. I’m just looking forward to, like,
getting out in the mountains.>>I think that hiking was a
really good bonding experience because it was something new to all of us. All of the instructors were really helpful. So we felt really safe, but it was a
really fun, new experience to share with a bunch of people I just met.>>Personally, I would much rather gone
an outdoorsy orientation trip than sit in an auditorium because we get to know
each other, and I think it’s, like, especially with climbing,
we’re supporting each other. We’re, like, we’re there for each other,
and we’re all sharing, and I think you get to know people really well when you’re living
with them in the woods for a few nights. So I think it’s a nice experience. It’s good. [ Background Discussion ]>>I think it’s a good way to get
used to sort of Dartmouth spirit. I think, like, up here, you’re
sort of rushed into nature and wilderness and sustainability and stuff. Just a good way to get acclimated,
to also, like, have a good time. You get to meet your classmates,
but at the same time, you get to spend some time
out in the wilderness. You’ll be [inaudible] for the next four years.>>I mean, it does make us feel a little
welcomed and makes us laugh a little, let loose a bit, and we’re so
nervous about meeting everyone. So I think it makes us feel
more I guess comfortable. Just so we can laugh about
it and just see what happens.>>I think trips is just generally a
really good way to introduce people to the Dartmouth community and really
get people excited to spend four years of their lives here with the same people.>>At first, I was kind of unsure about coming
to Dartmouth, but now after these trips, after see, like, all the
[inaudible] and everything like that, now I’m sure I made the right
choice in coming to Dartmouth.>>First, I was kind of sad because I
was, like, saying goodbye to my family, but then I was really excited
to sort of build a new family. So it really gave you a good sense of
kind of community and family at Dartmouth.>>I love Dartmouth. That’s it. Let’s sign off on that already.>>I love Dartmouth.>>Already.

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