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– Today, I have Ashley here from the blog, ‘The Lazy Travelers’. And she is going to give us some tips on how to navigate London,
with young children. Because I have no children and I have absolutely no
experience in this topic, I’ve brought the expert here to help. Okay, so Ashley, what’s
your first tip for people who are coming to visit
London with young children? – So, if you’re using a
stroller, or a buggy or a pram, which is what they call
it here in the U.K., I really recommend, just
kind of, walking everywhere. The Tube isn’t super
buggy-friendly, to be honest. So I personally avoid it. I just give myself extra time so I can walk wherever I need to go. And it’s, actually, a really nice way to see more of the city and kind of get your
lay-of-the-land, a little bit. And it just makes it easier. – Okay, and what about if you want to take an Uber or a taxi,
when you have a pram? – Honestly, the black
cabs here, are amazing. Because all you have to
do is push your buggy right into the back. You pop on the brake and you can keep your baby seated in their stroller. So that’s what I tend to do, if I really need to take a taxi. Ubers can be a little bit more
difficult and more of a pain. So I just avoid them. – So London’s museums are
the absolute best with kids. Because a lot of them have
dedicated, soft-play space or interactive museums for younger ones. Some of my favorites are
The Natural History Museum and the Science Museum
which is right next door. Those are both down in Kensington. We also really like the
National Maritime Museum which is out in Greenwich. And the Transport Museum in
Covent Garden is amazing. And it’s also in a really fun neighborhood so there’s lots to do
for the whole family, before and after the museum. The great thing about the museums here is that most of them are totally
free for the whole family. And the ones that do charge admission, are still free for kids under twelve. – Amazing. So Ashley, how
family-friendly, would you say, that the restaurants scene is here? – So, you can definitely dine
out with your kids in London. I’ve actually found it to be
one of the most family-friendly restaurant scenes, out of
anywhere that we’ve visited. Basically, anytime from lunch
and brunch, is really best. As long as you go before five PM, I’ve never had a problem,
or felt unwelcomed. Like anywhere, I would maybe avoid going to anything that’s
super high-end or fancy, unless your kids are older
or really well-behaved, which my toddler’s just
not quite there yet. But, yeah, for the most part, if you’re not trying to go out
to dinner with little kids, I find it to be really easy and doable. – And what about the pub scene here? – Totally family-friendly. Definitely, don’t skip
having a pint at a pub, just because you’re here with your kids. I actually find it to be, not only that they don’t mind kids, they’re actually very welcoming. It’s kind of something that you do with your family on the weekends. And so Saturdays, and especially Sundays, for a roast, you’ll see
the whole family there, again, until about maybe five PM, you can get away with going to the pub. – Also, you’ve brought Margo to afternoon teas before, right? – Yeah, quite a few. We’ve done some more casual options and we’ve done some higher-end,
kind of, fancy teas. And she’s always been
welcomed with open arms. And a lot of them also have
toddler-friendly meal options. So that’s worth asking too. – Okay, I always get
people asking me for ideas for activities and sights to see that are family-friendly. What are your thoughts on that? – So if you’re a first-timer
coming to London, with your kids, honestly,
every single thing that you would want to see
is gonna be family-friendly. All of the museums, for the
most part, are great for kids. The London Eye, Buckingham Palace, there’s really not too
much that you can’t do because you have your kids with you. – I guess, also, just thinking
about the major attractions, most of them will have
child tickets, right? So if they have child tickets available, then it must be a pretty
family-friendly thing to do. – Yep, exactly. And a lot of them,
maybe the cutoff will be under fives are free, under twelves are free a lot of the time. So sometimes it’s not even a discount, they’re just totally free. – I like that. What are some of your favorite
neighborhoods to explore, that you think are, like
really, family-friendly? – So we have Notting Hill, Hampstead Heath and the surrounding village. Hampstead Heath has a huge
park, so it’s great with kids. And Chelsea is also
really, family-friendly. In any of those, you’re not
gonna feel like you stick out just because you have your buggy with you. There’s tons of families
that live around there. And they also have wider
sidewalks, for the most part. So it’s a little bit easier to navigate than say the windy and cobblestone streets over in Soho, or something. So if you’re worried about
unpredictable weather in London, which is a totally valid concern, really, you just need what
you would take with you to survive a rainy day and
still be pretty comfortable. So, I always have my
rain cover for my buggy. Bring an extra umbrella, or two. And I would pack a backup outfit, just in case things really go awry, so that you don’t have a
soggy kid with you all day. But, for the most part,
that’s not something that you need to change your plans or be super worried about. – Awesome. Thank you so much, Ashley, for coming on and sharing your expertise. It is very welcome, considering
I have absolutely none. And you’re the person I always go to when people ask me questions
about kid stuff in London. So thanks for coming on. – Thank you. – Yay! Make sure you check out
‘The Lazy Travelers’. The blog and the Instagram. I’ll put links to both of those down in the description box. Especially, because you have a lot of tips for families and people
traveling with young children, on the blog, don’t you? – For sure. And not just in London. We have some stuff for all over Europe. – Perfect. So go check that out. If you want some more
London tips, make sure that you subscribe to the
‘Love and London’ channel. I have new videos that
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