Top 10 Ancient Archaeological Sites That Could REWRITE History

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Top 10 Sites That Could REWRITE History… Before we get started, though, I just want
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channel out, because he is the one playing. Soo… the top 10 ancient sites that can rewrite
history….some of these have been found, others lay awaiting discovery. 10 – Stone Henge
We haven’t yet solved the mystery of Stonge Henge, a prehistoric stone circle made of
13 ft, 60 thousand pound stones situated on the Salisbury Plains in England. The stones date back to around 2400 BC, at
which time all historical knowledge suggests that humans would not have had the man power
to construct such a site. The area has been a focus of archeological
interest for hundreds of years, and perhaps one day we will finally have an answer as
to how and why the stones are there. This answer may well change what we know about
our ancestors, or feed into a few wilder conspiracies that could change what we know about the planet. Predating Stonehenge by 6,000 years, we have
the Gobekli Tepe at number 9. The discovery of the Gobekli Tepe in Turkey
changed history. Prior to the discovery of the 11 thousand
year old structure, humans were thought to have been a lot more primitive than they must
have been to make this building. The ruins are so old that they pre-date the
Pyramids, as well as simple things like villages, pottery, domestic animals and agriculture. The area is being excavated by archeologists,
led by German Klaus Schmidt, and could one day tell us more about our ancestors and what
they were up to in Turkey. 8 – Antikythera Mechanism
The Antikythera Mechanism was found in 1900 in the sunken wreckage of ancient Greek Ship,
found off the coast of Crete. The device was largely ignored for 75 years
and not decoded until around 2006. The Device changed the way we perceived our
ancestors as it seems they were much more intelligent than they thought. Made thousands of years before its discovery,
the device is considered to be the worlds first computer. The device calculated celestial information
including phases of the moon and luni solar calendars. The mechanism was so advance, nothing came
close to it in terms of tech for at least another 1,500 years. The discovery goes to show that the middle
ages really were harmful to human progression and that the Ancient Greeks were one of the
smartest civilisations. How can we apply what we know now to our life
today? 7 – Cleopatra’s Tomb
Cleopatra’s Tomb has been missing in action for over 2,000 years. We know from studying ancient Egypt that she
was supposed to be the last pharaoh and she has been much discussed in history as a beauty
and temptress. Historically, it is said that the last Queen
of Egypt killed her self, some say by encouraging a poisonous snake to bite her, however nobody
has ever found her tomb. Until Cleopatra’s tomb is found…if indeed
it ever is… history surrounding one of the most famous Queens of all time remains murky. If and when it is found, who knows what ancient
secrets will be uncovered with it. 6 – The Lost City of Atlantis
The illusive Lost City of Atlantis was discussed by the otherwise credible Greek Philopshopher,
Plato. Atlantis was said to be a thriving city that
had fallen upon misfortune and sunk. The location given by Plato can these days
be traced to the Straits of Gibraltar, the sea separating Spain and Africa. The city has been much searched for, but has
yet to be found, leading many historians to write it off as myth. However, if it were to be found, the site
could totally re-write history and we could come across a missing civilisation that at
present we know nothing about. 5 – Khatt Shebib
The Khatt Shebib is a 93 mile long ancient wall in Jordan and archeologists are puzzled
by questions of who could have built it and what purpose it serves. The wall was first spotted by British Diplomat,
Sir Alec Kirkbride, who was flying over the country. When archeologists began studying the site,
they found an area where two walls ran together side by side. Remains of two towers have also been found,
that have allowed archeologists to predict it was built somewhere between 300 BC and
600 AD…which is almost a 1000 year window. The wall is small in height, meaning it probably
wasn’t used for defence… but once again, the true purpose remains a total history. The Khatt Shebib isn’t the only strange
structure in Jordan…. 4 – Giant Circles
These giant stone circles are a huge mystery that have baffled scientists and archeologists. Found in lava fields, these stone structures
vary between circular, wheel looking shapes, kites and walls. They are at least 2000 years old and researches
have no idea who built them and why – they are definitely too low to pen animals. What is puzzling archeologists is the near
perfect shape of the circles, which would have been near on impossible to create back
in those days. As of yet, we don’t have an answer here…
but when we do, it could be a game changer. 3 – Nazca Lines
The Nazca lines are giant design motifs etched into the ground south of Lima in Peru. As of the filming of this video, new lines
are still being discovered and people are baffled by them. The Geoglyphs date back from around 500 BCE
to 200 CE and archeologists are still baffled as to how and why they are there and are working
on an answer. Of course, as with all things we cant explain
yet, some conspiracists are pointing to aliens. 2 – Barringer Meteroite Crater
This excites me the most! The Barringer Meteroite Crater in Winslow
Arizona formed 50 thousand years ago. Scientists are studying the crater with keen
interest as they probe the dent to find out more about our own planetary history and also
for clues about our wider universe. Obviously a meteorite is a foreign body rock
from out of space. Crashing into earth – there is a lot to
be discovered about space matter. Also, refining the age of the impact will
help geologists understand what else was going on on earth at the time. 1 – Ancient Soil Under Greenland Ice Sheet
Okay, forget concrete, wood and stone buildings….the building blocks of nature are concealing some
major secrets that could re-write our history and what we know about the earth…we aren’t
just talking learning what the world was like a few thousand or even hundreds of thousands
of years ago – the soil under the Greenland ice sheet dates back 2.7 Million, so beyond
the dawn of man kind. This discovery has lead to our re-evaluation
of the ice sheet, that we now know has never fully melted, but is at risk of melting now
due to human activity. Beyond that, studying soil from so long ago
can seriously aid scientists in understanding the formation of our planet….which has the
potentiality to rewrite history as we know it. So that was the Top 10 Archeological sites
that could re-write history.


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