I’m sure Cod fans wouldn’t mind because it’s certainly one of the best objects in cod history for me It was so good that it got the number two spot today Despite how good a gun is in Call of Duty sometimes the iron sights. They just suck And thankfully there’s a solution for that optic Attachments were first introduced in cod4 and have since expanded to be one of the most important aspects of the entire multiplayer But what what optics well what ones arise above the rest and what ones are the most heavily used in their respective games? What is up? Everybody? Chaos here. Welcome to the cod history series And today we are gonna be taking a look at my personal picks for the 10 best optic attachments in Call of Duty So let me know which of these use the most which one you use the most now drop a like make sure you’re subscribed Turn on the notifications and here we go Up first today at number 10 is the thermal scope and call of duty ghosts now The thermal has been in quite a few call of duty games with varying levels of actual helpfulness the modern warfare 3 thermal scope in Particular comes to mind when talking about crappy sights But one of the best thermal sights we’ve had in cod was the ghost version Now many thermal sights have the problem of being too bright or not illuminating enemies good enough And it makes them difficult to track and overall. It’s really just not any more helpful than a normal optic the ghost thermal sight However was available in the sniper rifles and was one of the most used optics in the class This sight kept the most black and white style of the modern warfare thermal sights But made enemy bodies much more obvious and easy to see and in a game like Call of Duty ghosts where sometimes the lighting and the color scheme could Get annoying at range. This site was extremely helpful I think it’s a good way to get today’s video going at number 9 we have the MMS in black ops 2 now bo2 introduced a lot of new optics to the cod series and it updated a lot of the older ones to how they are today one of the new sights that Was added was the MMS or the millimeter scanner which was often used by campers and people hunting other campers every two to three seconds the MMS would show outlines of any stationary or slow-moving enemies which would allow you to track people through walls, which was very helpful in modes like Search and Destroy and Hardpoint where people like to play slow and methodical and close to the objective Now this site would also zoom in less than normal red dot sights making it good for close-range combat Although it struggled in mid in long range now the MMS also featured very thin outlines allowing for improved peripheral vision and very little Obstruction a lot of people hated it because of how annoying it could be GT I mean it was to be tracked honestly But others loved it because it was a direct counter to campers and more passive playstyles If you’re enjoying the content, make sure to drop a like on the video make sure you subscribe to the channel with post notifications on so you always get alerted when a new video goes up and you can Get that elusive first comment Next up is the VMC an infinite warfare Not a lot of people actually remember the attachments in infinite warfare, and I don’t really blame you for that But there were actually some good ones to talk about one of the standouts Was the VMC which was kind of a futuristic version of the variable zoom site from previous games and it was arguably the best version of all of them It was a very clear non-obstructive site that you could toggle between close and long-range Visibility making it very helpful on assault rifle and LMGs for players who like to play defensively and hold down positions while still being ready For close-range combat or camping? the VMC site was definitely one of the best sites in infinite warfare other than the standard red dot and I think I Think it gets and I kept thinking it’s that number a spot I think that’s a good spot for it next up and I know I’m gonna get some hate board But we have to put it on here Okay, the target finder in bo2 one of the most hated optics in cata history it was introduced in black ops 2 and Thankfully it hasn’t come back ever since this site had a relatively low zoom when aiming down sights But what made it so annoying was the fact that it would put a big fat obvious red diamond around any enemy who came into view Even if it was just for a couple Pixels putting a target finder on an LMG sitting in a corner and just aiming down sights into a hot spot became a pretty common Strategy because of how powerful it was and the LSAT with the target finder Became a meme in the black ops 2 community due to how strong it was But how much it was looked down upon the target finder was a campers best friend in the majority of the community hated it But this isn’t a list of the most loved optics This is a list of the best optics and the target finder was certainly one of the best around after all That’s why people hated it so much it. Was that good at number six. We have the red dot sight in advanced warfare Everybody knows what a red dot sight is they’ve appeared in pretty much every Call of Duty game however when making advanced warfare sledgehammer did something a little different with it rather than doing a traditional full circle or oval with the border they decided to take the Top border off and make the sides thinner leaving the red dot to kind of float by itself in the middle now this was probably just intended to be an aesthetic change to make the attachment fit with the futuristic setting but it actually Greatly improved the traditional red dot sight and it really served as an early version of the fan-favorite Ehlo sight which black ops 3 would introduce the following year So you guys tell me do you prefer the aw red dot sight or the black ops 3 II low Speaking of black ops 3 let’s crack into top-5 mode here with the thermal sight Now the black ops series has reworked the thermal sight quite a few times and black ops 1 was a bunch of gray hot garbage from Black Ops 2 It was swapped to being a weird combo of green and orange but in bo3 it Found its sweet spot the bo3 thermal sight used a dark blue background when aiming down sights with an orange outline and it filled out the enemies plus it had dozens and dozens of reticles for you to choose from and make the site easier for you to use the Thermal sights were often used by snipers and occasionally some LMG players and as far as thermal sights going Cod games This is the way they should all be Enough with all the flat gray coloring that’s difficult to see through just go with the blue and orange. It’s crazy How much of a difference can be made just by changing the colors around a little bit? Let’s jump back to black ops 2 at number four and we go with the holographic sight now this this site didn’t debut in black ops 2 it was greatly improved upon and it gave us the format that just about every Cod game uses now though The holographic sight has always been a middle ground between the red dot and the akon but many players Often complain that it was too awkward or clunky looking in modern warfare 2 & 3 so people didn’t really use it but in black ops 2 Treyarch reworked the site to be much more coherent and helpful better serving its role as a close Mid-range optic the bo2 holographic sight was a fan favorite and nowadays pretty much all Holographic sight styles and cod at least are modeled after the bo2 version speaking of a Cox And number three we have the ACOG sight in mw2 and mw3 Now it was first introduced in cod4 But I think we can all agree If that one wasn’t that great sure it gave you some extra zoom when aiming down the sides But the cod4 ACOG was really fat and obstructed. So when they brought it back in modern warfare 2 Infinity Ward reworked its look keeping the zoom and making the scope itself thinner and easier to see through it Created a more helpful sight I guess and then a copy pasted right over to modern warfare 3 a couple years later and today It’s pretty much expected of any new Call of Duty game But if I had to pick a favorite version of the ACOG I’m going to have to go back to the modern warfare 2 and modern warfare 3 Versions this thing worked so well with just about any gun in the game and people went to town with it So I got to ask you what is your favorite gun in modern warfare 2 or 3? To run their version of the ACOG sight on at number 2. We talked briefly about it earlier in the video the eloah site in black ops 3 now it was a period Well it first appeared in bo3 but then it was brought back an infinite warfare But I think we can all agree that the bo3 version was superior. Thanks to its more minimalistic design The elo site was just like the red dot sight but even smaller Was slightly less zoom rather than give you that full optic the elo would just give you a little yellow dot pop-up without the full board or a border of the normal site So it gave you better Peripheral vision and it made it where you didn’t really have to worry about missing targets because of a bulky sight This thing was used extensively in competitive play thanks to its openness and how much more precise it allowed The user to be it would be kind of hard to bring something like this into other Cod games since it’s a pretty futuristic Design, but I’m sure Cod fans wouldn’t mind because it’s certainly one of the best optics in cod history for me It was so good that it got the number 2 spot today If you’re enjoying the content, make sure to drop a like on the video Make sure you subscribe to the channel with post Notifications on so you always get alerted when a new video goes up and you can get that elusive first comment Sometimes simple is the best at number one I’m gonna go with the red dot sight and cod4 It’s where it all started the first optic attachment You were allowed to throw on your gun in Call of duty multiplayer this thing it was awesome The red dot sight was introduced in cod4 and was unlocked after getting 25 kills with any primary weapons Excluding a sniper rifles you guys know the drill He replaced her iron sights with a red dot display which greatly increased your peripheral vision and was much less Obstructive than any of the default iron sights in the game the red dot sight was a hit with players in essence been brought back in every single Call of Duty game to date either as The red dot sight or as a reflex sight So while you may prefer a different? Version of the red dot you can let me know what that version is in the comment section I’m going to give the OG red dot the number one spot on the list. Thanks to how heavily used It wasn’t caught for and how massive of an impact it had on the future of the series in its customization system As a whole and there you go guys. Those are my picks for the 10 best optics in cod history There’s a lot more out there. It’s a huge list So if you can think of one that I missed that you felt was deserving to be on this list You’ll let me know in the comments section as always if you guys enjoy this series and you enjoy the channel Make sure you take a second subscribe drop that like make sure you turn on those post notifications So you never miss an upload and I’ll see you soon

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