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Productions Presents… – The best cheap eats
on the Las Vegas strip in Las Vegas, Nevada. I’m Chris, this is my
traveling panda Topher, and in this video we’re
going to be showing you some of the best places
to eat in this city that won’t break your wallet. By the way, we made Yellow Productions. We do travel guides that are fun, informative, and entertaining. And if you’re new here you might want to consider subscribing
for new videos every week. But the first place
we’re going to talk about that is cheap and great is right here, In-N-Out Burger. In-N-Out Burger recently opened a location in the Las Vegas strip. It is in the Linq Plaza. Th Linq is the plaza that has
the really big Ferris wheel. In-N-Out Burger is a California icon. Previously, they hadn’t
had any on the strip. I really love the double double. It’s a double cheeseburger,
fries, and drink for like seven bucks, super cheap. They’ve also got a store out in front where you can get the company merchandise. Als, in the Linq, if I
pan over here to the left, another place from LA, there’s a place right
here called Sprinkles. Sprinkles is famous for its cupcakes. They are kinda who made the
red velvet cupcakes famous. The cupcakes are about $3.50, but some of the cheapest dessert that you’re gonna find on
the Las Vegas strip, too. In addition to cupcakes,
they have an ice cream place. You can get a Sprinkles
cupcake ice cream Sundae, where they take the cupcake
and they cut it in half and they put ice cream in the middle. Super delicious. Give it a try when you’re on the strip. For the rest of this video, I’m
not gonna go from the middle or in a particular order
from best to worst, but the order I’m gonna go in is starting from the sort of Mandalay Bay side of the strip, then down
to the Circus Circus side. So that’s how we’re gonna work it. All right, so I’ll see you at the place closest to the Mandalay Bay. The second best hamburger in Las Vegas is at Shake Shake. This is a chain from New York, and it is in the NYNY Hotel
right in the Las Vegas strip. They’re famous for their Shack burger. I also like this place because you can get cheese with the fries. But being called Shake Shake, they are famous for their shakes. The seasonal shake today
was the red velvet shake, and mmm. It is a vanilla custard shake with actual real bits of red velvet cake inside of it. It is pretty good. That shake is very rich. And the double shack
burger, two pieces of meat, lettuce, tomato, let’s go ahead and dive into this, looks pretty good. Mmm. That’s a good burger. Now, I’m partial to In-N-Out Burger. That’s being a California native, I love it in the appropriate shirt, I bought it at the company store that you just saw previously. But the Shack burger, really good meat. Really juicy. More meat than on the In-N-Out burger, and a nice soft bun. People who love the Shake
Shack say their favorite things about is is the meat and the bun. They have these waffle
cut fries, cheese sauce. Pretty darn good. Not as cheap is Shake Shack as In-N-Out. The burger, $8.00. The french fries with cheese sauce, $4.00. The red velvet shake, $5.00. And the iced tea was about three bucks. All in total, $23.00 for
the shake shack meal, but still cheap compared to
a lot of the other things on the Las Vegas strip. While you’re at the NYNY, a
couple other cheap eats inside. There’s a Jewish deli,
a New York Jewish deli, that have really good pastrami sandwiches. I think it’s about 10 bucks
for the pastrami sandwich. One of my favorite things to eat here, the pastrami, super juicy and tender. Comes on rye bread, mustard,
served with a pickle. They also either have chicken
noodle or matzah ball soup. If you’re not in the mood for pastrami, then you can head to the pizza restaurant just around the corner. Some of my favorite pizza in Las Vegas is located just inside the NYNY hotel. It’s from Sirroco’s Pizza. And they’ve got the regular
New York style pizza, but they’ve also got the
square pan Sicilian style pizza with the sausage that’s New York style. Not little balls, but kinda
cut up like pepperoni. Get the chili pepper and garlic salt, mmm. Really good pizza, really good taste. And then just next to the NYNY Hotel, in the new, they call it like the park, it’s the new T-Mobile arena, there’s an outlet of
the chain called Bruxie. Bruxie specializes in waffle sandwiches. They actually started up in Orange County in the city of Orange. But this Bruxie is a good
representative of their chain, and you should check out, their
probably most famous thing is the fried chicken and waffle sandwich. Get it with the maple syrup, you’ll really thank me for it later. They also have really good shakes and really good custard ice
cream over there as well. And dessert waffle sandwiches too. Across the street from
the Monte Carlo Hotel, check out the newly opened
Boulevard Food Court. Yes, there’s pizza in here too, but the most promising and tasty place looks to be El Dorado
express Mexican street tacos for about three bucks each, specializing in the Al Pastor. Got the pork rotating here and cooking. Looks pretty good, and they are open 24/7. Another one of my must eats when I’m at Las Vegas on the strip is at Jean Phillippe Patisserie. They have delicious deserts. This is a raspberry tart. It’s $8.00, while not super super cheap, I think it’s a great value for what it is. They have sandwiches, they have danishes. This is what it’s called,
Jean Phillippe Patisserie. They have two locations. One, that I’m at right here,
it’s in the Aria Hotel. And I like this one the
best because it has kinda the most seating and it’s
usually the least crowded. I also really enjoy their utensils. These, they look like
they’re metal, don’t they? But they’re actually plastic. Interesting. And of course, because
I’m a little kid at heart, in addition to my raspberry
tart, I get a cup of milk. I usually stop at Jean Phillippe, not just once on a trip,
but multiple times. So this is my first one on this trip, but I’ll probably be eating at the one at the Bellagio, too, just
for completeness sake. Continuing the pizza trend, there’s a pretty good cheap pizza place inside the Aria hotel. It’s the Five 50 Pizza Bar. They’ve got $6.00 or
$7.00 slices of pizza. My favorite is the Gotham pizza. It’s basically a meat lover’s pizza, and it’s cool because the pizzas are fired in the wood burning oven. The Cosmopolitan Hotel has
two solid cheap eats options. The first one is Eggslut,
it’s up on the second floor. They specialize in bacon,
egg, and cheese sandwiches. They’ve also got this
thing called the slut, which is an egg cooked
in this little glass jar. Eight bucks will get you the sandwich, pretty cheap and tasty. They’re open until 7:00pm. Get there early but not too early, because they can have 30
minute waits at breakfast time. And on the third floor,
just down this hallway next to the Blue Ribbon and the elevator, is this place called Secret Pizza. It’s a secret because you
won’t find it on any maps, and there’s no sign. But they’ve got pretty tasty $6.00 pizza, and you can eat it back out in the lobby right in front of the hallway. My favorite cheap and tasty sandwich place on the Las Vegas strip
is the Earl of Sandwich. They’ve got three locations. Planet Hollywood, Caesar’s
Palace, and at The Palms. I like the one in Planet
Hollywood the best. It’s cheaper than the
one at Caesar’s Palace, and they have a really good seating area. The sandwiches are about $6.00 or $7.00. They come wrapped up in
these little gold packages. There’s two that I like. I like the Earl’s club, so I’ll go ahead and unwrap this and
show you this one first. What’s really great about
all their sandwiches is that they’re all
hot, toasted sandwiches. Look see, so you can see this. And they’re not super big,
but they’re warm, fresh. I think the bread makes
them really delicious. This is the club. It’s got lettuce, tomato, turkey, bacon, and some of their really good kind of like thousand island-ish dressing. Mmm. Super good. Super flavorful. And I also like a sandwich that they call the holiday turkey sandwich. This sandwich has turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce. Now, if you wonder, is Chris really gonna eat two sandwiches? The answer is that I love these sandwiches so much that I will. And they often have coupons
in the local magazines, the local tourist magazines,
and if you pick it up… I have a coupon, it was
two for one sandwiches, buy one get one free. So for $12 I got a drink, barbecue chips, and two sandwiches. This is probably the
cheapest and tastiest thing you’re gonna eat on the Las Vegas strip. Definitely check it out
in Planet Hollywood. It’s just inside from
two other cheap places that are on the outside. Pink’s Hot Dogs and Pin-Up Pizza. Pin-Up Pizza sells these really cheap, big slices of pizza. Pink’s Hot Dogs, a chain from LA, sells hot dogs. They’ve got lots of
different styles of hot dogs. Their hot dogs start at about $4.50, but go up from there
depending on how fancy of a hot dog you get. They’re famous, probably,
for their chili dogs. So if you’re gonna go to Pink’s, make sure you get one
that has chili on it. Another one of my favorite
bakeries on the Las Vegas strip is Paris Baguette, located
inside the Venetian Hotel in St. Mark’s Square. It’s very interested
because it’s a French bakery in a Italian themed hotel,
owned by a Korean company. But they make some pretty good pastries. My favorites, the strawberry ones. I got the strawberry tart. Seven bucks, a little
pile of strawberry heaven. In addition to cakes and things like that, they’ve got more bread type pastries, and sandwiches too. Inside the Fashion Show Mall, Las Vegas’ biggest shopping center, is a cornucopia of cheap eats. Up on the third floor is the food court, with about 13 different
cheap eats choices. But I think the best one,
if you’re gonna eat up here, is The Habit, another burger
chain from California. The Habit started in Santa Barbara. I really enjoy The Habit. Their meat is char-grilled, so it has a nice char-y taste on it, and get these Santa Barbara style. It comes on grilled sourdough
bread with avocado as well. Located out in front of the shopping mall is Luke’s Lobster. They specialize in lobster rolls, and while the lobster
rolls are never cheap, they’re $17.00 for the lobster roll, they have a cheap, $10 shrimp roll. They’ve also got clam
chowder, grilled cheese, and they got a few seats in the back of this little shack. If you’re craving some
authentic Tijuana style tacos, just at the foot of the Encore Hotel, check out Tacos El Gordo, a taco chain straight
from Tijuana, Mexico. The line out the door can’t be wrong. Tacos here, about $2.50. Super tasty, kinda greasy. One of their specialties
is Tacos Al Pastor. It’s made of meat cooked
on this rotating spit kind of like Greek Gyros. Pretty delicious, definitely
get the Tacos Al Pastor if you come to Tacos El Gordo. Finally, on the north end of the strip, just across from Circus
Circus, is the Peppermill, a 24/7 classic Las Vegas diner selling breakfast 24 hours a day, this place is about as
Vegas as Vegas gets. So if you want to
experience classic Vegas, check it out. Even their advertising
says, classic Vegas dining. If you’re not in the mood for food, but you are for drinks,
check out their retro lounge, the Fireside Lounge in the back. No windows, truly Vegas. Thanks for watching. If you enjoyed this video, please give it a thumbs up below. Or consider subscribing
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