Top 5 foods any German will miss in Japan

Hey guys it’s Cathy Cat… This time in German! There are subtitles, click them on at the gear symbol Today we will talk about 5 foods that Germans in Japan will definitely crave. Let’s go. There is that one food, where all my German friends agree… We all miss this food terribly here in Japan and that’s… Proper German bread. In Germany, but other parts of Europe as well, we are used to sturdy thick bread, wheat bread and dark rye bread and such. But no, that is actually terribly hard to find in Japan. Generally in normal stores you only find soft squishy bread for toasting. If you want to buy heavy wheat bread you have to really search for it in town… you can’t find it in most places. Especially pumpernickel bread or wholegrain bread doesn’t exist. In Germany I used to think I would NEVER miss that stuff. But once you can’t get it at all, you realize what you’ve been missing. You will miss that stuff once you can’t get it anymore. So only soft white bread or rice for breakfast are the options you get. There isn’t much of a muesli cereal culture here too. And that is why… I miss German bread… And most of all the German pretzels!!! Everywhere in the world Germany tends to have the “sausage country” reputation. Well… we will never live that down. But generally I could tell in Japan that the sausages are totally different. They are tiny, about this size. And they tend to be very fatty. In Japan it’s popular that they have a crunch to them, and that it’s very fatty inside. I think in Germany recently there is a trend towards more lean sausages… less fatt is better. Also taste wise, the stuff here is not what I am used to and many agree. I must confess sausages are the one thing where I am a critical snob. Every time I get served something with Japanese sausages here I make this face… Sometimes I am positively surprised … … but those are generally very expensive. Those you find in normal stores… are not what I am used to really. So I still tend to be skeptical… What also surprised me here a lot are those sausages which are made out of fish. fiAnd many Japanese, especially the older generation… find those great. I personally think that’s not supposed to be in a sausage… Well that must be my culture. I mentioned this briefly when I talked about German bread… In Germany we value our muesli cereals. If you are used to a super healthy, whole-grain cereal in the mornings… Those things are hard to get here too. In Japan I can see a lot of American cereals, which contain a lot of sugar. Or cereal that is loaded in nuts. That’s lethal for people who have nut allergies like me. A nice cereal with dried fruits is either overpriced or just terribly hard to find. You really have to search around Japan for that stuff. If you have a favorite type of cereal, maybe bring it with you when you come So you have it at the start and then slowly can get used to other things. The only healthy option I can find in normal supermarkets is porridge, so oatmeal. Those are easy to find. The other things are generally… a pain to find. So you have to switch to rice or white bread… We are still staying a little with breakfast. Or for those who tend to get upset stomachs easily and you fix it with rusks… Here comes the issue: rusk and wholemeal crisp bread… are also not sold in normal stores. You have to go to some very special stores. I have never seen those in a normal store. Many Germans tend to fix little stomach upsets with rusk because the food here is generally very different. But you won’t get salty (non-oily) rusk here. If you’re worried, bring some German rusk with you. My aunt did that She brought some along. And indeed someone of us got an upset stomach and it helped We were grateful it was there. There are several types of dried bread that we are used to in Europe that are hard to get your hands on. Spaetzle, Schupfnudeln, Dampfnudeln… also those dough type foods are some of my favorite to eat when I go visit Germany. You can’t buy those in Japan at all. Similarly, some things you know in your country will be available in Japan BUT… in a different way. For example cheesecake. In Japan you will get the American style cheesecake. The thick German, fatty cheesecake is not that easy in Japan to get. Some foods don’t exist here at all. Or they exist differently from what you are used to. Well, I guess we can live with that, right? Japanese food has a great variety of dishes, There are some great foods that you will never have tried! So generally when you come to Japan, you will not have to miss anything too much. But if you live here for a prolonged amount of time, like me… After many years you will start to miss some German things that you used to eat Things you expected to get everywhere and then realized that’s not the case. For example cheese. Cheese is very expensive in Japan, if you get a proper type of cheese. Many foreigners miss proper cheese a lot in Japan. There are things you can’t get alright, but instead there will be other lovely dishes you can try here. You won’t have to starve in Japan. Those were the 5 things you can’t get as German in Japan and will start to miss. I hope… you have thought of something you will miss if you’re not in your country for a while. If so, let me know in the comment box below. So we can share those things. Also if you see a comment where you’re like “OMG he or she gets me!” Give them a like so we can see their comments on top. I wish you a lovely day. That’s it from Ask Japanese today. 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