Top 5 Last Minute Holiday Deals of 2018 (Arrive in time for Christmas!)

– I have the top five
holiday gift ideas 2018. All of these items are on sale and they’re coming right up. (cash register ringing) (rhythmic beeping) Hi, I’m the YouTube
Deal Guy, Matt Granite. I’m still awkwardly holding
a RoboVac under the table because why not? I find the biggest deals on the planet. By the way, welcome back. I know a lot of you join me
during the holiday season, you’ve stuck around, I
really appreciate it. I’ve compiled a list of the five hottest
holiday deals right now. These are the items that are trending. What I’ve done is I’ve
tried to find a deal on each of the items to ensure
that you can get your items delivered in time for Christmas or if you’re not celebrating, you just want to treat yourself. These are five items that
could sell out in an instant and I wanna make sure you
get hooked up right now. So, when it comes to the RoboVac, as we count down the deals, let’s start with this
beauty in the top five spot. The Coredy RoboVac that I found typically retails for about 350
bucks, extremely well rated and unlike the Roomba or the iRobot, this, instead of being an $800
price is down to 229. It mops and vacuums which
makes this wonderful if you live with pets or have a new baby crawling around on the floor like I do. This is phenomenal, wonderful
if you live with allergies. While a vacuum is not
really a sexy holiday gift, a RoboVac, awesome grab. I’ve created a link to that deal located right under the video screen. In the number four spot, action cams. And sometimes it actually
pays to go off-brand, rather than Roomba I went to Coredy. Rather than GoPro, I went to Z-Edge. Z-Edge is actually a really big brand now and, this, at under 70 bucks is awesome. I unboxed this, I’ve used this and I’ve captured some phenomenal footage. It’s IP68 waterproof, you get
170 degrees field of view. Really good megapixel
camera, you can record in 4K, slow-mo, beautiful display, comes with all of the accessories you would need and to find this at under 70 bucks. Again, that link located
right under the video screen. Before, we go back to tech,
if you have some women to shop for on your holiday gift list, my wife, not that you’d
be shopping for my wife, that’d be awkward, but
your wife, your girlfriend, a grandmother, aunt or yourself. I really want to highlight
this deal right now because this has been making
its rounds on QVC and HSN. It’s the Pur-Well beauty line. Hugely popular, generally,
130 or 140 bucks will get you these three products. The deal that I found, under 60. It’s a great gift set. You get the clinically-proven
Age Defying Moisturizer that will revive skin this Winter. You get the Ageless Eye Revitalizer which is apparently a top
way to combat wrinkles and under eye dark circles. It has cucumber extract, those other things that
get people excited. And then the award winning
Vitamin C Facial Serum. This will also turn back the hands of time and with the price of under 60 bucks, that’s a great item on
the holiday gift list that is under 60 bucks. Next item, just because I
still get requests for these, did a review of these not too long ago, people looking for over
the ear headphones. So, yep, you could
totally by Bose, awesome. I think Beats by Dre are overpriced. If you are just looking for
an active noise canceling over the ear pair of
headphones that does it all for a fraction of the price, these have 25 hours worth of battery life instead of the eight you
typically get from a competitor. You get all of the accessories, a beautiful carrying case
and some unprecedented audio. The bass is amazing, the treble. Put this through all sorts of test, been using these for a year. I actually bought these on Prime Day and I could not be happier. If you are looking to cut
your costs by $100 today, this is an amazing deal. In the fifth spot, there
are some great deals tied to Google Home products
and Amazon Echo devices. Still very high in
demand if you want those. If you are tight on a budget, you can usually score an
Echo Dot for under 30 bucks, depending on what week
the deals happen to run. But, one thing for roughly the same price that I’m going to include right here is something that I unboxed and profiled. I’m just really happy with
it and it’s still $25. It’s a wireless charger. If you think of all of the tech under our Christmas
tree this time of year, if you are looking for a
fast, wireless charger, you’re someone that sleeps
with your smartphone as an alarm clock or on a nightstand or you use this while you’re cooking, this is a really, not
that you would cock this, but you are cooking and you have your smartphone
on the counter. (clicking) Reading recipes, I’ve done it. This is a great grab. It works with Apple and Android devices. It is a great way to get
that fast, wireless charge. It has a cooling fan built in. I’ve been really happy with mine and at under 30 bucks,
this is just another item that you can add to
your holiday gift list. You can find all of these
five deals right now by clicking the link below and expanding the video description box to reveal all of the links below. I’m just so excited
sometimes I forget words and I want to really
thank you for watching. Of course, I’ll be profiling
more deal drops as they happen. We’ve got clearance deals
right around the corner and some really, really
exciting times coming up with the Consumer Electronics Show. I’m gonna be there this year. I’m gonna do a live tour, so I can take you behind the scenes. And I want to thank you for watching. If there are any items that
you want to see on sale or items that you want me
to hunt down and unbox, so you know whether or
not you want to buy them, be my honor, just leave my a comment. Let me know what you’re looking for and thank you for watching. If you’re not yet
subscribed to this channel, just click on my head right here. That will subscribe you. If you need help turning
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