Hey Youtube Family! It’s your girl Lia
back again with another video and today’s video as you can see from the title is
just my top 5 back to school hairs as well as top 5 hairs if you’re going
anywhere for an extensive period of time. like a mission trip or anything. I wanted
to show you guys the hairs that I would choose if I were going back to school. I
wish was. Would make life a little bit easier but these are just the top hairs
that I would choose. I’ve gotten a lot of questions recently to do a video on my
top 5 fall hairs but I was like I’m doing my crochet hair rankings
video soon that’s probably not a good idea. I’ll probably show them just the
hairs that I would do if I was back to school since we’re in back-to-school
season. Now if I were back in school now if I
was going to school. I went to school what first day of school was probably
like 10 years ago for me in college. And I’m wearing my Hillman shirt but you guy
know I went to NC State back in 2008 was my first day freshman year. I would probably
kill the game if I were to go back now with these hairs. With some of these
hairs that I’m going to talk about today I wouldn’t have looked as sloppy. I’m not gonna say I looked sloppy but I had my days where I wasn’t really slaying the
college game as hard as I could have in the hair department. Now I chose these
hairs because a lot of times in college you’re not around your normal stylist.
When I was in high school I got my hair done a lot and I had my normal lady. I would go to her almost every two weeks and have my hair slayed. Now I went to college I ain’t know nobody. I ain’t have no hair stylist. So sometimes I would try to
push my hairstyles to last until the next time I would go home. Freshman year I went home a lot. Sophomore, junior, senior year I ain’t go home as often. But
if I had to stretch out some of my styles these are the crochet hairstyles
I would wear. And I also wanted to throw mission trips in there because I know a
lot of you guys come to me saying I’m going to Dominican Republic. I’m going to
Africa. I’m going somewhere for almost two months for six weeks to eight weeks
and all this. I need a style that’s gonna last forever. I can’t just do braids and
I want to look different than braids. And I was like I got a lot of people out
there with the heart of service and I appreciate that about my viewership. So
these hairs I also tried to fit in that would work really well for that as well.
So without further ado. These are not in any particular order. These are my top
five hairs that I would choose for any kind of longtime style. Now number one gotta be Outre Bohemian Curl. l I love that hair
because overall that hair is incredible in terms of lasting power. I wore that
hair for six weeks. I could have wear even longer and I think that hair also
looks very very good. That hair is the hair that changed the
crochet hair game for me. Before that hair if you’ve watched any of my videos.
If you’ve been with me for a long time. Before that hair and my crochet hair
journey I wasn’t wearing hairs for that long.
I couldn’t get that long of wear out of that hair. That was at that time the
longest wear that I had ever gotten out of a crochet hair was the six weeks I
worn the Outre bohemian hair. And I was like hold on wait is this a long term
style for me. Could I wear these hairs for a while. This hair is giving me life. So I
love outre bohemian curl. I would recommend that to anybody. I’ve worn it
and loved it. My roommate wore it to Cancun and she loved it. I’ve recommended this hair and a lot of people have come to me and said that they’ve gotten a lot
of wear. So if I was in college and I didn’t have a lot of time in between
styles but I wanted to keep a style looking good I would definitely go with
the Outre Bohemian curl hair. Now number two Freetress Beach Curl hair.
Now that hair I think I might have slept on a little bit. I like the hair. I
didn’t have any complaints with the hair. But I never was woo hoo this is the
best hair ever. This is a long wearing hair but this has been the sleeper hit
hair of my channel. You guys have flooded my DM’s with I have this hair. I
love this hair. I’m trying this hair and every time I see a picture I’m like what
hair is that. And y’all are like the the freetress beach curl girl duh. And I was like why it ain’t look like that on me. Y’all have been killing the game with the Freetress
Beach Curl hair and you guys have been getting a lot of wear out of that hair. I
love that you guys share stories with me with your hair but I have to say the
most shared the most loved hair has been the Freetress Beach Curl hair. You
guys love that curl pattern. I think it was taking a little bit of adjusting for
me to get used to that curl pattern it was a little bit not tighter but it was
a little bit more oh well yea tighter then a lot of the curls that have been
trying. I had tried a lot more droopy-ier kind of looser curls that one was a
little bit tighter. You guys have been loving that hair and you guys have been
rocking that hair. So I would highly suggest that hair because my audience out there has let me know that hair is very long wearing. Number 3 the Freetress Presto Curl hair. Low maintenance as well. Not the lowest of maintenance. I
think the other hairs that I gonna talk about in a minute are a little bit lower
maintenance of a style but I think this hair is a very much so low-maintenance
style. I think it’s very cute. I’ve gotten a lot of questions from you guys because
on the pack of the freetress presto curl hair there was a girl with micro
braids at the root of her hair. So she has micro braids and then it’s the
presto curl and a lot of you guys are confused like what is this. What? Is this
the same hair? Especially a lot of you beginners out there. I’ll do a video for
beginner tips on crochet hair and all that but you guys are kind of confused
about the packaging of that hair. This hair crochet hair is also used for micro
braids, tree braids, invisible boards and all of that. So sometimes the models
on the packs of these hairs are wearing them in the other styles that you can
wear. Of course you can crochet the hair which I do but you can also do those
styles. In college I had a lot of times where I did micro braids. I have not worn
micro braids in probably nine years but that was probably my go-to protective
style for college because it could last you three months. You could wear
them three months and at the time everybody had senegalese or micro braids if they needed to stretch out a style. You hardly ever saw anybody with their
straight hair. Now things have changed now. People be having their lace front sew-in and all that but ten years ago we had to do braids and stuff cause we ain’t have options like that. So these were the types of hairs that you use for that. So
number three presto curl hair. Number four Mane Concept Sassy Curl, Beach curl, Waterfall curl. I’m lumping all the Mane Concepts in together because literally
you can’t go wrong with any Mane Concept hair. I’ve probably only wore I
think the longest that I’ve worn one is six weeks but I think you can get
upwards of eight weeks with these hair. I have a channel so sometimes I take out
hair sooner than the average person would. But I tell you guys in my videos
if I could push the hair a little bit longer. I get itchy. I want to try more
hair. I get like like oh my god I got to try new hair. I’m like over here
like anticipating. I’m ready to take a hair out as soon as I put it in
sometimes because I’m ready to try the next thing. But the mane concept hairs
overall are. I have a mane concept hair in right now and I will let you guys
know this is the Mane Concept Amazon Wave as well as Velvet Wave. I tried two
hairs in one this time because you guys have been asking to see Amazon wave.
Now I don’t know how I feel about this hair because this is literally
day one but I have high hopes that it will join the rest of the Mane Concept
family as one of my top hairs. But only time will tell if this hair is actually
a good hair so stay tuned. Subscribe to my channel so you don’t miss any of my
crochet hair reviews .And my number 5 hair is the Janet collection Havana
Mambo faux locs. Now I love the faux locs. Like I love these. I want to try
more faux locs but you guys flood my comments with different hairs that you
want to try sometimes I get overwhelmed with the options of the faux locs that
are out there. I’m like oh my god are there too many. Is there such thing as
too many faux loc options. But I like this and this is kind of just to
symbolize any braided style. Like I want to try more braided styles because I
think braided style crochet hair look cute. And I think if you want to try a
braided style faux locs is very cute and it’s very long wearing. Make sure they’re
not heavy though. Make sure you’re not feeling like oh my neck is bout to break
with all these faux locs. But if I were in college again faux locs would be my
thing. I would probably do colors. I’d put shells in them. I’d do all kinds of
things. So I think these styles these top 5. These are the hairs that if I could go
back over again and do these these would be the styles that I would wear. They’re so low maintenance. Low maintenance is what you need in college. Low maintenance
without having to wake up in the morning. Sometimes you just roll out of bed and
you go to classes. That’s at least what I did. I didn’t care a lot about how I look
because I was ready to go. I was going to get that degree and I shouldn’t have
been pushing it so hard to get out because adulting is hard. Should have
enjoyed those 4 years as long as I could have. And I also recommend these for mission trips. I think everything I’m saying can
be translated into missions. I know my best friend she volunteered in Dominican
Republic a while ago at an orphanage and she has straight hair at that time and
it’s hot down there and the humidity and so the way she looked when she left
ain’t the same way she looked when she came back. So if you’re going anywhere
where it’s hotter climate crochet hair is a great option too because you don’t
have to worry about sweating it out. A lot of times you guys are like what
about the humidity? What about the heat hitting the hair? Ain’t no issue cause
it’s synthetic fibers. This ain’t going nowhere. The hair structure ain’t really
changing. You would have to do something massive to make the structure of the hair change. So if you’re going to a hotter climate. If you’re going somewhere near
water these hairs I would definitely recommend and definitely say these would be my perfect mission trip, back to school, and just any time you’re going
anywhere for a long extensive period of time and you’re not near
your products this is the hair types that I would choose. Now if you liked
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