Tour Pace University’s Pleasantville Campus

Welcome to Pace University Westchester. Today, we’re going to be taking you around our campus. You’re gonna see so many things, like where we study, eat, hang out with friends, and everything else that makes Pace our home. Right now, I’m on the way to Kessel Student Center, so I’ll see you later. Here in the cafeteria, between the deli the Italian station and the grill, there are so many different options. I saw some sushi I’m going to go eat upstairs with some friends. I’m here at the bookstore picking up a sweatshirt for tonight’s game. Here We have all the Pace gear you could ever imagine and you can purchase books that you’ll need for your classes. What’s great? Is that a percentage of the profits go back to students and scholarship funds. I love coming to Kessel Student Center, where I can eat, do homework, and hang out with friends before class. You got the big-screen TVS You have the pool table and you even have the big comfy couches where you can just sit and chill. Yeah, my internships up here, too. As the Student Development and Campus Activities office, where I’m the marketing intern. So, I do all the promotional work for on-campus events. I’ve got to go to class, guys. I’ll see you later. Bye. So, I’m on my way to class, and every time I stop at the pond I think about the very first time I set foot on campus. I remember seeing everything– From one point of view, I could see the library, I could see Kessel, and I could see Miller. I remember coming and the people being so welcoming and me thinking to myself: This is definitely a place where I could succeed. I’m on my way to clinical lab where as a nursing major, I learn in a real healthcare setting, right here on campus. We use advanced mannequins and simulations to depict real nursing situations. This will help me next semester when I’m working hands-on at a healthcare facility. I just finished reviewing my lesson plan with my professor which I’ll be teaching tomorrow in my second-grade classroom. One of the greatest resources we have at Pace is the TeachLivE avatar program. It’s a simulation program which allows us to interact with virtual Students and prepares us for real classroom experiences. It gives us the ability to work with different types of students and become a better educator. Willcox Hall is home to our Media, Communication, and Visual Arts program. Here, we have four applied majors: the communications major, digital journalism, public relations, and digital cinema and filmmaking. Here, we get hands-on experience using our Mac editing labs, content creation studios, screening room, and sound stages. This sound stage provides Students with the ability to take on any project that they can imagine. All majors have the opportunity to check out professional level equipment So we can complete our projects as we prepare for internships and careers within the industry. Here we are at Dyson Hall. It’s home to our science labs. For nursing majors like me, and especially our science majors, it’s practically our second home. These labs are absolutely beautiful! Here we are in one of Dyson Hall’s research labs. This one’s biology, But we also have chemistry, genetics, physics, and anatomy. This entire program is built around Students working side-by-side with professors. That means you’re doing your own research and getting published while here at Pace University. I’m walking through town where the Pace shuttlebus drops you off. Me and my friends love coming out here to go to all the restaurants.that take our Flex plan dollars. We’re heading over to the Jacob Burns Film Center to go see a movie. One of my friends even has an internship there right now. This is where I get the train down to New York City for my internship. I’m a social media intern for a movie marketing company and I… Think my train’s coming, so I gotta go. We are currently at our Environmental Center, which is one of the most unique spots on campus. At the Environmental Center We have our sheep, pigs, and goats, as well as our birds of prey. It gives the Pace Community a chance to appreciate the environment around us. Home to our environmental studies program, it prepare students for a wide range of careers in working with the environment, as well as with animals. Hey, CeeCee! Could you tell me more about the promotions did last week sure? So, I work at PaceMart, which is a student-run convenience store located in Mortola Library. It’s a really great place to grab a quick Bite to eat or the best cup of coffee on campus. I work at Pace Perk which is located Martin Hall. It’s a late-night option for students, open every day. Whatever you crave late at night, we have there. Working a student-run organization is really beneficial because you really get a sense of how actual business works, from the organizational structure to the day-to-day operations of the business. I love to join my friends as we watch Pace play on their new field. Both our men and women’s sports team play right here at Pace Stadium, over at Finnerty Field, as well as inside the Goldstein Fitness Center. To get ready for this season, athletes can practice and work out in the brand-new Ianniello Field House. As an athlete you’ll love playing on our new turf field and as a fan I always look forward to watching the games under the lights. And if you want to work-out, Goldstein Fitness Center has exactly what you need.There’s a weight room, aerobics room, Swimming pool, indoor track, and more! So, come join us in the stands! On the way to the game, we want you to know about some resident halls we have here on campus. So, I live in Martin Hall, which is the sister building to North Hall. And those are typical communal-style living. We have guys on one side, girls on another, and a shared bathroom by that section. I live in Alumni Hall–this building–as a Resident Assistant. Here, rooms are set up semi-suite style. On the first floor, we have our kiosk. Each floor also has a kitchen and a laundry room where laundry is free. Throughout Alumni we also have thirteen lounges. As a Resident Assistant, I also put on numerous programs and events to get students out of their rooms and into the Pace Community. So, as you can see, we have a lot going on here on campus. We hope that you enjoyed seeing our home. Please free to sign up for a tour. We would love to meet you in person!


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