Tour the Space Station with Thomas Pesquet (French)

Hello everybody I am Thomas Pesquet
on the Space Station for six months doing experiments that can only be done here because on Earth they are impossible.
Here we try to discover new things to advance scientific progress. We also maintain the Space Station
and sometimes we go outside on spacewalks. On Sunday we can take pictures when we have time and share them on social media Six months, a really cool adventure,
I hope it interests you and that you are following us. I will show you my bedroom. There is one on each side, one on the ceiling and one below, mine is here. It is not very big, about the size of a telephone cabin, even if the youngsters do not know what that is. I spend the nights against this wall.
It is very comfy to sleep in weightlessness. OK I will show you the laboratory. The heart of the International Space Station. We can do a 360. There is Sergei working out. Here are Shane and Peggy working on the spacesuits, we will not disturb them. Here is the most important room, the kitchen. This is where eat together. Here we have chocolate. Sometimes we have some fresh fruit. Here are the sauces, and tortillas that we use as plates to hold everything together. We even have American processed cheese, everything you need in space! Let’s move on to the Japanese laboratory, the largest Space Station module. It is well organised and we have everything to do material science and physiological research, this is a –80°C degree freezer for storing experiments. We even have an airlock to pass experiments outside and a control station to pilot a robotic arm. Up here we have a storage loft for equipment. Let’s look at the weather out of the window. It is always good weather in space! This is where I store my saxophone for when I have time to play it on Sundays, quietly to not disturb my colleagues. A great way to move around don’t you think? Here is the European Columbus laboratory. This is where we run most of the experiments for the European Space Agency. We are storing spacesuits on the ceiling as we are busy with spacewalks at the moment. Here is my French flag This is where we can draw blood and investigate our own bodies, material science area and fluid physics. A greenhouse to grow plants in space The biological science laboratory, physiology, there is everything you need! There is even my Air France air plane. We will fly over Sergei now A view of the toilets of the International Space Station And here… … is the Cupola observatory, this is where I take most of my pictures. Unfortunately it is night time but you can see the sunset and possibly some city lights It is a panoramic window that covers 360 degrees and is used mainly for robotic operations but also for simply looking at Earth. Here is our Soyuz spacecraft it brought us here from Baikonur. In the background you might see some lightning strikes. Shane and Peggy working on the spacesuits. I do not want to disturb, just taking a few shots looking good! I hope you liked the tour, see you next time!


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