Tourism, Travel Services Management – Industry Meeting at Novotel

(upbeat music) – So this is an event,
it’s a partnership we developed with an association called the Young
Travel Professionals, the biggest youth association for working travel
professionals. They have chapters
all over the world. And the Toronto chapter
is a very active chapter. The concept is a speed
networking event, where they’ll sit with
one industry professional for six minutes, then
rotate to the next table, have six minutes and
like, they continue on for the bulk of the evening. – I’m currently employed
by Kensington Tours. I am their product coordinator
for Eastern Europe, and I thought it’s very
important to come back and show the students
that yes, it’s possible. Personally, for me, Humber
has a really big spot in my heart, so as soon as
Kevin reached out to me, I was like, I wanna
be a part of this. Especially the fact that I
was in the students’ shoes this time last year. – We’re entering into
the industry ourselves, so we’re trying to get as much
advice from them as we can, and meeting with
them to kind of, you know, learn about
their companies, figure out where we wanna be. – There’s a lot of
really great reasons why I think Humber is
at the top of the pack for tourism studies in Canada. We really work hard to network our students with the industry. – Humber has challenged
me, has helped me and has created a
really open environment to ask questions
from the teachers. – They’re very geared towards
helping you get a job, not just knowing the skills
but how to apply those skills and how to meet people and
to get into the industry and be involved in the industry. When we see somebody who
we’ve developed over two years is in the industry
and is working and is excited to
be in the industry that they’ve learned about
for the last couple years, it’s such a neat
neat thing to see. (upbeat music)

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