Tourist Visa Requirements for Unemployed| Jobless Part 1 √

UNEMPLOYED! YES! That’s right! No work but gets a visa, so the horror… The online horror is not true at all Hello Guys! Welcome to my Channel. Now, in this channel we are going
to share our life as a Korean and a filipino Couple So, If you’re new here consider subscribing and
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upload a new video today’s video Today’s Video is what everybody is asking for and I’m gonna speak
my mother tongue today which is the VISAYA so if you don’t understand
CEBUANO or VISAYA you can turn on the subtitle/closed caption if you want Tagalog/ English I have a friend which is one of my subscriber and became my friend and I invited her
today to have this interview because she’s here in Korea unemployed. Yes!
that’s right! no work but gets a Visa so the horror… the online horror is not true at all. OK! Let’s welcome her. TARAAAAN!! HI Hi! My name is Lojen YES. Her name is Lojen and she have a boyfriend A Korean Boyfriend and I was on her shoes before. Right?
Yes so you came here in Korea… UHM… Was it easy? No. At first. A lot people are actually asking about her. What did she do? Let’s Start What are the Requirements? The first requirements I submitted was… You Submitted NSO? yes That’s all for me but From my boyfriend… Don’t worry. I will get the files that
she have and then I will be posting the link below OK! So, I’m giving you guys the
details about the guarantee letter as well and the invitation letter I got it from your blog Yes! I have it
on my blog so you can… Download and print the Korean Invitation Letter OK? Everybody’s asking about… How much money you have on your Personal Bank Account? The time my Visa got Approved, The money that I have on my Bank Account was 50,000 PESO 50,000 Peso? Yes How many times you applied
for a Tourist Visa before you were approved? Three times She applied three times and the first was first DENIED The 2nd time was DENIED I applied by my self on my 1st Application She didn’t ask any assistance aside from her
boyfriend and the second time, She applied for a Tourist visa, She went… or she
asked assistance with the agency and She was denied as well and mind you,
That time, she has like a hundred thousand peso balance on the account. Right?
yes So it’s not an assurance that even if you have 100,000 peso or more or bigger
money in your account that doesn’t mean that you will get a visa. On the third time,
she didn’t… like …she didn’t ask assistance anymore with the agency
because it’s just an extra pay If you’re living or applying for a visa
in Cebu, There’s there’s no need for an agency. You must go to an agency if you are
going to apply in MANILA Yes. So the third time she applied for
the tourist visa, She have 50,000 PESO on her bank account. I just want to clarify that because a lot of people are asking about it. Which is
the same amount when I applied my tourist visa. My employed tourist visa,
but this time is different different requirements and… like… different experience Because she don’t have work like
literally. Yes Someone or Somebody is thinking that… Maybe she is self-employed or what she’s doing … NO All the sponsorship… like, her boyfriend is just paying for everything and I know it’s not bad actually but
I know a lot of Filipinos are… I mean can relate to this situation. I’m sure if
you’re watching this video right now. I think you want to know. Right? Yes. Because there are a lot Filipino Who feels discouraged They don’t try Because… girl, They are scared. YES They think like the Embassy is going to bite them But, You know what? They are very kind. Exactly! you can just go there and ask
any questions that you want they will answer you directly and kindly and
direct to the point actually, right? YES They are very welcome. Even the security guard Yes. Absolutely I’m talking about he consulate in CEBU We don’t have any experience in Manila but there’s a different story right there. My husband is always posting a link of my blog on the… I mean Korean community
because there are actually a lot Korean who wants their girlfriend to be here
but they can’t because a lot of their girlfriends doesn’t have any work and
they think they can’t come here . They can’t come here if they don’t have any
work but no. that’s not true because I have my witness right here. The solid one. Right? Yes. No work. Seriously jobless. It’s been a year now that I’m unemployed. That,s OK. You came here in Korea. Right. Just don’t lose your hope Because even If your Visa got DENIED at first, Be patience and your Visa will be approve YES! exactly! you have to be patience and just
try and try until you get the visa Anyway, you can try anytime you want
There’s no such thing like you have to wait for six months before you can apply
again. There’s no such thing as like that. As long as you can prepare the documents
again if you experience …the denied visa, You can apply any time you want.
If your visa is denied, the Embassy will give you the reason why it’s DENIED, so
her first time, she failed to comply for all the documents. You have to be careful on
filling up to the application form because it’s very important. Those are
the basic information right there and the documents you attached to it, it’s
just a supporting documents. Right? yes so… UHM… Under the “purpose of visit”, She marked check on “Visiting/ family…” or something, you can’t say that because
if you’re like… if the sponsor is your bf and you will come here for tourism
and visiting your bf or Korean boyfriend, you can’t say that you are a family already because you’re not yours you are still in relationship yes
you may say that you are visiting but I think that’s not a good choice to check. you have
to remember that you must check the box where it says “tourism/transit” that’s all your
purpose tourism and … also, let me remind you that you have to be honest. Just be honest. 100% HONESTY. THAT’S ALL YOU NEED. Just be honest AND you will get it. I can still remember my first application, I marked check on “Tourism/transit” and then, I will visit Korea not only for tourism I will come here to visit my boyfriend so, I marked check on “Others” aaaahhgg YES I marked check on “Others” and then I wrote the specific reason aside from tourism. I wrote there ” Visit my Boyfriend and meet his family and friends” ahg… The processing time for tourist Visa in Cebu was 7 business Days. As of today (8/25/2018) OK? We don’t know If they will change. So, Did you have an interview when you submitted your documents? NO… she just do this… and said I already applied a visa two times. She remembered you? Yes because there was a stamp on my passport The Embassy/ Consulate will stamp on your passport the date you got a Denied visa. OH..? is that so? Yes and then That’s all. Oh,ok. So they will know. You will get a stamp from them, OKEY. Seriously? She didn’t ask anything to you? NONE, She just checked my documents and says “OK” “OK” and then they will give you a small paper when is the release date of your passport If all the documents are all complete but If they want additional documents, they will call you with the phone number
or the contact number that you provided on the application paper it self. So, you have to make sure that everything is true and updated information One more thing, If you don’t have any answer on section of the application form, or any part of the application form, it’s okay for you not to put “N/A” Just leave it blank. What happened the day you got the Visa? In the morning, It’s for submission of Application The afternoon Is releasing time. That’s their system. They close at 4 pm. I was alone when I arrived there at 3 pm. When she gave to me my passport, She didn’t say anything like congratulation. NOTHING. Yes, the officer will keep your adrenaline running That moment , I said to my self, I will not cry. Lord! Don’t make me cry because I WILL NOT CRY My self already accept If I get denied this time because It’s my 3rd application. Because I’m not… Because I’m Unemployed. And then she gave to me my passport and smiled at me Right. They will smile the moment you receive your passport AND then when I looked at my passport, It was approved!! What did you do? I cried. You really cried in her front? YES. I was crying and said “Ma’am Thank you” My tears just dropped, girl ohhh… because of Happiness I also want to cry. haha It’s a tears of joy. CONGRATULATION. Welcome to South Korea Because of you NO. It’s not because of me. It’s all because of her. I was just like… giving positive vibes. You know it’s okay. you have to try. Just try because you will fail the moment you don’t try. TRUE THAT. All right!
thank you guys for watching and you might think that this is the end but
this is not the end. I will make a part two… I mean her experience with the
Philippine immigration in mactan International Airport which was very
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