Trapped in Abandoned Castle by a Nude Singing Man (Scotland)

Trapped in an Abandoned Castle by a Nude
Singing Man (Scotland) The abandoned castle we explore today is located on
the bank of a river in the East of Scotland and is often confused with a popular
castle of the same name. This site in Gallic is called the Rocky Hill of the
Raven. It was first built as a timber motte-and-bailey castle consisting of a
timber tower, palisade and moat in 1181 by Norman De Chayne the Lord of Buchan. The
Chaney’s at the time were rich and powerful and served as Chamberlains to
the king of Scotland. The new wooden castle served as the Chaney clan’s
capital of their barony of Torthorston until 1350 when Sir Reginald Le Chen
died without a male heir. In 1368 the lands then passed by marriage to John
Keith, the son of Lord Mareschal possibly by marriage to Reginald Le Chen’s
daughter Isabella. A grant by King David the Second sealed their ownership of the
barony. Following this was a period of conflict where the Keiths were attacked
and defeated by Clan Irvine in 1402 and then with the help of Clan Mackay
they attacked Clan Gunn in 1464 at Blair -Tannie after a great slaughter at the
Battle of Tannach, the Keiths were victorious mainly due to John Mor MacIan-Riabhaich
who was famous for his skill at fighting. Again in 1478 clan Keith and Gunn entered
a duel with selected teams of men that led to the killing of the clan Gunn chief
and the later ambush and death of the Clan Keith chief. These events likely led
Clan Keith to build a massive new stone castle on this site in 1491 which
remains to this day as one of the largest tower houses in the world. This
castle not only had ten foot thick walls, when most tower houses of the time had
six foot thick walls, but it also was 83 by 73 feet in size, surrounded by a moat
and drawbridge with walls surrounding the moat edge and further earthworks. The
moat fed into the river and formed a triangle with it, with one side a small
cliff overlooking the water. The castle itself has a projecting smaller southern
part forming an L shape, and three huge vaulted basement chambers. By 1571 they
were again in a major conflict allied with Clan Forbes against Clan Gordon,
Leslie, Irvine and Seaton. In the following battles Black Arthur Forbes,
the son of the Forbes chief was killed. Later in 1589, James the Fourth visited
the castle attending a wedding of the Keith Laird’s daughter. From here use of
the castle continued until the Keiths sided with the Jacobite cause in 1715 with
James Francis Edward Stuart the Pretender to the throne landing near
their castle in 1715, before becoming ill and leaving Scotland. Upon his departure
the rebels surrendered. Many were executed and the castle was forfeited,
abandoned and became a home to the ravens that sit upon it still today. The
first section we come to was the Southern end which was an expansion and
likely served as a sort of hall or living area. This vaulted chamber would have likely
have been a lookout room. Exposed basement sections are visible
where the floor is caved in. Through this window you can see the
sloping of the hill down to the water and the outcropping to the left where
the main castle sits. This arched doorway was the only
entrance to the castle past the drawbridge. On the far wall you can see where the
curved vaulting of the sub chamber has fallen inwards. The old gate shows you just how thick
the walls were. Here to the right, the huge tower house looms above. The drop from this window is about 15
feet to a rocky slope designed to keep attackers away from the walls. Gaping holes lead to further up levels
that are not reachable. The castle would have stood four stories tall. We head back outside to look at the
exterior of the tower, which is hard to reach due to the cave-ins, thinking there
may be a way in from the outside. From what I’ve read this may have been
one of the three chambers only reachable by ladders put through holes in their
ceilings. The doorway is simply now caving in window. Arrow slits at the ground level show
just how much the dirt has covered up the building. To the left you can just make up the
trench that was the moat. Thinkmaker – “You go in this way?” Thinkmaker – “Hey where’d you go?” Desertify Urbex – “Right here” Desertify Urbex – “I don’t see that over here. Anyway no I
don’t see any stairs. I was just in some underground chambers. Oh yeah I guess so.” I managed to get inside the large Tower section by climbing up a wall. A
stairway downwards proves to not lead up from the outside. Back through the gate
and up the wall into the tower. Inside are many archways and corbelled
stone pieces above us. And then loud singing. I try not to lose
it, but there’s a man stripping down to nothing to the left with his back turned
in the archway leading to the exit. He’s completely blocking the only way
out that doesn’t involve a big drop. If you can figure out what he is singing do
let us know. We try to record some details of the castle higher up while he
loudly talks to himself while playing music on a phone, still unaware. After
what seems like an eternity with us hiding in the stairwell or side rooms he
still hasn’t left. We stay out of view to avoid startling him and don’t record in
his direction in case he turns around and sees us. It’s incredibly awkward. After a while we realize he has some
friends in the courtyard he must be talking to. The minutes drag on and he
shows no sign of leaving. in the end we stopped filming and
escaped the castle by walking along a ledge and scaling down into the entrance
area where the man’s two friends are. They stay completely silent and just
stare at us. As we leave the area on the old path, laughter erupts as it sinks in
just what has happened to their friend. While hoping to find some carvings or a
stone relic of the old Keith clan rulers and warriors of old who defeated so many
other clans in battles, instead we leave defeated by a single drunk, naked singing
man. We hope you’ve enjoyed this unique tower house even without its strange
guest. Join us next time as we explore a remote, eerie abandoned church filled
with dead birds. Thank you for watching! For more unique abandoned places and
their lost stories follow us today by subscribing and hitting the bell icon.
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