Travel Agency Advertising Ideas

I’ve heard from several travel agents
that they’re looking for travel agency advertising ideas and travel agency
advertising samples. In this video I’m going to share with you a travel agency
idea that works brilliantly for most travel agents. When it comes to travel
agency advertising ideas print advertising such as flyers and postcards
generally doesn’t work well enough to justify the expense. There are a few
exceptions to that but very, very few. Instead I recommend that you deploy a
highly effective strategy for bringing in new ideal clients and one strategy
that works brilliantly for most travel agents is setting up something called a
JV. JV stands for joint venture and the simple explanation for it is that you’re
leveraging someone else’s client base. To show you how this works I’m going to
first give you an example of a JV outside the travel industry then I’m
going to give you a couple of examples of how you as a travel agent can use this
strategy in your travel business. This will give you the full picture of how
JV’s work. Example outside the travel industry. I have a friend that owns an
in-home personal training company. His ideal clients are people who are older
or well-to-do don’t want to go to the gym and who want to either stay mobile
and in shape or get mobile and in shape. He found a small chain of locally owned
fitness equipment stores that carried a line of high-end in-home fitness
equipment to his ideal clients so he struck a deal with the owner of the
stores that he would give a complimentary in-home personal training
session to each person that the store sold equipment to for purchases over
$15,000. He told the store to position it as a thank-you gift after the sale that
way the customer would feel great that the store was going above and
beyond by sending out a premier trainer to their home to show them exactly how
to use this new expensive equipment that they just purchased and to walk them
through a routine. This JV partnership was brilliant
because it was a big win-win for both my friend and for this small chain of
fitness stores. The Fitness stores wanted to have more repeat clients and if
people don’t use the equipment they buy it’s unlikely that they will buy more
also the store offered maintenance and repair services for equipment and again
if their customers don’t actually use the equipment that they buy there’s no
need for maintenance and repair the store gets to look like a hero by
offering a valuable extra free service to their customers after the sale and my
friend gets in the homes of his ideal clients. Over 80% of the people that he
gives a free 90 minute personal training session to end up purchasing a package
of personal training from him and becoming long-term clients within a year
developing this 1 JV partnership. He got so busy with new clients that he
hired 12 full-time personal trainers to work for him. He now only does the first
free session, he sells the client and then he has one of his trainers fulfill
on the paid services. The right JV partner can be incredibly lucrative for
you. So now I’m going to share with you a couple of examples on how you as a
travel agent can use this same strategy. Example number one, partner with local
retail stores if you’re a travel agent who specializes in some type of family
travel like maybe educational experiences or Disney or family meets
beach vacations or whatever it is you could approach locally owned kids toy
stores in bookstores and offer to do free mini workshops in their store the
store gets to promote an event that brings their customers back
again which is great for the store because the more people that come in the
higher their sales are that day. You would do all of the work and spend the
money to have postcards printed that they hand out to their customers
promoting the upcoming event you would also provide light refreshments at the
event and allow the store to participate in the event if they want to they could
host a special sale that day they could do a price giveaway or something fun
like that where I’m from in the Midwest there’s a small chain of locally owned
high-end kid stores that specializes in educational toys this would be a perfect
JV partner for a travel agent who specializes in some type of family trips
such as Disney beach vacations educational experiences and so on. You
could even partner with another travel agent that has a different specialty
than you and do these together for example maybe you specialize in family
beach vacations and may specialize in Disney example number to partner with
wineries if you specialized in wine tours or river cruises or something in
that vein you could reach out to local wineries. One way to partner with them is
to host an event in their winery bring in other vendors such as a day spa maybe
a local wine bar yoga studio and so on. Each vendor invites their clientele to
the event that you’re hosting inside the winery and each vendor gets to showcase
their products and services at the event. As a travel agent you probably have the
least amount of people to invite to the event it’s a local event so what you
bring to the table is the legwork and you cover the cost of the event or at
least part of it you find the vendors, you print the Flyers, you craft the
promotional emails, you buy the refreshments and so on.
Now the winery will probably serve wine of course and they may even provide some
nice cheese and crackers or something the winery would be thrilled to have an
event that brings in lots of new people who love why
and who maybe didn’t know that they existed before you and each vendor you
find to participate get to talk and mingle with dozens of your ideal
prospective clients you can pass out business cards and even book free
consultations with hot leads. These are just a couple of ideas there are a
million different types of JV’s that you could create and a thousand
different ways that you could structure the deal. Start by simply looking around
you and paying attention to different businesses that are selling products and
services to your target market to people who would be ideal clients for you then
brainstorm ways that you could partner with them. If you’re in the travel expert
marketing academy in module 24 we walk you through exactly how to approach
perspective JV partners different ways that you could structure the deal with
them and how to make sure or help ensure that your JV partnerships are highly
lucrative. If you want additional travel agency advertising ideas and travel
agency advertising samples download the special report below this video on 14
different ways to get new ideal clients. Now I want to hear from you what are
some different types of businesses that you could reach out to that may be
interested in a joint venture with you? Please share in the comments below. If
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