Travel Agency Business – Business Strategy For Travel Agency

If you’re not making the kind of money
you want to be making in your travel agency business or at least not on a
consistent basis maybe you feel like you’re in a feast or famine cycle then
chances are you have at least one of these three totally fixable problems in
your travel business or in your business strategy for travel agency. Problem
number one, you don’t currently have a well-defined niche and ideal client
avatar and as a result your marketing is not crystal clear on who specifically
you serve and how you serve them. There’s a cheesy old adage that says the riches
are in the niches and it’s absolutely true. Narrowing your market may seem
counterintuitive but it’s the secret to working fewer hours and making a lot
more money. Below this video you can download a basic guide on narrowing your niche and identifying your ideal client avatar once you’ve narrowed your niche
and identified your ideal client avatar then you need to create a crystal clear
core marketing message that resonates with your ideal prospective clients and
then all of your marketing needs to be built around your core marketing message. Problem number two your marketing funnel doesn’t make sense or worse yet doesn’t
exist a marketing funnel is a pathway you lead prospective clients down this
graphic illustrates a high-level overview of what your marketing funnel
needs to look like in order for you to be consistently landing new ideal
clients. Having an effective marketing and sales funnel in place is critical to
having a thriving travel agency business. Problem number three you lose focus
easily. You can’t allow yourself to be constantly interrupted. The most common
interruptions I see with travel agents are constantly checking social media and
email not having proper child care during work hours and attempting to
multitask. Studies show that it takes your brain 10 to 20 minutes to fully
refocus after a distractions and studies also show them
they’re tasking is a myth it’s actually brain switching and it dramatically
lowers your productivity there are times that you just have to do it for example
when you’re juggling kids in a shopping cart and an urgent phone call but your
work time is sacred and it should be treated that way. If you want financial
stability and a successful business below this video I outlined a sample
productivity plan for you use it to create a plan that works for you if
you’re not making the kind of money that you want to be making in your travel
agency business then sit down and review the business strategy for travel agency
and most likely that you’ll find that you have at least one of these three
gaps in your business. Now I want to hear from you. Which of these three gaps you
currently have in your travel business and what’s the first step that you’re
gonna take towards filling it? Please share in the comments below and if you
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your time to shine so what are you gonna do to break through to that next level
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