Travel agency expert shares tips on booking a cruise

while the kids are out of school and that means vacation vacation vacation many of you may have planned your trips for months others may be waiting to book until the time gets closer it’s true you can get some great deals on vacations including cruises but you do need to understand booking those trips at the last minute can come with some risk joining us now is Scott Lera a local travel agent Scott thanks for joining us he’s got so this issue of cruises I’m going on my first one in September so I’m trying to learn I’m glad you’re telling me some of this stuff what are some things people really want to know when planning their cruises particularly maybe if they waited exactly right so many people think if you wait to the last minute you’re going to get a great deal but the problem is when you wait to the last minute the prime cabins are gone so many people are cruising now that they know those best cabins and if you wait to the last minute you may not even get on board the ship because it could be full hour Carnival elation here in Jacksonville sails full every time so you’ve got a book ahead to get the basket far ahead usually before it starts to fill up I knew what’s a good buffer to make sure you’re still gonna be okay you know I would say six months out you know don’t call a travel agent a week or two weeks and say hey I want a steal of a deal because if you do you are gonna be by the bow thruster you’ll be underneath the Lido deck you’ll be by the show lounge so you’re not gonna have a very restful vacation as far as planning cruises as far as storm season what are some tips there I mean no one really knows what’s going to happen that’s exactly right and that’s why you know I keep tuned to channel 4 to see what the weather’s gonna be like but the key is is that going during hurricane season it’s okay the ships are going to divert they’re going to make sure that you are safe because they don’t want you to be sick because what you’re not spending money you’re not spending money in the casino and you’re not spent on shore excursions so they the cruise lines want to keep you safe that’s their number one priority sure as far as you wait till the last minute and you don’t get the great room but maybe you don’t get the ship at all is that a big issue as you cut off to know if you’re gonna even make this well like I said six months in advance is the best time to really lock it down I mean talk to family and friends whatever maybe a year in advance but if you’re waiting closer to it could be sold out and even if it isn’t sold out you’re not gonna get the best cabin and the ports a call is a big thing Oh as your Lapidus you’ll have to switch where you’re going that’s absolutely right I mean because if you’re looking here in Jacksonville because our cruise ship is right here you may have to go to Port Canaveral or Miami or Fort Lauderdale to get a cruise and now to flip it for the cheapskate out there if they do want to risk it can you make can you save much in the end you can save a little bit if you wait to the end but again you know what are you looking for in your vacation if you have kids or like myself I have a grandson you know I want to have a nice cabin but if you’re just trying to get on the ship all bets are off because you know you don’t want to come back and tell your family and friends oh man was horrible there was a lot of noise and so as people booked these is is the process if they try and book it on their own some people use travel agent some people don’t is it a difficult process to book these I’m honestly never booked a cruise until now there’s my first time well the thing is when you go to an online site you’re not gonna get the super-secret tips that I’m gonna give you I have over 600,000 views on my youtube channel giving people tips and that has helped me as a travel agent to help you know consumers find our YouTube channel just type Scott Lera la RA and you’ll see all my social media stuff and I actually booked Melanie in a tarik on a cruise and they had a great time you did I do that’s good to know and as far as our most of them good are there certain cruises that you know I’m gonna have a good time on this one although unsaid maybe I want to say oh that’s a great question because like you know guys our age right and I know you have a daughter and I have a grandson that you want to have something kid-friendly like carnival or NCL or Royal Caribbean but not everyone’s going with kids says that that’s exactly right and I love Holland America Line because it’s an older group fewer kids the food is like six star six star service and it’s great so just depends on your demographic perfect thanks Scott for coming on really appreciate good thing to talk about that now is the time to be booked and if you haven’t already

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