Travel Agency Marketing Strategies | Why You Should Be Team Building?

Travel Agency Marketing Strategies what’s up everybody Larry put it here
and I am back once again and then today I want to talk about the importance of
gooding a travel team so if you’re not building a travel organization and you
solely only depending on your efforts you’re missing out so you do not want to
miss these tips we’ll be right back alright guys welcome back so you are in
the travel industry you are a travel agent kudos to you now I won’t talk
about leverage today okay I want to talk about not only B being a travel agent
but I want you to understand the concepts of networking and building a
trifle organization okay think about it let’s say you can clone yourself times a
hundred people doing the same thing that you’re doing you’re booking travel and
everything like that wouldn’t it be nice to leverage the income of other people
leverage the efforts of other people as well wouldn’t be nice to build a travel
team of travel agents working in your organization in your leveraging each
other’s efforts in you getting a residual income passively from other
people other people’s efforts so why not build a travel team as well okay be your
agent and build other agents as well okay and there’s only so many places you
can go they allow you to do this allow you to flexibility now if you start get
involved a travel agency and you don’t have the option to build a travel team
you’re losing money you’re leaving money on the table however you can make good
money being a travel agent alone but you want to get passive income you want to
build that residual income and the best way to do that is partnered with a host
agency that would allow you to build a travel team okay
now the host agency that I’m a part of gives us the flexibility and the option
to become a travel agent or just only be Travel Agency Marketing Strategies a travel as well as the flexibility to
build a travel team so building a travel team is optional however I highly
recommend so I know a lot of people that’s involved we’re just agents but I
started out as just an agent but it only made sense to me to leverage the income
and good let’s travel team so if you’re not building a travertine you leave
on the table and you waste a lot of effort that you could be leveraging of
other people okay it’s nothing wrong with helping other people think about it
you know there’s tons thousands millions of people that want to become travel
agents why not you become that go-to person and point them in the right
direction okay there’s simply all I do I’m gonna try the agent but I also show
people ways to become travel agents themselves because travel agent you can
save money on your own vacations as well as save money for your clients so why
not show people how to do that across the globe for their friends family and
etc coworkers are they good stuff okay so that’s the importance of having a
travel organization you want to have leverage you don’t want to just depend
solely on your efforts because one man only makes so much money now if you want
to make some serious money you’re gonna have to build a travel organization so I
just wanted to put that on your brain think about it it’s something to think
about in 2019 okay so if you don’t have a clue of how to build a travel team if
you already travel agent but don’t have the tools you need to build a trapper
team I want you to watch a presentation that can explain to you more about
business building ok other agents Travel Agency Marketing Strategies there’s a free presentation I want to
share with you so click that link below watch their presentation learn more
about leveraging the efforts of other people ok this look tons of people that
wants to do exactly what you’re doing now they just need direction and you can
become that go-to person today all right so watch that presentation Larry for the
sound golf and I will see you on the next video
all right back with majestic travel and happy trap

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