Travel Agent Mistakes & How They Can Cost You Money

Hi everyone, this video is about Travel Agent
Mistakes That Can Cost You Money. We all make mistakes when we’re sloppy or
aren’t paying attention, but if you’re communicating with your client, review the itinerary several
times, and follow the tips in this video, you can avoid them. If you make a mistake on a reservation, your
client could be refused boarding their flight or their cruise, or they could be denied their
hotel or their rental car. As the independent agent, you are responsible for all travel
mistakes and fees that may be charged. Not Archer Travel, not Evolution Travel, but you
– the agent. This is your business so you are responsible for your client transactions
that you arrange. Here’s some tips: 1. Be thorough in the pre-travel booking process
2. Know the terms and conditions of of the sale of each component of the trip
3. Review for Accuracy 4. Offer travel insurance
5. Prepare your clients and follow up with them.
6. Seek travel agent support if needed. When you sit down with your clients, be thorough
in the qualification process. When you sit down with your clients, be thorough
with the qualification process. Identify their needs, budget, schedule, etc.
Follow up on the quote. For example, when you give them their potential air itinerary,
walk them through each leg and make sure it works for them. Also remember that air quotes
are not guaranteed until those tickets are issued.
Follow up, check and verify the booking with the client: When your client agrees to purchase
the booking, make sure you get the credit card authorization form immediately. Once
you get the confirmation from the supplier, send a copy of it to your clients via email,
and then call them to go over it in detail. Verify everything still works and there are
no mistakes on the form. We recommend you contact the supplier and
verify the client’s booking is correct. Suppliers can make mistakes too. Follow up so everything
is perfect for your client’s trip. Go over the terms and conditions of the travel
booking with your client so you can avoid costly mistakes.
Airlines change fees can be $200 or more and you would also be charged any add collect
for an additional fare. Late cancellations and no shows could cost
your client the full price of their trip. Accuracy
Check all dates and times of the booking to make sure they’re correct.
Make sure all the names are spelled correctly as they appear on their passport or driver’s
license. Make sure all birth dates and passport numbers
are correct Ensure you have the correct travel product.
If your client wanted an all-inclusive, double check you booking to make sure that hotel
or resort is actually an all-inclusive. Make sure you have the correct price. We have
had several instances where agents have paid suppliers at net cost, and then there is no
commission due on the booking. Travel Insurance
When you present your trip quote, recommend getting travel insurance. As you know, many
of the products you market to your clients are non refundable and non exchangeable. When
your client has travel insurance, their travel investment may be protected. A week in Europe
could be a cost of seven to ten thousand dollars. That’s a travel investment they want to protect.
Travel insurance can also protect them against flight cancellations, theft, unforeseen travel
complications, and changes due to health problems. Also make sure to review the travel insurance
coverage to ensure that you have recommended the correct policy. Do extra preparation and follow up with the
client if it’s their first time traveling or embarking on a new experience. There’s
a lot your client may not know if they have never been on cruise before, or if they’ve
never traveled internationally. Don’t assume they’ll know how international customs work
– talk them through anything they might not know such as tipping, ground transportation
options such as uber vs taxis, etc. Finally, you can always call us for support.
If you have any questions regarding a bookings, please give us a call or email us, and we’ll
have a travel expert talk you through the process. You can call us at this number, or email us
at [email protected]

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