Travel Agent Tips For Success

In this video, I’m going to share with
you my top three travel agent tips for success. Tip number one – Put systems and processes in place that keep you organized and on top of everything. For
the next week, keep a notebook and pen on your desk and right at the top of the
notebook, to be automated, deleted or systematized. Then as you go through your week and perform different tasks and functions in your business, continually
ask yourself is this something that can be automated, deleted or systematized. If
the answer is yes or maybe jot it down on your notepad. It takes a little work
and effort to get systems in place but the first step is to simply make a list
of everything that can and should be automated, delegated, deleted or
systematized in your business. If you tackle just one thing a week on your
list after a couple of months you’d probably have most things in your
business either automated systematized, deleted or delegate it. Tip number two –
Have a well-defined niche and ideal client avatar and then
focus all of your marketing around it. There’s a cheesy old adage that says, “The riches are in the niches” and it’s absolutely true. Narrowing your focus may seem counterintuitive but it’s the secret to working fewer hours and making
a lot more money. Below this video you can download a basic guide on narrowing
your niche and identifying your ideal client avatar. Once you define your niche
and your ideal client avatar then you need to create a core marketing method
that resonates with your ideal clients. All of your marketing needs to be built
around your core marketing message. Now you can have a primary niche and a
secondary niche that each target different set of ideal clients. If you’re
a newer agent though I highly recommend starting with one and then you can add a
second later on. Tip number three of
my top three a travel agent tips for success is to set up an effective
marketing funnel. A marketing funnel is a pathway you lead
prospective clients down. This graphic illustrates a high-level overview of
what your marketing funnel needs to look like in order for you to be consistently
landing new ideal clients. Having an effective marketing and sales funnel in
place is critical to having a thriving travel business. Now I’d love to hear
from you. Have you fully implemented these three things in your travel
business and if no which one are you going to tackle first and if you’re a
more experienced travel agent with a lot of success what are some additional
travel agent tips for success that you could share with our community? Please
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It’s your time to shine so what are you going to do to break through to that next
level in your travel business and life? Thank you for watching and I’ll see you
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