Travel Agent vs Online Booking | Flights Included Compared 2 Priceline

Travel Agent vs Online Booking so here’s what you get with the
travelator so here’s a trip I looked up today just
a little something to give you the insight about so here’s a trip coming
from Atlanta going to Las Vegas okay this is June 10th through the 14th
so as you’re here you get a 4.5 star hotel now here’s some of the benefits
okay you get quality okay now on you get a vacation package but you get a quality
vacation package you get extra incentives and perks okay low deposit payment plan options
my favorite travel protection so guys you really want to take your trip series
okay you want quality you won’t extra perks and incentives
yeah you want a low deposit to go ahead and get it and lock it in at that price
you want to pay the plan you want to be able to pay on it and my favorite travel
protection so it’s very very important to have travel protection okay if
something goes happens to you or something happens to where the
destination gets cancelled due to or maybe hurricane whatever the case may be
you want to have child protection where hey your money is ticked okay get your
money back okay you need to have child protection not only just for that for
other causes okay you want to be detected in all areas so what a travel
agent you have our bees and should benefits and perks okay so this is a
flight this is a nonstop flight going to Las Vegas coming from ATL okay
so as you said you got all the the benefits to get them soon if you get the
perks you got the payment plan was let me show you in the next slide this also
includes travel protection so the price Travel Agent vs Online Booking here is over eleven hundred dollars
forty eight eleven hundred and forty eight dollars
and 90% per person you get a lot for that plus it includes $50 food and
beverage credit yeah that’s that’s a huge benefit okay you get $50 to eat
with and beverage you get a credit okay as well as your travel agent product
surprise you with a bottle of wine or whatever laying on your bed when you
walk in so travel agent if they can do out its extra extra stuff their online
site will not do for because there’s no relationship it’s all about in that
money okay so as you see here it’s the same trip just what you get with a
travel agent okay so you got your deposit let’s say you were this was
today deposit do as of today 243 dollars 98 cents this is a nonstop flight coming
from a chair to Las Vegas this is an exist an example I did the research that
I just want to show you guys of the benefits okay and the quality versus you
know just getting just somebody shoving a trip down your throat like hey go buy
this okay you get quality I want to show that so
okay so so you got a low deposit and you can pay on this full payment due by
April 26 so you got a little time you can pay on it
okay flexibility say for two people y’all spit it up pay on it and you lift
the cup okay so here is what you get with Priceline same trip fan research
same trip we’re staying at the MGM Grand Hotel Casino same trip okay got you on
the strip you’re going to Atlanta I’m Travel Agent vs Online Booking flights sorry you coming back to the leather
okay non-stop flight everything the same nothing change now here’s what most
people get get beta D in it okay just being real with you okay even though
this trip by what was there 15 about 15 dollars
cheaper look is here this is what you gotta pay today you ain’t got to April
I’m just being real you have to pay this look at this little bin green-eyed beat
this well not too long ago a little green do today I’m never far I’m sorry
so let’s let me show you what you don’t get with price learn this price no
travel protection little Ian offer I try I didn’t I couldn’t find it I’m just
being really rich I don’t know about this around but I couldn’t find no
tribal protection I couldn’t include it in that same trip
okay in that same trip I couldn’t find no trouble protection at all okay no
extra sentence there’s not there’s not gonna be anybody purchasing a bottle of
wine and leaving on your bedroom when you and your spouse are walking or
whatever the case may be Travie age you can only be there okay
there’s no relationship there’s no report that’s not in there it’s just you
booked the trip and that’s it and they want your money that’s it and go have
fun whatever the case may be so no little deposit guys you got paid it’s up
front there’s no time you need to have the money today if you find that deal be
ready to pay for it right then and there okay like I said no payment plan okay so
look at this same trip you got a total cost even though it looks like I’m
saving $15 guess what she’s not you know trial detection no extra incentives
there’s no $50 food-and-beverage credit none of that
all you get is a trip if some happens where you can’t make your trip or the
tribute counselor due to whether the case may be
yes what you’d have no shopping protection so I don’t know Tay it’s
being real and no low deposit so you need to have
everything lined up

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