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Travel Agents Columbus Ohio what’s up everybody Larry Porter here
and I’m back once again and in today’s video I’m gonna talk about travel agents
in Columbus Ohio so if you’re from Columbus Ohio and you
are in need of a travel agent hello neighbor let me show you what we can do
for you and a little bit by our background so you do not want to miss
this we’ll be right back alright welcome back neighbor so we are
in the Columbus Ohio area me and you Mika and we are travel agents in the
travel industry we’re partnered with a hosts travel agency that we have the
ability to book globally so came here from Mississippi just moved here about
six months ago and we love it I love it up here a little bit cold up here but we
love it up here so shooting this video because you’re searching online you’re
looking for a travel agents in Columbus Ohio where we can really help you with
your travel needs we’re partnered with a hosts travel agency the host Travel
Agency is a global host agency so even if you’re looking to even become a
travel agent yourself we have the ability to get you process and show you
the the ropes and get you trained and how easy it is to get into the travel
industry so whatever your needs are whatever you’re trying to accomplish
here in the Columbus Ohio area wherever you are we’re looking to start on a
business or just looking for a good travel agent where you can get nice trip
packages put together and so on to make sure that your trip runs smoother we are
willing to assist you okay just wanted to let you know I just want to shoot
this video there we are willing to assist you leave some links below in the
description links to our website you can actually go look at look at some things
and book yourself if you want but we have access to a huge database of
suppliers okay now as a consumer you won’t have access to all the supplies
that we have access to because travel agents have tons of accents and they’re
not limited okay so I just want to let you know that so if you go to Expedia
Priceline Trip Advisor and certain online sites that’s pretty much all you
can do however we as travel agent have the
ability to give you quality trips quality
vacations all-inclusive packages and a nice affordable rates high and not only
that but you get quality so let’s say for example you go to a destination and
you got certain criteria you want to meet certain customization of your trips
we can do that okay now on like Expedia or other websites you may be limited to
certain customizations okay let’s travel agents we have the ability to give you a
nice package we can add travel insurance we can add your transportation to Europe
from the airport to your destination vice versa cruises we can do flight
add-on it’s a cruise this fly you to your port and I want to talk about that
a little bit more because when you’re cruising it’s best to so if you come out
of Columbus Ohio you’re going to cruise and save just
safer New Orleans for example and it’s best to fly there but it’s best to do it
through the cruise agency and they fly add-on because let’s say your flight
gets delayed or whatever the case might be and you book your flight flight
certainty where it’s your responsibility to get to the port however with a cruise
line it’s their responsibility to make sure you get there they’re gonna make
sure you do not miss your your cruise and it’s gonna be a fair expense if
something was to happen so you have that type of protection when you go through a
cruise agent and add your flight all in one they gonna make sure you get there
okay so guys that’s a lot about the travel industry that we know about and a
lot we’re still learning but the whole purpose of this video to let you know
that we are in the Columbus Ohio area if you’re looking for for any people to
book your travel needs give us a holler okay we’ve also got a link below in the
description the form you can fill out if you’re looking for a quote or you just
wanna what do you want to do you know you can click on it click on the link
fill out the form get a quote or you can reach out to us
like us on Facebook we have a Facebook page okay
like us on Facebook send us a message on Facebook that’s the quickest way to get
to it send us a message on Facebook say hey I wanna know a lot about a package
coming from Columbus going to maybe Punta Cana or whatever you want whatever
coach you want we got access to and we can do it for you make sure you check
out those links below reach out to us like us on Facebook send us a message if
you need information on a quote or you click on the forum get more information
on a quote or if you’re looking to you know partner with us become a travel
agent yourself work with us we’ll show you exactly how you can get certified
and beatable not just in Columbus everybody because global in the meantime
learn more about our fabulous opportunity what we do there’s some
videos you can watch by clicking one of these videos up here in this video
somewhere so link on this video somewhere you should be able to see in
the next couple seconds click on that and we’ll show you how to enroll in
process and get your training are they good stuff so I’m Larry Porter signing
off with majestic Travel will era your Meeker and hope to do business with you
soon alright neighbor signing off and happy traveling watch that presentation
to learn more

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