Travel Companies: Unlocking New Revenue Streams

Tony has just booked a flight to Nice
and he is flying back to Munich the same day. Before the trip he is bombarded with
irrelevant offers like Nice hotels or sightseeing tours. What a wasted
opportunity to give him what he really needs for this trip: a new laptop bag,
a breakfast voucher, or a pair of timeless sunglasses. But how can you know the
context and intent of his trip and deliver exactly what he needs.
With Epteca this is finally possible. Epteca identifies travelers
unique needs and helps you bring perfect products and services directly
to your customers. Epteca is a revolutionary full service ancillary revenue and merchandising solution, connecting travel suppliers, advertisers of products and services and consumers. It uses complex algorithms analyzing 34
parameters and extensive data to determine the customer needs at every
stage of the travel journey. Epteca chooses only perfect offers from
millions of possibilities and presents them at the right place at the right
time when they are most likely to be purchased. There are more than 1.6 billion travelers annually spending 260 billion dollars on post booking merchandise and services. 79% of them want to be offered relevant third-party offerings throughout every stage of
a customer journey. Epteca brings you new revenue streams and enhances your customers travel experience, increasing your brand awareness and customer loyalty. Want to profit from this guaranteed source of revenue while thrilling your customers? Use this amazing opportunity and start
monetizing. Dare to thrive! Check out this opportunity on our site: and schedule a demo.

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