Travel Management Product Tour

Hi, I’m Mike
I’m the travel manager for a large transportation company operating in 9 different countries. Looking after my travel program used to be
a nightmare with our old Travel Management Company, but now it is easier than ever using
Egencia’s online travel management tools. When new starters join our business and need
to travel, I can quickly create new profiles on Egencia’s website. Even better, I can create and modify as many
profiles as I want with an easy to use online feature that creates and updates traveler
profiles in seconds. I can also download profiles whenever I need
to check that everything is up to date. To make my life even easier I don’t have
to worry about emailing the traveler to let them know that they’re ready to start booking
travel. Egencia takes care of that for me by sending
an automated welcome email to the new starter telling them how to log in and where to find
resources to save time when booking travel My company has travel arrangers in many countries
that often book for multiple people at a time. Egencia really thinks about the arrangers
by making it simple for them to book for travelers anywhere in the world. They also give them access to their traveler’s
itineraries and profiles, so that they can help update vital information such as passport
details With Egencia’s online reporting suite, I
can monitor and report on our company’s travel policy compliance at anytime. Based on my traveler’s behaviour, I want
to adjust our travel policy for a group of them. I can do this in seconds and the best part
is that the changes are reflected immediately on the website, in the app, and with Egencia’s
Travel Consultants, who immediately know what our travelers can book when they contact Travel
Support Services. Our company has approval for some types of
travel and Egencia’s integrated system means any booking made online or offline will go
for approval when it’s needed. To help me communicate with my travelers,
Egencia offers Traveler Messages, a feature that I can use to alert our travelers to changes
in policy, loyalty schemes they can sign up for or any important visa or travel information
I want them to know about. I can quickly create a message for travelers
all over the world, so everyone gets the same information at the same time, as they search
for their trips. My name is Mike and you can see how Egencia
gives me the tools to confidently manage my company’s travel program. Smart online tools make for smart travel management
and that is why I will never work with a different Travel Management Company again. Why should you?

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