Travel Plans & Packing Tips : How to Pack for a Trip to Fort Lauderdale

Hi everyone, I’m Russ Handler, travel expert,
and some of my most memorable experiences, is on the beaches of Fort Lauderdale, Florida,
just a beautiful place to hang out all day long, but there’s a couple of things that
you need to know, before you go, so here’s what I’m going to suggest. A few basics that
you definitely need to consider packing, for your trip. The reason why I’m suggesting them
now, is because these are items that could be a little expensive, once you get to Lauderdale.
First of all, go to your local store, and get plenty of low cost, yet effective bug
spray number one, for the evenings, and number two, you’re going to want to have sun protection
for the day. From the moment the sun comes up, till the time it goes down, that suntan
lotion is going to be very important. Then again, I want to remind you in the evening,
it’s very likely that you might need some bug spray, depending on where you’re going
to be going to. A couple of more items I want to suggest, comfortable shoes for the beach.
It’s going to be hot on that beach. The tar is going to be hot on the ground, so you want
some flip flops or something, that you can take from your car or your hotel, and wear
them comfortably to the beach. Make sure that you bring a rain poncho. Notorious rains in
the summertime, even sort of in the winter as well, might get you stuck. Whether you
are at a gator park, or the beach, or miniature golf, or a water park, not a bad thing to
have an inexpensive and compact rain poncho with you. Also, keep in mind that you might
want to purchase some toys in advance. I like having a football out on the beach, and the
reason why I like this particular Nerf, is because it gives a little bit, and it fits
well, and will give within my bag, and these items again, could be a little more expensive,
once you get to Lauderdale, than they are at your home. I’m Russ Handler, and that’s
how you do it.

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