Money money money money money money money.
So Aly, how expensive is the Philippines. What should I spend? So, as you know, and
if you’re new welcome, when I visit a country, when I live
that country I’ve been taking notes (as many as possible). For taking notes I’m pretty terrible,
for a vlogger at least. And, I put at a video just to tell you the general prices for accommodation,
food, drinks, transportation, things like that. So you can get an idea on a budget. First impressions,
before I jump into this is that the Philippines is not as budget friendly for somewhere like Cambodia,
Vietnam or Thailand. But it’s not as expensive as England, America, Australia and New Zealand.
So first of is visas and I always run through this really quick. Now I’m going to point out its going
to differ for every country that is eligible to enter but for British citizens you can enter free of charge,
nothing to do for thirty days for visa on arrival. You just show up and they’ll just stamp your passport
and you’ve got to get out in thirty days. As with most countries you will probably have to show proof
of onwards travel and we didn’t this time but sometimes you do, sometime you don’t. You’ll
normally get asked before you board the plane and I’ll link you to a video I did on onwards
travel. Lets talk about accommodation, on the bottom of accommodation, we’re talking hostels, shared
dorm rooms. Fan rooms not AC rooms, you’re looking around 500 pesos for a fan room and maybe
600 for an AC room and that’s normally sharing with maybe 5,6,7 other people. Then obviously prices
go up depending on how much ‘luxury’ you want and how much convenience you want but it just
depends on what your budget is and what you’re looking for in your trip. Food in the Philippines
can vary massively like anywhere in the world. If you’re on a budget then 150 pesos will get
you a very bog standard meal but you can eat anything up to 500 pesos if you feel like treating
yourself. So, 500 pesos for a really nice filling good hearty meal but for every other day for lunch and
dinner you can find yourself one for about 150. For beer prices don’t really differ in bar to bar
even the fanciest looking bar and the cheapest looking bars you’re looking for about 40 to 60 pesos
a beer. Lets go onto activities, now activities the biggest one you’ll ever do is island hopping. If you
decide to get an organised tour it’s really good to start off with especially the ones. I know I … if you watch
my island hopping tour in Coron than the first on we did was stopped at seven places and it was way
too rushed and I didn’t enjoy half of it but the second half I really really enjoyed and it was amazing.
That can give you a really good taste and then the next day get a private boat back to that.
So, if you do want to do an organised tour meet some people and do some island hopping for the
day. Then with lunch included they normally charge you around 1200 to 1500 pesos which is around
£85. You can’t go wrong for eight hours of activities snorkelling, boat, your lunch. If you want
to hire your own private boat just remember entry fees, yeah entry fees. Onto the island! Or near
the island! In Coron and I’m sure in many other places in El Nido aswell and if you want to get a boat
include that they will not include that they will not include lunch. Unless, you barter with someone near
the dock then you will either have to give them food or there cook it for you but you’ve got to
organise it. But, what we were told were around 2500 pesos. You’ll probably be a bit more bit less but
that was the number I heard thrown around quite a lot. So that’s the kind of price you want to haggle
for. Then you’ll get your own crew making sure your organised your own food and taken some money
for entry fees and you’ve got a boat to yourself. Right lets jump on to transportation. Taking
the bus for example from Peurto Princesa to El Nido was 400 pesos each for an AC bus, you can
go for a minibus and we did that the first time we went from Peurto Princesa to El Nido but we came
back on the bus because the minivan thing was ment to hold like 8,9 people they will literally
stop every 30 minutes up to El Nido to pick up people and cram them in the boot and everything there’s
no leg room you’re literally like that. It’s Horrible! Take the Bus! It might seem like the better option
but trust me. Getting around the cities and towns you will probably be going on trikes, now trikes
are obviously there going to try and rip you off. Best people advice I can give you is that there
isn’t a standard fare for a trike. Normally getting around the town is going to be like twenty pesos
each for a very short distance. It can go up to 100 pesos if you’ve got to get from the bus station into
the city, in Peurto Princesa. The best thing to do is to ask your hostel or your hotel or before you arrive
ask someone here to here what should I be expecting to pay. They will tell you and that’s the
price you stick to. Normally, if you know the price and they know the price you don’t need to haggle
that much. The only exception is at night time it can go up a bit but only like after eleven p.m when
it is coming up to midnight. We got quoted… how much was in where we tried to get that trike and
that guy was like it’s too late too late how much did he try, 400 pesos. Its ment to be 60 and this
guy was like 400 400, 400! That’s like £12! What! I don’t think so! Its late its like 9 30 not its not
we try and do that’s so ask your hostel and stuff to see what on a price you should be paying. If you want
to do things by boat and you’ve got a lot of time then you want an experience instead of flying then
toGo travel is a massive travel company. Ill link them down below. We got the boat from Cebu to Manila
which is 22 hours. That cost us about 2300 pesos each for a four shared cabin. Then when we
got on we upgraded to a suite … a suite! I love that word. For 800 pesos and if you do want to
fly then go and check out prices on Cebu pacific and ill link them down below aswell. That’s it im not
going to ramble on any longer those are some of the most general prices. So you can go away and make
yourself a budget now and see how much things roughly are going to cost you normally show
you the cheapest end of those on a budget so the minimum you’re going for to need. Help each
other down below there’s loads of things I haven’t mentioned. Have you found any deals? How you
can haggle? And how you can access the Philippines and get things a little bit cheaper? Let me
know let everyone else know down below. Don’t forget to subscribe and get up to date with my travels.
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There’s a link fest down there. I’ll probably see you I want to say tomorrow but we’re getting an
overnight train to Chaing Mai tomorrow but I’ll see what I can do. BYE!


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